Eight New Year’s Diseases First Aid Methods After the Holiday (2)

Eight “New Year’s Diseases” First Aid Methods After the Holiday (2)

[Introduction]The warmth of the festive season has not disappeared. Do you feel the loss of some cheering laughter, the loss and emptiness of the family and friends, and the intestines and stomachs that have been forced to “execute” many times?

  Common disease five: Acute pancreatitis. Modern people’s diets are usually heavy, aunts, high protein content, and the Spring Festival is the biggest holiday of the year. Overly greasy food is placed on the table, and alcohol on plasmaIrritation can cause starch edema, which can cause acute diabetes.

Acute pancreatitis, which is very dangerous, can be described as the most typical “festival disease”.

  Main symptoms: Upper abdominal or left upper abdominal pain occurs within one to two hours after a meal, and it radiates to the left waist. At the same time, it has fever, nausea, vomiting, and shock symptoms such as small pulse rate and decreased blood pressure.

  Response measures: due to the acute onset of acute pneumonia, the disease is dangerous, and death can be caused in severe cases. Therefore, you must go to the hospital for treatment after the above symptoms occur.

  Common disease six: Acute cholecystitis due to eating and drinking or drinking a lot of alcohol during the festival, or the diet is too greasy, may also cause excessive bile secretion, which induces acute cholecystitis, or acute gallstone disease.

  Main symptoms: Acute cholecystitis manifests as pain in the right upper abdomen and radiates to the right lower back, accompanied by fever and vomiting.

  Response measures: If the condition is more serious, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

  Common disease seven: Peptic ulcer perforation If you have an old history of peptic ulcer and overeating during the Spring Festival, it will easily cause ulcer perforation.

  Main symptoms: sudden onset of severe abdominal pain, abdominal muscle tension, obvious tenderness, rebound pain, and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and some people may also experience shock symptoms.

  Response: You should go to the hospital in time for treatment, if necessary, surgical treatment is needed.

  Common disease eight: Cats and dogs bite Now many families like to keep cats, dogs and other pets. When the Chinese New Year is crowded, pets are vulnerable.

Therefore, cats, dogs, and bites may be used when visiting pets’ relatives and friends.

  Main symptoms: Generally speaking, children are most likely to be bitten by cats and dogs. The place where they are usually bitten is the face.

  Response measures: After being caught by a pet, after biting, immediately wash the wound with a lot of soap and water to reduce the invasion of the virus as much as possible.

Regardless of being caught or bitten by a cat or dog, rabies vaccination must be given as soon as possible, not more than 24 hours.