Psychological test questions to see if you are fetish

Psychological test questions to see if you are “fetish”

What happens when your lover is joyfully asking you to do something you may not be able to do?
  1, promised and pretended to be willing.
  2. A little hesitant but agree with it happily.
  3, very gently refused to ask the other party to understand.
  4. A rejection means that you cannot do it.
  [Psychological analysis]1. The person who chose this answer is obviously a person who dare not confess.
Of course, there are many reasons for not confessing. Maybe they love the other side too much, fear that the other side is angry, or they may deliberately deceive the other side.
In short, the person who chooses this answer, whether male or female, is a person with a love mentality problem.
If you want a sound and complete love?
It is best to get rid of this confession, otherwise the love character of such people will never find true love and love.
This person’s gains and losses are more serious, even if you have a lover, the other person will be troubled by your dare not to confess.
If you want true love, it’s best to be frank and right, after all, love is the union of both hearts and frankness is the basic condition.
  2. The person who chooses this answer belongs to someone who has a careful mind and is very considerate of the other person.
Sleepy because he didn’t want to let the other party down and be sad, but didn’t want the other party to feel deceived, so he hovered in his mind for a while, and he agreed at all costs.
Once you promise, you will desperately achieve the task?
Even if you can’t, you will tell the other person that you have done your best.
In fact, this kind of person is willing to sacrifice for each other. It can be said that it is the greatest person, but it is also the hardest lover.
If this kind of person wants to live longer, please tell him and let the other person understand you, otherwise you will soon be braided.
  3. The person who chooses this answer is a very rational lover who has neither too much fantasy nor too much utility. It can be said that he has a healthy mentality.
However, it is a little less romance with six relatives, because romance is something that has irrational affection.
This kind of person will require a reasonable scale for everything. Even in the past, it may be small things like cold and careful weather.
Although rational people usually do not make any mistakes, the ancient sages once said that those who do not make mistakes will not have a breath.
Maybe this kind of person thinks that it is also a kind of happiness to let the other party have a reasonable and unchanged love?
  4. The person who chose this answer can be said to be a very realistic person.
Such people will not daydream, and of course he will not do unrealistic things, especially things that are harmful to their own interests, even in the face of the beloved will refuse to show mercy.
Perhaps it is a person who is born with a relatively straight rectum and says anything.
But it may be too outspoken, often offend people, and even hurt the meticulous mind of lovers.
So when you fall in love with this kind of person, don’t forget to have too many fantasies, and don’t often be coquettish, otherwise you can stick cold ass with a hot face, but it’s hard to tell.

Understand the nutritional content of each part of the fish

Understand the nutritional content of each part of the fish

Fish is not only nutritious, but also easy to digest. Everyone likes it.

However, every part of the fish has certain nutrition, do you know?

  ★ Fish is rich in high-quality protein, easy to digest and absorb, and low in trace content. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, zinc, selenium and other inorganic salts, as well as vitamins A, D and B vitamins.

Fish meat has dark and white meat. Dark meat contains more oil, glycogen, vitamins, enzymes, etc., and has a fishy taste, such as tuna and sardines. White meat has a lighter fishy taste, such as big yellow croaker and flounder.
  ★ Fish cerebral palsy The polyunsaturated fatty acid DHA commonly known as “brain gold”, as well as phospholipids, helps infant brain development, and also has a certain effect on adjuvant treatment of dementia.

However, fish brain plasma levels are high and food intake should be controlled.

  ★ Yuyu has the name of “marine ginseng” in ancient times, which is as famous as bird’s nest and shark fin.

Fish bream contains bio-macromolecule collagen, which has the effect of improving the nutritional status of tissues, promoting growth and development, and delaying skin aging. It is an ideal high-protein low-feces food.

Saltwater fish has thicker grate walls and are usually made into dried products called fish maw.

The initial slanting taste of the fish belly is smooth, delicate and thick.

  ★ Fish scales contain choline to enhance memory.

It also contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, which have certain effects on arteriosclerosis, hypertension and hypertension, which can cause frozen fish scales to be eaten.

In addition, the scales of catfish and catfish contain certain lipids and umami ingredients, which can be steamed without descaling when cooking; scales with fish contain 6-thioguanine which is anti-cancer, and you don’t need to shave when eating.

  ★ The nutrition of fish tail and fish bone and fish tail is similar to that of fish body.

Fish bone does have a calcium effect, but people generally eat very little, and shark fish bone can be implanted with fish bone meal.

  ★ Fish lips are mostly made from the skin and associated tissue of the upper lip of anchovies, sharks, and anchovies. The main component is collagen.

Although it is one of the eight seafood flavors, it is actually not very nutritious.

  ★ The content of vitamin B1 and DHA in fisheye is slightly higher. Because the fisheye is small, its nutritional value is not great.

Four notes for children’s sleep

Four notes for children’s sleep

Children have enough sleep to be full of energy, good appetite, and physical health.

Concerned about children’s sleep, we should pay attention to the following four points: Let the child go to bed early. In addition to heredity, nutrition, and physical exercise, children’s height has an important relationship with growth hormone secretion.

Growth hormone is a protein secreted by the human hypothalamus, which can promote the growth and development of bones, muscles, connective tissues and internal organs.

Too little growth hormone is bound to cause short stature.

And the secretion of growth hormone has its specific rhythm, that is, a person can only produce growth hormone after falling asleep, and gradually enter a peak after one hour of deep sleep, generally at 22 to 1 am, the peak secretion period.

If you sleep too late, height can be affected for children who are growing.

Therefore, children cannot sleep more than 21 o’clock at the latest. Generally, it is most suitable to sleep before 20 o’clock.

In this way, you will not miss the peak period of growth hormone secretion.

  Let your child sleep enough to get enough sleep for the child’s growth and development.

This has to do with the amount of sleep a child must have.

Newborns sleep 16 hours a day, 14 hours at 3 months after birth, 13 hours at 6 months to 1 year, and 12 hours at 2-3 years.Are all in sleep.

Out-of-phase sleep is also called “fast wave sleep”. “Eye-beating sleep” can best rest the brain.

Newborns and lactating infants account for 40-50% of heterosexual sleep, and only 20% of them become humans. This shows how important it is for infants and young children to sleep well.

  Please turn off the light after bedtime. When the light is off, the body’s physiological functions are coordinated and the metabolism is balanced.

However, if it is placed under artificial light, due to the subtle “light pressure”, the physiological regulation of the human retina will be disturbed, and the eyeballs and eyelashes will not be fully rested. Over time, it will inevitably affect vision.

It has been reported that the absorption of calcium in infants who are often exposed to light at night should be reduced by about 25%.

The lack of calcium can also cause myopia, which will bring many problems such as easy to wake up and start to sleep, prolonged feeding time, and slow weight gain, which are not good for children’s growth and development.

In addition, it may affect the protective inhibition of the central nervous system, leading to mental and language disorders.

  To keep your child healthy, turn off the lights after falling asleep at night.

Remember not to work with your child on the lights, read or watch TV.

  The baby needs to be undressed and sleep. The period of the baby is the period from birth to 1 year of age.

Some parents let the infants dress and sleep, or even wrap their hands and feet to sleep, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the child.

Sleeping undressed is conducive to the growth and development of children.

The infants grow rapidly during this period. During this period, if you often wear clothes, it will affect the blood circulation of the infants, which is not conducive to rest, and will affect the physical development of the infants.

Undressing to sleep can make babies sleep more comfortably, calmly, and conducive to the healthy growth of children.

  How to create a safe sleeping environment for your baby There are some aspects of your baby that parents need to pay attention to while they sleep?

  The fingers entangled through the body continued to develop, and the baby’s ability to move freely began to develop. He was able to grasp nearby things, thereby threading the head or parents’ hair.

Do n’t underestimate these things. If you entangle your fingers, you will fracture your fingers, and your fingers will become swollen and bruised. In severe cases, your fingers may die.

  Coping method: immediately cut off the ropes and threads around the fingers, and sterilize the blood marks drawn out, and then send the baby to the hospital as soon as possible.

  Precautions: Check and remove the threads from your clothes in advance, and keep the cords, curtain cords, hat straps, and toys with cords away from where your baby sleeps.

Also don’t put gloves on your baby.

  Falling babies will turn over and fall down is inevitable after their athletic ability is enhanced.

Once it happens, don’t panic too much.

Carefully observe the area of the baby’s injury and the extent of the injury. Seek medical attention immediately if the condition is serious.

  Coping method: Do not lift the baby from the ground in a hurry, and do not move too fast, so as not to cause other consequences.

First check whether the baby is conscious and has no injuries. If the baby is unconscious and the baby is not crying, it may hurt the brain. The condition is serious. You must go to the hospital for treatment immediately;Check for fractures or dislocations, apply cold water or ice to the injured area, and place the baby in the hospital for examination.

If you drop your neck or hips, keep your body flat and make an emergency call.

Don’t let your baby go to bed immediately if nothing is wrong, tease him first, divert his attention, and observe if there are subsequent changes.  Preventive measures: The baby’s bed must be equipped with a guardrail, and the width of the railing must be paid special attention. It is better that the width does not exceed the general head circumference of the baby, which is 34 cm.

It’s best to have a cushion under the crib.

  Smashed and crushed from the sky, had to guard against.

In order to satisfy the baby’s curiosity and to develop the baby’s intelligence, parents will buy a lot of toys for the baby.

And if these “friends” of the baby are not in places, such as the bedside, they will hurt the sleeping baby once they are turned down.

There is also something that parents usually use, such as drinking cups and other daily necessities, if not put properly, it is also a potential danger for the baby.

  Very small babies sleep with mom and dad. If mom and dad are not careful, they will inadvertently hold the baby down, which will hurt the baby and even suffocate the baby, which is very dangerous.

  Coping method: Hurry up and move things away, don’t hurry to pick up the baby, first determine the situation and see if the baby is injured.

If you are just scared, you can coax and relieve your baby’s emotions; if it is serious, you need to make an emergency call and keep talking to the baby until the medical staff arrives.

After discovering that the baby is being pressed, the parents should not panic, the baby will definitely respond, and take a closer look at whether the baby has been crushed.

  Preventive measures: Let the baby sleep alone in his own crib, but the crib should not be too far away from the parent’s big bed, and the surroundings must not be higher than the crib. The baby should also put away the toys in time after sleeping.

Keep your baby’s bed away from the table so that your baby has a safe sleeping environment.