The diapers are too tightly packed, making babies prone to illness

The diapers are too tightly packed, making babies prone to illness

A 40-day-old baby was infected with an acute perianal abscess, and after incision and drainage, 60 ml of pus was excluded.

The doctor diagnosed the illness because the diaper was wrapped too tightly and was not changed frequently.

    The Zhongshan Hospital of Hebei District recently performed a successful operation on this baby. The doctor said that many parents, for the sake of saving trouble, used diapers, diapers, and diapers for the newborn.Newborns are easily held by urine and feces to cause anal gland inflammation and cause acute purulent infections.

If the lesion is allowed to develop, it can cause sepsis and be life-threatening.

The doctor reminded that when the baby is wrapped with a urine pad, choose a breathable product, pay attention to the child’s reaction at any time, and change the baby pad in time.

Appetizing healthy recipe

Appetizing healthy recipe

Ingredients: vegetarian fish, moss seasoning: flour, starch, baking powder making 1.

Vegetarian fish cut into strips about 5 cm long and 1 cm wide.

Place the flour in a bowl, add starch, baking powder and 200ml of water, refined oil, and evenly add paste into the moss and set aside.


Set a wok on a wok, add peanut oil, and heat to 50%. Use a low heat; 4.

In the moss stick paste, hang the prime fish sticks one by one and put them into the oil pan. While frying, remove the hardened fish sticks; 5,

Finally, put the prime fish sticks together in the oil pan and re-fry until dark green, remove; 捞 6.

Turn the pan back to the high heat. When the oil is hot to 60%, pour all the fish sticks into it again. When the moss sticks are re-fried again, pour the oil into a colander and drain the oil.

Summer congee adjusts your appetite


Summer congee adjusts your appetite

Summer is coming lazily, and food seems to be hard to seduce.

Let’s try these two porridges together.

  Soothing porridge effect: help sleep, implant backache and leg pain.

  Ingredients: 10 chestnuts, 15 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of rice, moderate sugar.

  Production: Wash and soak chestnuts for 3 hours and peel them for later use.

  Method: Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add rice and chestnuts and simmer on high heat. Cook over low heat for 40 minutes.

Add longan meat and sugar and cook for 10 minutes.

  Efficacy of Baiziren porridge: Conditioning the intestines and stomach, increasing physical strength.

  Ingredients: 15 grams of cypress, 50 grams of rice, honey.

  Method: Wash the ziziren and rice, put a proper amount of water in the pot, add all the ingredients and cook on medium heat, and simmer for 30 minutes until cooked.

Finally, add honey and mix well.

Some food cannot be eaten with pork

Some food cannot be eaten with pork

Certain foods cannot be eaten with pork. When cooking food, it is usually accompanied by some meat or vegetables, which are more nutritious and delicious when mixed together.

Especially when cooking pork, it is inevitable to add some dishes or other foods, but not all foods can be eaten with pork, and eating some food with pork may damage health.

Soy pork and soy are not uncommonly cooked, such as pork soy stewed tofu, soy braised pork hand, soy and peanut braised pork skin. Not only are they famous, but some even used to be nutrition and health food.

But from a modern nutritional point of view, beans and pork should not be paired.

Because of the high phytic acid content in soybeans, 60% -80% of the phosphorus is in the form of phytic acid.

It often forms complexes with protein and mineral elements, which affects the availability of both and reduces utilization efficiency.

In addition, the combination of legumes with minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc. in lean meats, fish and other foods will interfere with and reduce the body’s absorption of these elements.

Beef Although pork and beef have not been eaten together for a long time, “Drinking to Eat” states: “Pork cannot be eaten with beef.”

However, recipes for cooking pork and beef are also common. Some fragrant beef patties are made with beef and pork.

Judging from the medicinal properties of TCM food, pork is sour, slightly cold, and has a nasty and cold nature, while beef has a sweet and warm smell, can replenish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the waist and feet, and has the benefits of Anzhong Yiqi.

The two are warm and cold, the spleen and stomach are supplemented, and the cold and tired are empty.

Sexual taste is inconsistent, so it should not be eaten together.

Coriander fried pork with cilantro will feel fragrant, sometimes even directly fried or stewed pork with cilantro, there are no shortage of dumplings or meatballs with cilantro pork filling in the market, but housewives who still use cilantro to mix pork should pay attention, although thisThis kind has been praised by family and friends, but it must be discarded mercilessly, because it is harmful to health.

Coriander is also called 芫荽, 芫荽 Xin Wen, exhausting gas and hurting.

Pork is nourishing and helps to sputum with dampness and heat.

The ancient book records: “Every meat has tonic, but pork has no tonic”.

One consumes gas, and the other does not supplement, so the two foods are harmful to the body.

Lamb liver and lamb liver are often touched together, especially when cooking or eating hot pot.

But Chinese medicine believes: “Pork is a common source of lamb liver and it is boring.

Because the smell of sheep liver is bitter cold, nourishing the liver and eyesight, and curing liver wind deficiency.

Pork is noisy, and it becomes hot and humid when it enters the stomach.

Lamb liver has belching, and cooking with pork can lead to strange smells, which is not suitable from a cooking point of view.


Workout Chair Aerobics

Workout Chair Aerobics

If you want to exercise the abdomen, you can sit on the chair, hold the handle of the chair with both hands, try to stretch your feet flat and lift them up. This will exercise your abdominal muscles and thighs, and make your body more perfect.

The abdominal muscles can also be well protected by exercising the abdominal muscles.

“I can’t lift my neck,” “My waist hurts!”

“In the office, such repetitions are often heard.

In fact, the office is also a good place for fitness. Although it has no tennis courts, no running track, and no football goal, it still belongs to a small space of its own.

  If your chair is sturdy, you can grab and hold the back of the chair, keep lifting and lowering your heels. This little exercise will exercise your skeletal muscles and help shape your calves.

  If you want to exercise the abdomen, you can sit on the chair, hold the handle of the chair with both hands, try to stretch your feet flat and lift them up. This will exercise your abdominal muscles and thighs, and make your body more perfect.

The abdominal muscles can also be well protected by exercising the abdominal muscles.
  Lumbar diseases have always invaded office workers. When resting, grab the back of the chair with both hands, kick with one foot, alternate left and right feet, and repeat it several times. It can exercise the waist well and avoid damage to the affected lumbar disease.

  If you want to exercise your bones, stand upright and grab the back of the chair with both hands. Keep your body straight, look up at the ceiling, and keep looking like a moon.

At this time, the body is bent in the reverse direction, which is very good for the spine, and it can also exercise the effect of cervical spine.

Why are people shy?

Why are people shy?

When meaningful people are harmoniously integrated into social interaction, the shy person seems to be alien.

In fact, shyness is a normal reaction.

  The psychologist Sam?

Putnam’s lab at Burrenwick Bowden College in Maine is not equipped with any high-tech equipment.

Soap bubbles full of fairy tale colors, Halloween masks and squeaking toys are all experimental props.

But the research he conducted was by no means so simple.

Some children will be taken to the laboratory to play, and he will observe them.

Some children ran forward excitedly when they saw the bubbles, and paid close attention to the props that would make sounds. When a staff member put on a mask, they would scream happily; others would be quietStanding aside to observe; some children were crying.

  The different reactions of the children are exactly what Patnam wants to see.

In real life, some people are content with the status quo and are nervous and afraid of new things. In the process of exploring the unknown world, some people go forward courageously, and others finally shrink back.

It’s this peculiar state of mind that Patnam studies.

Many scientists believe this is why people are shy.

  Normal reactions Gaze around, shrug, restless, these are typical performances when people are shy.

For shy people, this feeling is painful, it is unavoidable to not experience it again, and it is difficult to explain.

When meaningful people are harmoniously integrated into social interaction, the shy person seems to be alien.

In fact, shyness is a normal reaction.
Professor William Gardner of Washington State University said: “It is a substitute for human disposition.

“Nevertheless, scientists are still keen to study this phenomenon.

Some people are more shy. What makes this difference?

Is this a problem?

If so, how should people deal with it?

By observing the behavior of subjects, performing brain scans and genetic tests on them, scientists have solved some questions.

They found that shyness is a complex and, from a certain perspective, a beneficial psychological behavior.

  Many factors make people shy, and simple introversion is not one of the reasons.

If you prefer to stay home and read a good book on Friday night instead of attending a lively party, that doesn’t mean you are a shy person.

Unless you’re doing this to avoid the party’s anxiety.

Harvard psychologist Jerome Kagan said: “Early general tension and anxiety, the shyness people feel when they get along with strangers is a stronger emotion.

People who are easy to be shy often have introverts, but people who are introverts may not be shy.

“Even with this definition, there are still many shy people around us.

Kagan said that even without thinking about those who refuse to acknowledge their situation, the proportion of shy people in society has reached a staggering 30%.

There are many reasons why people tend to be emotionally nervous.

The results of a new study suggest that possible and anxiety are also contributing factors.

  Earlier this year, Professor Marco Beitgri of the University of San Buffalo in Milan, Italy, announced a survey of 49 children in the third and fourth grades of primary school.

During the investigation, he first performed a shy test on these children, determined their shyness index, and then showed them pictures of different expressions, including joy and anger, and some showed no emotion, and asked them to sayThe meaning of the expression.

The results confirmed that when they were face pictures of anger or no obvious emotions, those children with higher shyness index behaved more difficult.

  In addition, according to the brain activity recorded by the EEG, Beit Gree found that in the brains of children with a higher index of shyness, the ability to control human cortical activity is weak, and the tonsils responsible and alertactive.

He proposed: When social activities, ordinary children can cause corresponding feedback based on changes in other people’s expressions, while shy children are likely to have difficulty reading expressions.

Because they cannot rely on these emotional cues, they become vigilant and worried when they face difficult-to-recognize expressions.”And this ability is an important prerequisite for good interpersonal communication.

Said Beit Gree.

A similar investigation was conducted by Stanford University psychologist Professor John Gabriel, but he went deeper.

His research object is some adults.

During the experiment, he did not show an emoticon picture, and he will show some scenes that are easy to cause discard, such as the scene of a car accident.

He found that those shy people responded to such scenarios in the same way as other subjects cited.

The crux of the problem still seems to be the ability to interpret expressions.

“In general, shy people are no less timid than the average person,” Gabriel said.

“The difference in the ability of genetic factors to perceive expressions is not the only cause of shyness. Perhaps genetic factors also play an important role in it.

During the research, Beit Gree collected saliva samples from the 49 subjects, transformed their DNA for analysis, and tried to find a more reasonable explanation to support their assertions.

As a result, he found that shy children’s genetic factors included two abnormally short copies of genes that control the movement of complex amines in the brain.

The compound amine is a neurotransmitter, which holds various mood changes of people, such as worry and obstruction.

  Beit Gerry is not the only person to associate genetic factors with shyness.

Although the genetic factor is not the final complete answer, most scientists believe that it does play a role in it.

Michael Minney, a psychiatrist at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, recently completed a two-year study of timidity and stress.It is also very sensitive.

“If genetics determines a person’s tendency to be shy, then what can we do?

It may be a good choice to start from the external environment.

More than 20 years ago, Kagan conducted a self-depression test on some two-year-olds.

This is because the probability of withdrawal and depression shown in childhood can easily develop into shyness.

When these subjects grew into their teens, he collaborated with Dr. Carl Schwartz, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, to review them and wait until their adulthood for a third examination.

  Among those children who have been shy and afraid since childhood, one third of them have overcome this obstacle as they grow up.

“The way parents are educated, their surroundings, and various social possibilities all have a huge impact,” Schwartz said.

Cargan said: “If a man is born shy, it is difficult for him to be a person like Bill Clinton, but at least he should work hard to overcome this obstacle and live like an ordinary person.

“So, should parents of shy children pull their children in this direction?

The answer is yes, but it is also required.

In Patnam’s “Soap Bubble” experiment, he found that children who show resistance to novel environments have an introverted personality, which is likely to develop into prevention and worry in the future.

Such children are also more likely to develop social phobia.

In Schwartz and Kagan’s study, half of the shy subjects are suffering from this direct torture.

  In addition, in 2003, a study was conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles on HIV-infected people. The results showed that those with a strong sense of substitution for social activities had a worsening condition than those with ordinary disease.The number of excessive toxins is 8 times higher.

Although it is difficult to compare these data with the normal population, the body’s immune system does pay a price for being “shy.”

  There are too many solutions for children or adults who are shy and irritated.

Dr. Regina Perry, of the University of California, Los Angeles, said: “Parents are just worried that worrying about it will only mess things up.

They should use words to soothe the child, something ‘of which it ‘s difficult, so I ‘ll help you.

You are no longer a child ‘.

“Personality therapy helps adults understand the cause of their concerns, which can reduce their psychological barriers and fears about social life.

Behavior therapy is quite effective for social phobia, allowing patients to gradually contact the society, which can greatly relieve their discomfort.

  However, treatment does not necessarily eradicate shyness for everyone.

Compared to extroverted children, shy children have a smaller circle of friends.

However, the results of the study show that these children work harder in their studies and are less likely to be involved in violence, crime or gang struggle.

Since 1985, Professor David Hawkins, a social service major at the University of Washington, Seattle, has conducted a long-term survey of 808 children living in Seattle’s high crime rate city.He believes: “Although shyness includes certain risk factors, it certainly has a good side.

“If biodiversity makes the world diverse, coexistence with each other can lead to a better life.

As Beit Gerry puts it: “Shyness is the manifestation of individual differences, and it makes our world more diverse.

“Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, they are all great men remembered by future generations.

It seems impossible to achieve such success if replaced by others.

Scientists are always happy about such topics.

Kagan said: “According to our research, Thomas Elliott must be a shy man, but he did win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Men speak no less than women

Men speak no less than women

New rumors about how much men and women talk-if you still think of Cathy (female representative) and silent Steve (male representative) who talk, think again.

  Men and women speak as much, and a new study shows that there are about 16,000 words per day.

  The findings, published in the journal Science, included nearly 400 undergraduates-210 women and 186 men.

  When waking up, each student was equipped with an electronically activated recorder (ear) device.

  The device quietly records students’ words every 12 minutes or so, for about 30 seconds.

But the students did not know when the recorder recorded their words.

They consider records to be random.

  Researchers include Dr. Summer, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Arizona.

They make students feel that their words are not recorded.

  They transcribe the student’s audio tape, and then estimate how much students say every day, based on 17 hours a day.

  What Men and Women Say Researchers write: “The data show that women speak an average of 16,215 words a day and men say 15,669 words a day.

“But there is a difference of 546 words, but this is not obvious.

In fact, the differences are too small, and researchers believe this may be an accident.

  ”Therefore, the data can rediscover how much is spoken every day because of different genders,” the researchers called the experiment a “vocabulary budget.”

  Some students speak better than others.

  For example, the most talkative man can speak 47,000 words a day, while the quietest guy speaks only 500 words a day, Dr. Summer said in a news release from the University of Arizona.

  Most students study psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.

This is where Summer learns as a graduate student.

  The study also included about 100 students from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Monterrey, Mexico.

  Audio tapes were collected from six grades of students from 1998 to 2004.

At any one level, women do not greatly outperform men every day.

  The researchers conclude that, although they only studied college students, “the broad and highly military propaganda of women’s talkativeness is groundless.

Six ways to reduce stress in the face of work pressure

Six ways to reduce stress in the face of work pressure

People in the workplace in modern society are faced with not only the unpredictable living environment, but also the pressure from their bosses, the challenges from their peers, and the test of their emotional lives.

Especially at the end of the year, there are endless meetings, endless summaries and plans . Under pressure, the problem-prone part is the physical and psychological crisis.

  Xiao Wang graduated from a university in Nanjing and now works as a project leader at a company in Haikou International Trade.

For him, only 26 years old, the results of his work are enviable.

However, Xiao Wang became more and more silent.

After returning home from work, I either fell down on the bed and closed my eyes, or sat in front of the TV with a daze and didn’t want to say a word.

  ”After two years of work, I feel so tired, sometimes dreaming is all about work.

Xiao Wang felt helpless.

At work, the leader gives him many opportunities and acknowledges that he has high hopes.

“The more I want to do well, the more I can’t do well. This pressure makes me feel tired easily.

“The same Chen, 26, also has the same confusion.

Xiao Chen is an employee of a small company. He graduated from an ordinary university and knows that it is hard to find a job right now, so he works hard to do everything and is often too busy to get his head burned.

  During the interview, the reporter found that many younger generations who just entered the workplace often feel tired and exhausted. Seeing that the youth is exhausted in such a busy life, the pressure is increasing.

Fundamentally, the status quo is that enterprises in the province have not yet established corresponding employee psychological counseling agencies.

  How to relieve stress in life and work and enjoy a relaxed life?

Experts from the Provincial Human Resources Development Bureau will advise you.

  Psychological decompression method 1: Do enough sleep early to prevent the time when we feel tired every day. That is the stress hormones released in the body, such as cortisol of the adrenal glands, will make our blood pressure and heart rate faster, and make us feel more tired.

But before these outbreaks, we can prevent once more sleep.

Studies have shown that adequate rest can reduce your body’s endocrine by 37%.

The body needs to rest to repair the injury. About 50% of people have this experience. Good sleep at night can make people feel calm and full the next day.

  Psychological decompression method two: eat more types of grains and eat less salt. The results of the survey show that when people are nervous, it is because people eat 14% of high protein. Less salt can reduce your stress hormone levels by 30%.

Although doctors can’t determine why salt can increase hormone production, they believe that salt can relieve most of the stress secreted from the adrenal glands.

In fact, from a nutritional point of view, supplementing with a variety of fresh grains and beans daily can reduce your stress throughout the day.

  Psychological decompression method 3: nutritional diet balance stress survey shows that within two weeks, 1,000 mg of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and other various minerals can help us reduce 55% of stress.

For immediate recovery and stress relief, try theanine, a substance extracted from green tea in nature.

It produces 26% more tryptophan and dobanin.

We drink 200 mg of these two substances every day, and it will make us feel a lot easier.

Theanine is found in many health foods, and 200 mg daily supplementation is not likely to cause any substitution in the human body.

However, you should usually ask your doctor before you take it, and read the instructions carefully.

  Psychological decompression method 4: Distance noise decompression research shows that people living near complex areas have the same stress as people living in quiet surroundings.

Noise in just three hours: the sound of telephone ringtones, voice recorders, and televisions, causing a significant increase in stress, which reduces people’s ability to think by 40%.

Experts who study stress say, “Minimize the absorption of television, recorders and other sounds every day.

If you live in a complicated area or your husband is snoring, you can wear headphones while you sleep.

Psychological Stress Relief Method 5: A 30-minute break to overcome stress and worry about potential evolution or meals in the kitchen, it can give you up to 4 times perhaps more leather alcohol.

Your best resistance is to use whatever method makes you feel calm.

Such as taking a deep breath, reading a magazine or doing exercise.

Research shows that from your frenetic life, taking 30 minutes a day to rest, your mental stress will be reduced by 63%.

In fact, 85% of people relax and overcome stress by watching fun TV.  Psychological decompression method 6: Reasonable venting can ease the spirit. The way to relax the spirit is to vent reasonably and maintain psychological balance.

There are many kinds of pollutants to be released. At least three ways to relax one’s spirit can be mastered, and be defeated to become an active practitioner who can relieve psychological pressure.

Smart women learn to be noble

Smart women learn to be noble

Every woman is willing to dress herself up so that men like it.

However, it is not possible to rely solely on the outer packaging. You must also add the cooperation of various parties in order to avoid affecting a part of the men’s minds in the presence of everyone due to a momentary disability.

Therefore, to be a lovely woman, you must also pay attention to the following points: full confidence: in a society full of competition, the kind of self-blame and weak and helpless woman has gradually lost the market.

Men are no longer the masters of women, and women are no longer vassals of men.

The famous saying that “the ultimate pursuit of a man is success, and the ultimate pursuit of a woman is happiness” is gradually overshadowing.

Women’s learning to save themselves and improve themselves is always the most important.

Hopefully the happiness that men give you is always passive and insecure.

A young female journalist was just an extremely ordinary young female farmer before she was among the reporters. After she lost the college entrance exam, she was unsatisfied and diligently studied. When she came to a major newspaper, Mao Sui proposed to be a reporter.Pay wages and earn a living by writing.

Over the years, she became a well-known reporter.

Men appreciate such optimistic and confident women.

In this world, there are more women who are self-reliant, and men are less stressed.

Moreover, a man can spend his life with a woman who is always satisfied only with food and clothing. Life will never be stale, and life will not degenerate.

  Learn to be noble: The nobleness of a woman does not mean that she must be born in a tyrant or how prominent her part is. Nobleness here refers to nobleness in mind.

Men are most disgusted with flirty and frivolous women.

Men can be women’s messengers in life, but women themselves need to provide men with a kind of confidence-this kind of confidence is to reassure men and be happy to entrust you with love.

The owner of Xiao Zhongma’s “La Traviata” falls in love with the maid only because the woman who is the maid is noble and full of femininity.

Such women often give men confidence and courage in life, because in their lives there is a human charm that purifies the mind of men and inspires them to fight.

Modern women must not have kitsch, obedience, or vanity. Naturally, they must have such a noble temperament for men to appreciate.

  Goodwill: Goodness here means nothing more than the gentleness of a woman.

But it’s better to change tenderness to goodwill here.

Of course men like women’s tenderness, because women’s tenderness can warm men’s hearts.

However, tenderness sometimes seems to be a kind of unprincipled love.

To a certain extent, a woman’s love for a man who is not worthy of being entrusted to her is to complete the sin of a man.

Love should be temperate, and it should be good.

Therefore, good women only need to be kind to men.

Women love so much that men don’t know how to cherish them.

In this era, men are no longer accustomed to being fixed in a small room. Such women should learn to adjust themselves, not to be blindly trapped in love, so that emotions replace the whole of life.

  Smart and optimistic women can often try to make their hearts open, and to make love strong and eternal in a kind of plainness.

An intellectual woman, she loves her husband deeply, but when she loves her husband, she never forgets to cherish and love herself.

Her husband has been doing business abroad all year round, but their relationship is very harmonious, and there has never been a slight crack.

Someone asked: Aren’t you worried that he was looking for flowers outside and asked Liu?

The lady replied: I and his love have always been equal.

From the day I accepted his love, I gave him trust. I loved him but didn’t demand him.

I hope he succeeds perfectly, but I never mortgage everything on him.

What am I worried about?

Sometimes when you let go of feelings, let’s look at it. In fact, it is just the best grasp.

Some women put themselves on a part of a begging relationship from the beginning. The root of tragedy is often here: You are not confident in yourself. How do others value you?

Men often do this: you value him too much, which means that he can easily dominate your feelings and happiness!At this point you lose first.

Therefore, affection is the most concerned about observance and equality . Needless to say, a woman with such insight and mind will naturally feel her cuteness.

Because men fall in love with a woman at the same time, do not want to lose their own world under the constraints of love.

Men care about tacit understanding, tolerance and understanding of love.

Because this kind of love does not prevent men from freely rushing into life-after all, in the eyes of men, love does not represent the whole of life.

  Doing things with ideas: Psychologists analyze that women often feel better than reason, treat friendships, careers, and marriage, which is a fatal weakness that hinders women’s development.

A migrant girl in Shenzhen, while other migrant girls lost themselves in the impetuous and prosperous surroundings of the modern city, she still maintained the true nature of a farm girl.

In her dormitory, almost all other girls turned into boyfriends, and only she was a “single nobleman”.

She told a girlfriend in her hometown that I would not like men in Shenzhen because my roots were not there.

I just came out to earn some money, some sent to home, and some kept dowry for myself.

I will of course find a boyfriend in the future, but I will go home and find a good man.

Some of my sisters, unwilling to be blue-collars on the assembly line, rack their brains and want to go to sugar daddy, can they always be happy?

I just want to work hard to earn money by myself, and then go home to live a peaceful life . Although this kind of standing reality can be a sober-minded woman who can clearly see her, it is also a lovely woman in the eyes of men.

  It doesn’t seem easy for a woman to do all of the above.

However, as long as one of them is done, in the eyes of a man, you can still be a lovely woman.

In order to make men like you more, do it hard!

Chinese medicine massage to remove crow’s feet

Chinese medicine massage to remove crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are the earliest wrinkles that show age on a person’s body. Small wrinkles inadvertently expose your age. So how can you remove crow’s feet?

Here’s how to remove crow’s feet by massage.

  First, the main points of massage, three points involved in the massage: 攒 竹 穴, silk bamboo mixture, Hitomi 髎 acupoints, you can refer to some acupoint diagrams, press the place to go sour.

  Massaging these acupoints can help the blood circulation around the eyes, remove the garbage from the blood, so that the eyes get more nutrition, the skin remains elastic, tight, and wrinkles are reduced.

  Second, the first step of the massage method, rub your hands warm, use your fingers to gently around the eyes, drive the skin on the eyes, rotate and massage a few times, and then step on the bamboo points, silk bamboo, pupils, and thenExtend the corners of the eyes and massage them. You can feel the tightness of the eyes.

  In the second step, from the position of the mandible, use your index finger and middle finger skin to gently push upwards, repeat it about five times, and then raise your neck and neck to massage the cervical spine and relax the muscles.

  In the third step, forefinger and middle finger are slightly opened, gradually massage from the position of the bridge of the nose to the ear, then close the eyes, and massage around the eyes back and forth, which can effectively remove expression lines and eliminate eye bags.

  Tips: Sticking it once after getting up and before going to bed can remove the fine lines in the corners of the eyes.