It is really difficult for Liu Shiwen to play Ito Mitsuk with the breakthrough of the Asian Cup in Table Tennis

It is really difficult for Liu Shiwen to play Ito Mitsuk with the breakthrough of the Asian Cup in Table Tennis
For more than a year, Liu Shiwen has never had a chance against Ms. Ito.Figure / Osports Asian Table Tennis Federation announced today that the Asian Cup competition originally scheduled for February 28 in Wenchang, Hainan, Liu Shiwen and Ito Meicheng also proposed.According to the plan, the 2020 Asian Cup of Table Tennis will be played in Wenchang, Hainan from February 28 to March 1.However, affected by the epidemic, the Asian Table Tennis Federation announced that it would decide to supplement the Asian Cup, taking into account the safety of all athletes, coaches, officials and fans.There are 16 men and women singles in the Asian Cup. The National Table Tennis Team sent a total of four men and two women and two women. The men’s team was Ma Long and Fan Zhendong, and the women’s team was Liu Shiwen and Zhu Yuling.As for the Japanese team, Ito is also on the list.During the year-end finals last year, Liu Shiwen said he very much hoped to play against Ito before the Tokyo Olympics.The two Air Forces have fought twice, and Liu Shiwen lost to Ito Meicheng, but both games were before 2018.For more than a year, Liu Shiwen and Ito have been playing against each other in certain competitions.With the advancement of the Asian Cup game, Liu Shiwen and Ito Meghan were replaced again.

What happened to Meiyingsen’s flesh chain which is a little expert in rubbing spots?

What happened to Meiyingsen’s “flesh chain” which is a little expert in rubbing spots?
Last year, Meiyingsen was ridiculed by investors as a “little spot expert” because of the three major attractions of industrial cannabis, artificial meat, and blockchain.In 2019, Meiyingsen achieved operating income of approximately 33.$ 9.2 billion, an annual increase of 4.41%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 5.3.5 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 33.42%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is about 3.8.4 billion, an annual increase of 8.84%.R & D, production and sales of major military transportation packaging products, boutique packaging products, label products, electronic functional material die-cut products and creative health paper furniture products, and provide customers with packaging product design, packaging program optimization, packaging materialsThree-party procurement and packaging product logistics and distribution, supplier inventory management and on-site auxiliary packaging operations and other in-depth packaging integration services.For the reasons for achieving such results in 2019, Meiyingsen explained: expansion, through the release of orders from major customers such as consumer electronics, the company’s product sales increased accordingly, while the price of main raw materials fell, and the company’s product prices were loweredThe increase in the ratio of revenue to sales volume has decreased.The increase in product sales and the stability of profit margins have led to a certain increase in company profits.At the same time, the company’s investment real estate changes in fair value increase, realizing a part of the company’s profit.More than a month after the disclosure of the 2019 annual report, Meiyingsen received an inquiry letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and responded on May 15.Sauna, Yewang noticed that the inquiry letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange included the request for Meiyingsen to disclose the information about the three major scenic spots.The first is industrial cannabis, Meiyingsen said: Since the implementation of the Meiyingsen Group ‘s industrial cannabis industry development project (referred to as “industrial cannabis industry development project”) involves related work and the impact of the new crown epidemic on the project, it has continued to this dayThe project is still in the process of preparation.The work that has been carried out mainly includes the filing of relevant investment projects, some land transfer agreement agreements, related product application research and development, and the handling of business-related licenses.The project has not yet started construction, and has not yet obtained an industrial hemp processing license.In terms of capital expenditures and budgetary benefits, by April 30, 2020, Meiyingsen Industrial Cannabis Industry Development Project had accumulatively spent 1128 funds.570,000 yuan (including the company’s investment in Wenma Biotechnology, technical service fees, travel expenses, purchase of raw materials, land transfer costs, etc.), has not yet generated revenue.So, what is the estimated production time, capacity and income of the industrial cannabis industry development project?Meiyingsen responded: “Temporary fashion cannot be accurately predicted.”Looking at artificial meat again, as one of the product directions of the industrial cannabis industry development project, Meiyingsen adheres to the business philosophy of simultaneous development of product development and sales expansion; continues to carry out product research and development, production equipment for artificial meat and other products, and inspection and selection of foundries.; Compression, Meiyingsen is actively approaching potential customers to market and sell artificial meat and other related products.Finally, the blockchain.Meiyingsen’s shareholding company Zhejiang Oracle Super Code Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Oracle Super Code”) achieved a net profit of 1558 in 2019.390,000 yuan, lower than the promised number of 19 million yuan.Therefore, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange required Meiyingsen to explain in detail the initial performance commitments of Oracle Super Code and the response measures to be taken by listed companies, and analyze the achievability of subsequent performance commitments in light of its operating conditions.Meiyingsen said that Oracle Super Code increased R & D technology manpower investment in 2019, and the transfer of related R & D technology labor costs to obtaining orders and confirming that there is a certain period of income, which has affected Oracle Super Code’s 2019 annual performance to a certain extent.The realization of the promise.”In response, Meiyingsen chose to” continuously pay attention to the follow-up performance of Oracle Super Code, and urged it to seize business development and changes, and improve operating efficiency to achieve the improvement of operating performance.”It is reported that from January to April 2020, Oracle Super Code has newly signed or won the bid to include the industrial Internet logo analysis two-level grouping (integrated application service platform) project of the Information and Communication Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.Demonstration projects, Xiangzhou County E-Commerce Demonstration County Project and other three projects with a number of more than 5 million.Oracle Super Code said that in 2020 Oracle Super Code will actively overcome the impact of the new crown epidemic, give full play to its advantages in the field of “blockchain +” traceability, expand the development of the G-end and B-end markets, and amplify the cumulative effect and radiation of high-quality customer resourcesEffect, quickly increase the company’s income; gradually improve the product structure, strengthen internal potential tapping, reduce costs and increase efficiency through refined management, and achieve subsequent performance commitments.Sauna, night net Yan Xia editor Chen Lixiao dealt with Chun Leng

[Can you eat grapes if you have a bad spleen and stomach]

鑴捐儍涓嶅ソ锛岄鍏堝簲璇ヤ簡瑙iギ椋熺蹇岋紝涓€浜涚敓鍐峰埡婵€鐨勯鐗╂渶濂戒笉瑕佸悆銆傚綋鐒堕€傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涙按鏋滄槸鏈夊ソ澶勭殑锛屾瘮濡傝鍚冧竴浜涜憽钀勬槸瀹屽叏娌℃湁闂鐨勶紝褰撶劧涔熻娉ㄦ剰涓嶈兘鍚冨緱杩囧锛屼細澧炲姞鑲犺儍鐨勮礋鎷咃紝閫傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涜憽钀勬湁寮€鑳冪殑I do n’t know what to do, do n’t do it, do n’t donate it, do n’t donate it, do n’t worry, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it嬩竴涓嬭繖鏂归潰鐨勫唴瀹广€傝劸鑳冧笉濂藉彲浠ュ悆钁¤悇鍚楄儍涓嶅ソ鐨勪汉鏄彲浠ュ悆钁¤悇鐨勶紝浣嗘槸灏介噺涓嶈鍚冨銆傝憽钀勬湁鐢熸触寮€鑳冪殑浣滅敤锛屼絾瀹冨睘浜庡噳鎬ч鐗╋紝鍚冨浜嗕細鍒烘縺鑲犺儍锛屽紩璧疯吂娉汇€傚钩鏃跺彲浠ュ悆鐐瑰叾浠栨按鏋滐紝濡傝嫻鏋溿€佽姃鏋溿€佺煶姒寸瓑銆傝劸鑳冭櫄寮卞悆浠€涔?1 銆 侀 珮 綮 簮 揮 簮 揆 栵 纴 瀴 Si 劸 屳 幩 擂 擂 擂 掽  瑴 Donate stupid chains, the altar, the world, the world, the ruin, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan, the fan,濂界殑浣滅敤銆傜壒鍒€傜敤浜庤劸鑳冭櫄寮憋紝鏄撴秷鍖栦笉鑹殑浜虹兢銆傚彟澶栭珮绮卞惈鏈夋洿澶氱殑鐑熼吀銆傝繖绉嶇墿璐ㄦ槸褰㈡垚鑷敱鍩虹殑锛屾墍浠ュ畠鏇村鏄撹鎴戜滑鐨勮韩浣撳惛鏀躲€傞€傚害鐨勮劸鑳冭櫄寮辩殑浜哄彲浠ュ鍚冧簺楂樼脖绮ャ€?銆佺尨澶磋弴鐚村ご鑿囬鐢滃钩鍧︼紝鍚劸锛岃儍锛屽績缁忋€傚叿鏈夋粙琛ヨ儍锛屽寮鸿劸鑳冿紝琛ヨ櫄锛屾姉鐧岋紝琛ヨ偩鐨勫姛鏁堛€傚浜庨娆蹭笉鎸紝鑵规郴锛岃儍鍜屽崄浜屾寚鑲犳簝鐤★紝绁炵粡琛板急锛屽ご鏅曠瓑鐤剧梾锛屾湁寰堝ソ鐨勬不鐤楁晥鏋溿€傝€佸勾浜哄拰铏氬急鐨勭梾浜哄悆鐚村ご鑿囷紝涔熷彲浠ユ粙鍏昏韩浣撱€?銆侀硹楸奸硹楸煎叿鏈夊仴鑴惧埄婀匡紝涓拰椋熸锛屾椿琛€閫氱粶锛屽崌娓╁吇鑳冿紝闄嶆皵绛夊姛鏁堬紝瀵硅劸鑳冿紝姘磋偪锛屾簝鐤★紝鏀皵绠$値锛屽摦鍠橈紝绯栧翱鐥呮湁鑹ソ鐨勬粙琛ヤ綔鐢紝浜у悗濡囧コ鐐栭硹楸兼堡鍙互琛ヨ櫄濂躲€?銆佺孩鏋eぇ鏋f湁寰堝ソ鐨勮ˉ琛€浣滅敤锛屼絾浣犵煡閬撳ぇ鏋h繕鑳藉緢濂藉湴璋冭妭鑴捐儍铏氬急鐨勬偅鑰呯殑浣滅敤鍚?In the meantime, we have a lot of experience, and we have a lot of people to do with each other. We do n’t know what to do with each other, and we do n’t know what to do with each other.壇濂戒綔鐢ㄣ€傛澶栧ぇ鏋e惈鏈夌幆纾烽吀鑵鸿嫹娲绘€э紝杩欑鐗╄川鍙互璧峰埌鑹ソ鐨勫仴搴峰拰Qi Piao emblazoned?銆佺緤鑲夌叜缇婅倝姹ゆ斁浜涘皬楹︺€傚ぇ楹︿笉浠呭彲浠ュ府鍔╄劸鑳冩皵鍖栵紝杩樻湁鍔╀簬娑堝寲銆傚鏋滀綘鍠濈緤鑲夋堡娣诲姞灏忛害锛屼綘鍙互鐢ㄥ畠鏉ヨˉ鑴惧紑鑳冿紝瀵硅劸鑳冭櫄寮辨湁鐩婏紝棣栧厛浣跨敤缇婅倝姹わ紝鐏叜锛岀劧鍚庢參鎱㈢叜鐔熴€傜劧鍚庢嬁璧风緤鑲夛紝鐢ㄦ堡鐐栧ぇ楹︼紝鐓ㄧ倴锛屽拰鍏朵Is it harmful to upset?

[Can Songhua eggs be eaten with vinegar]_Vinegar_Do not eat with food

[Can Songhua eggs be eaten with vinegar]_Vinegar_Do not eat with food

Songhua egg is a very common food in our lives. It is also a skin egg or an egg. It has a variety of meals and a unique taste. Everyone likes it.

However, China is very particular about food. Some different common foods do not matter if they are eaten separately. Eating them together may have an impact on the body. There is a similar price when eating Songhua eggs and vinegar.

So, can Songhua eggs be eaten with vinegar?

Let’s take a look below.

Preserved eggs cannot be eaten with vinegar. Alkaline preserved eggs and vinegar cannot be eaten together, because calcium must be combined with acetic acid to form a precipitate, which is difficult to digest and may produce toxins and cause food poisoning.

Preserved eggs cannot be eaten with turtles. Preserved eggs contain a lot of lead-free. It will affect the nutritional value of turtles, and it will lose a lot of nutritional value of turtles.

Brown eggs cannot be eaten with brown sugar. Brown sugar is a good helper during cooking, but never eat brown sugar with brown eggs.

When brown sugar is eaten with preserved eggs, a chemical reaction occurs, which produces ammonia compounds that are not good for the human body.

Preserved eggs cannot be eaten with plums. Summer is the season when plums are on the market. However, if you have preserved eggs and plums on your table, we recommend that you eat one of them and leave it for the next meal.

Because plums are mainly eaten fresh, the lead in preserved eggs conflicts with the nutritional content of plums. If eaten at the same time, it will cause physical discomfort.

Preserved eggs cannot be eaten with beer in the hot summer weather, and most people like to use pine eggs when drinking beer.

Preserved eggs and beer taste good together, but it is easy to cause kidney stones and blood vessel diseases. Occasionally, it is not a problem. Do not eat this often.

This condition may cause nephritis or other symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort. It is best to take appropriate amount to avoid causing gastrointestinal symptoms.

Moreover, the preserved eggs themselves are not even with beer, do not eat more, the lead content is quite high, and it is not good for the body.

When eating normally, you can peel off the preserved eggs and steam them in the pot for five minutes, then let them cool down before eating, so that the lead content will be reduced a lot.

Preserved eggs cannot be eaten with Scutellaria alba. Although preserved eggs are rich in protein, preserved eggs are alkaline foods. Although yellow is also delicious, eating with preserved eggs can cause diarrhea and food poisoning.

CCB (601939) Annual Report 2018 Review: Steady Growth and Significant Improvement in Capital Adequacy Ratio

CCB (601939) Annual Report 2018 Review: Steady Growth and Significant Improvement in Capital Adequacy Ratio

Core points: 1.

The event company released its 2018 annual report.


Our Analysis and Judgment 1) PPOP exceeded growth by 7.

98%, solid performance in 2018, the company achieved operating income of 6588.

91 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

99%; net profit attributable to mother 2546.

55 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

11%; operating profit before provision (PPOP) 4595.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 7 in ten years.

98%; ROA is 1.

13%, basically the same as 2017, with a ROE of 14.

04%, reducing by 0 every year.

76 averages; basic EPS1.

00 yuan, an annual increase of 4.


On the whole, the company’s performance is basically stable.

  2) Net interest margin widened by 10BP, and net interest income increased by 7 per year.

48% benefited from the moderate growth of interest-earning assets, expansion and reduction of standards, improvement in asset income and structural optimization. The company’s net interest margin widened and the index’s net income increased.

In 2018, the company’s net interest margin rose to 2.

31%, an increase of 10BP per year; net interest realized 4862.

78 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.


In 2018, the company’s average interest-generating assets balance was 21.

25 trillion, an annual increase of 3.


In the environment of continuous and continuous reduction of the standard, the company adopted measures such as optimizing the asset-liability structure and strengthening asset-liability pricing management to improve the interest margin level. The interest-generating asset yield rose more than the interest paid to offset the increase in interest payment.

Asset structure budget, the average balance of corporate loans and advances in 201813.

07 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 5.

99%, accounting for 61% of interest-earning assets.

53%, increase by 1 every year.

42 units.

Among them, personal retail loans accounted for 39%.

53%, an increase of 2.

74 units.

Debt structure budget, the average balance of corporate deposits in 2018 was 16.

71 trillion, an annual increase of 4.
20%, accounting for interest-bearing 淡水桑拿网 denials, the average balance is as high as 84.

Among them, demand deposits accounted for 52.

89%, a year up 0.

The average value of 08 is maintained at a high level, and the cost advantage is significant.

Pricing management budget. In 2018, the average income of the company’s loan business increased by 4.

34%, up 16BP in one year.

Under the ranking, the average cost ratio of the deposit business is 1.

39%, only 6BP increase each year.

  3) Intermediate business income has picked up quarter by quarter, and bank card and e-banking businesses have performed well in 2018.

13 ppm, a ten-year increase2.

02%; other non-interest income 495.

78 ppm, a decrease of 3 per year.


In terms of intermediate business, the growth rate of net fee and commission income picked up quarter by quarter.

In 2018, the company’s net fee and commission income was 1230.

35 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

45%, Q1-Q4 single season advance growth rate were -2.

16% / 6.

00% / 7.

65% / 9.

76%, showing a seasonal warming trend.

In terms of different industries, bank card and e-banking business revenues increased respectively.

35% and 98.

96%, which became the main factor for the increase in net fee and commission income; the wealth management product business income was affected by factors such as the implementation of new capital management regulations and the rise in the issuance cost of wealth management products, and the decline was 44.


Among other non-interest income, investment income increased significantly by 127.

52%, after the initial conversion of new financial instruments, the interest income from financial assets measured at fair value and whose changes are included in the current profit and loss is reclassified to investment income items.

  4) The stability of asset quality is good, and the capital adequacy ratio has been further improved. The company’s asset quality has remained basically stable.

As of the end of 2018, the balance of non-performing loans was 2008.

810,000 yuan, an increase of 85 over 2017.

90 ppm; NPL ratio 1.

46%, a decrease of 0 from 2017.

03 shareholders; attention-oriented loans accounted for 2.

81%, a decrease of 0 from 2017.

02 single; NPL provision coverage rate was 208.

37%, an increase of 37 from 2017.

29 units.

The company’s capital adequacy ratio has increased.

As of the end of 2018, the amount of CCB’s capital replenishment was 17.
19%, an increase of 1 from 2017.
69 levels, continue to maintain the leading level in the industry.

Among them, the core tier 1 capital adequacy ratio / tier 1 capital adequacy ratio were 13 respectively.

83% / 14.

42%, an increase of 0 over 2017.


71 units.

During the reporting period, the company completed the issuance of 830 million U.S. dollars in regional secondary capital bonds, effectively supplementing capital strength, enhancing risk defense capabilities, and providing protection for future stable development.


Investment suggestion As one of the four major state-owned banks, the capital adequacy ratio is leading the industry; the asset-side structure has continued to optimize, the retail share has increased, and the housing finance business has obvious advantages; the debt-side deposit ratio exceeds 80%, and the cost advantage is outstanding;With the development strategy of fintech, we will continue to improve our business competitiveness, and we can expect continued steady growth in our future performance.

The company is currently estimated to be at a historically low level and the cost-effective ratio is relatively high.

Based on the company’s fundamentals and sustainable resilience, we give a “recommended” rating and forecast EPS1 for 2019-2020.


10 yuan, corresponding to the current expected PE 6.

50X / 6.

20 times.


Risks indicate the risk of accelerated asset growth due to the accelerated economic growth.

Tianbang shares (002124): The performance is in line with the expected breeding growth target

Tianbang shares (002124): The performance is in line with the expected breeding growth target

In 2019H1, the company’s net profit attributable to its mother decreased year by year by 555.

90%, in line with expectations. The company released the semi-annual report for 2019, and the company achieved operating income of 29.

410,000 yuan, an increase of 57 in ten years.

90%; net profit attributable to mother -3.

67 trillion, down 555 a year.


In a single quarter, the company achieved operating income of 16 in 19Q2.

950,000 yuan, an increase of 66 in ten years.

38%; net profit attributable to mother-0.

32 ppm, a decrease of 166 per year.

23%, in line with market expectations.

We expect that the company’s EPS will be 0 in 2019-21.



45 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

The pig price went up, and the company’s profitability significantly improved. In terms of pig breeding, the company produced 151 pigs in 19H1.

740 thousand heads, an increase of 69 in ten years.


In 19Q1, affected by the overall benefits of pig prices and rising costs, the company ‘s pig breeding business was cut by US $ 300 million. In the second quarter, pig prices were transformed and profitability improved significantly.

We are wholesale, 19H1, alternative 3 for pig breeding business.

6.3 billion (full cost 14.

79 yuan / kg); in terms of feed, the company reports the output, and the company sells aquatic products10.

3In the initial period, it increased by 24 every year.

0%, of which sales of specialty aquatic materials increased by 36%.

Affected by the loss of industry capacity, the company’s pig feed sales fell 21% year-on-year.

Our budget, 19H1, the company’s feed business contributed 0 profit.

In terms of biological products, the swine fever epidemic in Africa caused a significant decline in the pig inventory. In 19H1, the company’s biological products realized a net profit of 18.25 million yuan, a 65% decrease.

The epidemic affects the pace of slaughter of pigs. In 2019, about 2.6 million pigs will be slaughtered. In 19H1, the company focuses on pig breeding work on the prevention and control of the African swine fever epidemic, and at the same time, it steadily promotes the construction of productivity.4 new modern sow farms and 1 modern 杭州夜生活网 breeding farm.

As of the end of the reporting period, the company’s productive biological assets have reached 3.

780,000 yuan, down 26 from the beginning of the year.

54%, but a decrease of 5 compared with the end of the period.


We expect that in 2019, the company will produce around 2.6 million pigs.

The rapid increase in breeding coincides with the upward cycle. Maintaining the “Buy” rating is affected by African swine fever. The de-swap rate of hog production is much higher than the previous cycle, and farmers are cautious in recultivation. We expect that the supply of hogs will be insufficient in the next 1-2 years.The facts will support pig prices to remain high.

At the same time, considering the effect of African swine fever on the pace of slaughter, we adjusted the company’s slaughter volume of 2.6 / 3.佛山桑拿网5 million heads in 2019-2020 (previously variable 3 / 5.2 million heads), and predicted that the slaughter volume in 2021 will be 4.5 million heads.

Accordingly, we expect that the company’s EPS will be 0 in 2019-2020.


83 yuan (previous average 0.69/2.

40 yuan), and forecast an EPS of 1 in 2021.

45 yuan.

With reference to the average 9XPE estimated level of comparable companies in 2020, we give companies 8-10XPE in 2020 with a corresponding target price of 14.


30 yuan, given a “buy” rating.

Risk reminder: pig price does not rise as expected, the amount of slaughter is less than expected, and the epidemic is at risk.

Hongqi Chain (002697) Interim Report Comments: Adapt to Local Conditions, Implement Store Upgrades, Intelligent Platforms, Improve Management Efficiency

Hongqi Chain (002697) Interim Report Comments: Adapt to Local Conditions, Implement Store Upgrades, Intelligent Platforms, Improve Management Efficiency
Incident Description The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 on August 19, and the company achieved revenue of 382,935 in the first half of 2019.310,000 yuan, an increase of 5 over the same period last year.89%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the company was 23,677.610,000 yuan, an increase of 52 over the same period last year.93%.  The event commented on the intensive opening of stores 杭州桑拿 in Chengdu, accelerating the progress of upgrading and upgrading some stores.The company adheres to the strategic policy of “taking Sichuan as the center and Chengdu as the core”, further deepens the network layout, accelerates market development, and consolidates and enhances the company’s leading advantage in the convenience supermarket industry in Sichuan.At this stage, the competition in the retail industry of low-tier cities is relatively relative, and the costs of rent and manpower are relatively speaking. By transforming the continuous development of the surrounding city store network, the company will benefit from the possibility of the release of consumer dividends in the sinking market.As of June 30, 2019, the company had a total of 2,958 stores. In the first half of the year, the company opened 168 new stores and closed 27 stores.The average area of the company’s convenience supermarket stores is about 200 square meters. Newly opened and closed stores have little impact on the company’s operating performance.While vigorously developing newly opened stores, the company has accelerated the upgrading and reconstruction of some existing stores, and enhanced consumers’ unique shopping experience by satisfying more shopping needs of consumers.When upgrading and renovating the stores, we comprehensively analyzed the specific problems, and set up fresh stores, boutiques, and 24-hour stores, and gradually upgraded and transformed the stores for classified management and assessment.In the first half of the year, the company acquired 9010 supermarket stores and related assets, speeding up the company’s business expansion and layout in the business district, while strengthening the company’s development of fast food.  Net income from main operations rose, and gross profit margin increased significantly.In the first half of the year, the company opened 168 new stores, and some of them were upgraded. Differentiated business strategies led to the company’s sales revenue increasing over the same period of the previous year.89%.The company’s net profit attributable to mothers increased sharply52.93%, of which 70 million came from the long-term equity investment income of the Sichuan Xinwang Bank, an associate. If the income is excluded, the company’s main business net profit will increase by about 20%, which is still higher than the revenue growth rate.In terms of expenses, the proportion of expenses during the first half of the year was 24.86%, an increase of 1 pct over the same period last year.In addition to the increase in sales expenses, the company’s media reported that publicity expenses and depreciation booths led to a significant increase in management expenses40.43%, but the fixed deposit settlement led to a decrease in financial costs 49.74%.Gross profit margin in the first half of 30.22%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.7pct, benefiting from the transformation of food CPI in the moderate and long-term environment since the first half of the year, the contribution of reorganization and direct mining is very high. The previous company’s procurement model was consignment products, actual sales, and now it is based on the dynamic intelligence of big data platformsSupport, the increase in inventory turnover has driven the growth of gross profit margin, and at the same time, the proportion of imported goods that has gradually increased the proportion also affects the growth of gross profit margin.  Differentiated competition strategy drives performance growth, and value-added business improves customer stickiness.The company has always adhered to the “commodity + service” differentiated competition strategy, focusing on the convenience supermarket retail business oriented to residential, school, business, entertainment and other business districts. It operates food, tobacco, alcohol, daily necessities and other commodities to meet the convenience ofDaily consumption needs.The company continues to optimize the product structure, improve the value-added service quality, and expand the value-added service content. While bringing incremental consumer groups to the company, it has also improved customer loyalty. Differentiated management and innovation in marketing methods are the driving force for the company’s continued growth in performance.The popularity of mobile payment has affected the company’s value-added business to a certain extent, and the value-added business income in the first half of the year decreased by 0 compared with the same period last year.15%, the company stepped up its value-added business layout and actively explored new areas of value-added business.In the first half of the year, the company supplemented a series of new service items, including collecting gas fees for large industrial and commercial households in Chengdu Gas, collecting parking fees for street traffic in Chengdu, and renting three street power chargers. At the same time, several value-added services will be launched in the second half of the year.  Advantages of efficient logistics system + dynamic and intelligent data analysis to achieve a good synergy effect.At present, the company has three logistics distribution centers, Xihe, Tuqiao, and Wenjiang, to achieve unified warehousing and distribution of most products. A dense network of stores will help the company produce good marketing, warehousing and logistics, staffing, and brand promotion.Synergy effect, thereby reducing the company’s operating costs.  The increase in the number of purchases has strengthened the company’s cooperative relationship with suppliers, and also brought the company a certain advantage in commodity resources and bargaining power.The company has established a set of information management systems suitable for itself. Since the launch of the Red Flag Cloud Big Data platform, the company’s data analysis has been visualized, mobile, and dynamic and intelligent.In the first half of the year, the company further optimized and improved the Red Flag Cloud big data platform to improve financial management and information management.The company’s information development department optimizes the month-end carry-over procedures of stores according to the operating needs of various departments and stores, improves the efficiency of store account settlement, completes payment of fees, electronically manages information and materials, and develops more than 20 supplementary systems, including multi-vendor fresh food supportjobs.  Investment suggestion The company develops steadily, and has formed an Internet + modern technology chain company of “cloud platform big data + commodities + community services + finance”. While accelerating market development and deepening the network layout, it has also improved the upgrade progress of some stores according to local conditions.Expand value-added services to increase customer loyalty.We are optimistic about the company’s differentiated operating strategy and the ability of the Red Flag Cloud Big Data platform to improve management efficiency. It is estimated that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.32/0.37/0.41 yuan, corresponding to the company’s closing price of 6 on August 16.43 yuan, PE is 19 in 2019-2021.86X / 17.33X / 15.72X, raised rating to “Buy”.  Presence of risks Macroeconomic growth forecast; fierce market competition; risk of continued increase in operating costs.

Different tofu, different nutrition

Different tofu, different nutrition

The birthplace of rot is in the Badong Mountain of Anhui, China, and it has a history of 2000 years.

Seemingly a piece of square tofu, it can become a small cold dish at home, or a main course in a large restaurant, and even a restaurant specializing in tofu, such as the Huaiyang Tofu Feast in Beijing.

For thousands of years, Bai Nen’s meticulous and inexpensive tofu has been popular in our mouths for generations.

In this health-first society, the role of tofu is even more prominent.


hzh {display: none; }  传统的中国豆腐是将黄豆(也可用青豆、黑豆)浸泡于清水,泡胀变软后磨成豆浆,滤渣后煮开;然后用盐卤或石膏“点卤”,使The protein clusters dispersed in the soy milk are aggregated together to form a “tofu brain”; to squeeze out water is tofu.

Tofu can be used to make a variety of soy products: water tofu (north tofu and south tofu), dried tofu, fried tofu (deep-fried tofu, etc.), braised and smoked tofu (dried spiced tofu, etc.), driedSoy products (dried tofu skin), fermented soy products (tofu milk).

Simple food is often rich in content. Tofu is the representative of Xiuwaihui. Its protein is a condensed legume protein, which contains 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, and the ratio is close to the human body. The nutritional value is high.

  Tofu also contains trace nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and rich phytoestrogens, which can not only increase nutrition, help digestion, promote appetite, but also prevent osteoporosis.

It is not only beautiful singers that can change 72. Tofu can also be reorganized into “variable spirits”. On a small dining table, it can interpret dishes with different export tastes and become an indispensable necessity in the shopping basket.

  As a result, you find that there are many foods with the word “tofu” on the market: almond tofu, milk tofu, egg tofu, rice tofu and other food ingredients as the attributive “×× 豆腐”, or commercial names as the attributiveSuch as “Tamako Tofu”, “Japanese Tofu” and so on.

These foods are called “tofu”. The main reason is that their sensory characteristics are also moist, white and tender, with a smooth texture and a tofu look. However, these “tofu foods” do not have the beans in “tofu” in the raw materials.

  At the same time, different flavors and different food methods, but it should be noted that “this tofu is not the same tofu, nutritional effects can not be equal.”

The production of “tofu” without soybeans is also based on the principle that protein colloidal solutions can be aggregated under the action of coagulants.

For example, milk is a uniform milky white liquid. Yogurt made by fermentation is like “tofu brain”. Extruding water can be made into “milk tofu”.

There is also “egg tofu” made from a colloidal solution made from eggs (the “Japanese tofu” on the market is mainly egg tofu).

  Because the raw materials are different, the nutritional value of various “tofu” also becomes “real tofu” made from soybeans.

But being different does not necessarily mean that it is not as good as it is, but when choosing, you must determine the edible variety according to nutritional needs.

Various types of “tofu” without soybeans can not have the nutritional value and role of soybean tofu, such as phytoestrogens, rich in calcium and so on.

And “egg tofu” and “milk tofu” will have animal feces and plasma.

As the saying goes, “green vegetables and tofu are safe” specifically refers to soybean tofu.

Summer on the tip of your tongue

Summer on the tip of your tongue

The summer on the tip of the tongue is the right choice for healthy ingredients. The hot summer heat often makes people feel irritable, so many people think that summer is the longest season. In fact, choosing the right ingredients can easily and healthily spend the summer.

Bitter Gourd-Qingxin lowering fire in the hot summer, the human’s gastrointestinal function weakens, digestive juice secretion decreases, often appetite is not open, and appetite is reduced.

As one of the “five flavors”, “bitterness” can stimulate appetite.

In summer, the principle of diet of traditional Chinese medicine is “spring and summer nourishing yang.” Yang yang focuses on nourishing the heart and conforming to the physiological characteristics of nourishing the heart at the turn of the spring and summer. Bitter gourd is the leader in clearing the heart and reducing fire.

Choosing TIPS: Experienced housewives will treat the fruit tumor of bitter gourd as a characteristic to judge the quality of bitter gourd.

The larger the particle, the fuller it means, the thicker the flesh; the smaller the particle, the thinner the flesh.

In addition to picking bitter gourds, the fruits must be upright, and they must be white and beautiful, because if the bitter gourds are yellow, it means that they are overripe, the flesh is not soft enough and crisp, and the bitter gourds should lose their proper taste.

Pumpkin-Buzhong Yiqi Pumpkin has the functions of tonifying qi and invigorating qi, laxative and laxative. It contains protein, amino acid and other nutrients, and is also rich in carotene, which can improve vision, improve blood sugar, strengthen heart and kidney qi.

Tips for picking: The “older” a pumpkin is, the less water it contains. Such pumpkins have fewer tendons, and they have a sandy texture. The food is steamed, boiled, fried, or staple food.Desserts or soups and porridges are particularly good in taste; in addition, after too much sunlight, the sweetness of pumpkins will become very high and of course the nutrition will be better.

Winter melon-fat-reducing diet The B vitamins contained in winter melon can accelerate the conversion of sugars and starches into heat energy, thereby reducing trace amounts in the body and helping to lose weight.

Eating winter melon often in spring and summer is very beneficial to human health, especially for people who are overweight.

Tips for selection: Good winter melon should be symmetrical in shape, without spots, thick in flesh, and less mellow.

Orient it for a moment. The heavy portion is full of water, and the meat is thin. It is a good winter melon. The light portion has loose meat, insufficient water, and impurities.

Cucumber-Shengjinzhike Cucumber has the effects of clearing heat and dampness, detoxifying and swelling, and promoting the effects of shengjin and thirst, and can help treat body heat and thirst, sore throat, wind-heat eye disease, damp-heat jaundice, and unfavorable urination.

Tips for selection: Usually, the thorny, frosted melon is a freshly picked fresh melon; the melon is fresh green, and the vertical melon is a tender melon.

The melons with straight, uniform thickness are good in quality; the melons with large belly, pointed tips, and narrow necks are malformed or aged due to aging; yellow or nearly yellow melons are melons.

Melon strips and melons are wilted after being picked and stored for a long time.

Mung Bean-Clearing Heat and Detoxifying Mung Bean has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic and dehumidifying. It is very suitable for edible when symptoms such as damp and hot stagnation, dry mouth and thirst, redness in the urine, constipation, swelling and pain in the eyes appear in summer.

But it should be reminded that mung bean cold, easy to damage the gas, chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis and spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more.

Selection Tips: When selecting mung beans, be sure to choose mung beans that are free of mold, worms, and spoilage. Fresh mung beans should be bright green, and old mung beans will turn yellow.

Lemon-Whitening Ingredients Lemon is one of the most medicinal fruits in the world. Its vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high sodium and low potassium are very beneficial to the human body.

The first is a natural beauty product that can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation and has a whitening effect.

Picking tips: When buying lemons, the player must feel firm and firm, the skin looks tight and bright, and the weight is enough. This well-developed fruit will only be aromatic and juicy but not acidic.

Lily flower-clearing heat and relieving worry Lily flower can nourish qi and nourish blood, remove heat and dampness, relieve sorrow and anger, and also contains protein, carotene, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Picking Tips: Avoid buying yellow cannabis with attractive colors. These are widely soaked with sulfur, have a pungent sulfur smell, and have a sour taste, so they are not suitable for purchase.

Morchella-low-fat ingredients reduce appetite in summer, everyone likes to eat vegetables and fruits more than meat, but is n’t the dining table without amaranth more unscrupulous?

To solve this tangled problem, we can eat morel.

Morel is considered to be the most meat-like one among the fungi, and the advantage is that it is a low-fat food ingredient, it will not get tired of eating too much, and it will not grow meat.

Selection tips: The mushroom body is dry, complete, and has a strong fragrance.

Zhu Sheng-The refreshing “scraping” summer clothing is gradually reduced, and weight loss measures have been listed as the top priority by all sisters. The “scraping” effect of Zhu Sheng has naturally become a hot summer ingredient.

Zhu Sheng, also known as bamboo cricket, is a precious fungus that is parasitic on the roots of dead bamboo. It was once a “tribal tribute” and has appeared as a national banquet in modern times.

Its taste is crisp, tender and refreshing, with high nutritional value. It is mixed with glial fiber to relieve tiredness and help digestion, reducing the accumulation of abdominal wall stool, which is commonly known as “scraping oil”.

“Chinese Pharmacopoeia” records that Zhu Sheng has a variety of functions such as benefiting stomach and clearing intestines, anti-aging and anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and weight loss.

Picking Tips: When buying, you should choose a thick flesh with a yellowish color. This bamboo Sheng is naturally baked, naturally mellow and sweet.

The color that is too white may be the poor quality bamboo Sheng smoked with sulfur, which smells pungent and has a sour taste.


Eight New Year’s Diseases First Aid Methods After the Holiday (2)

Eight “New Year’s Diseases” First Aid Methods After the Holiday (2)

[Introduction]The warmth of the festive season has not disappeared. Do you feel the loss of some cheering laughter, the loss and emptiness of the family and friends, and the intestines and stomachs that have been forced to “execute” many times?

  Common disease five: Acute pancreatitis. Modern people’s diets are usually heavy, aunts, high protein content, and the Spring Festival is the biggest holiday of the year. Overly greasy food is placed on the table, and alcohol on plasmaIrritation can cause starch edema, which can cause acute diabetes.

Acute pancreatitis, which is very dangerous, can be described as the most typical “festival disease”.

  Main symptoms: Upper abdominal or left upper abdominal pain occurs within one to two hours after a meal, and it radiates to the left waist. At the same time, it has fever, nausea, vomiting, and shock symptoms such as small pulse rate and decreased blood pressure.

  Response measures: due to the acute onset of acute pneumonia, the disease is dangerous, and death can be caused in severe cases. Therefore, you must go to the hospital for treatment after the above symptoms occur.

  Common disease six: Acute cholecystitis due to eating and drinking or drinking a lot of alcohol during the festival, or the diet is too greasy, may also cause excessive bile secretion, which induces acute cholecystitis, or acute gallstone disease.

  Main symptoms: Acute cholecystitis manifests as pain in the right upper abdomen and radiates to the right lower back, accompanied by fever and vomiting.

  Response measures: If the condition is more serious, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

  Common disease seven: Peptic ulcer perforation If you have an old history of peptic ulcer and overeating during the Spring Festival, it will easily cause ulcer perforation.

  Main symptoms: sudden onset of severe abdominal pain, abdominal muscle tension, obvious tenderness, rebound pain, and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and some people may also experience shock symptoms.

  Response: You should go to the hospital in time for treatment, if necessary, surgical treatment is needed.

  Common disease eight: Cats and dogs bite Now many families like to keep cats, dogs and other pets. When the Chinese New Year is crowded, pets are vulnerable.

Therefore, cats, dogs, and bites may be used when visiting pets’ relatives and friends.

  Main symptoms: Generally speaking, children are most likely to be bitten by cats and dogs. The place where they are usually bitten is the face.

  Response measures: After being caught by a pet, after biting, immediately wash the wound with a lot of soap and water to reduce the invasion of the virus as much as possible.

Regardless of being caught or bitten by a cat or dog, rabies vaccination must be given as soon as possible, not more than 24 hours.