Toddler focused training classic games

Toddler focused training classic games

Attention always happens at the same time as feeling, perception, memory, imagination, and thinking.

If a person does not have a good quality of attention, it will directly affect his feelings, perception, memory, imagination and thinking ability development will also affect his efficiency of doing things. Many children have difficulty learning after school because they notice that they have not developed well.

So the famous educator Ushenski said: “Attention is the door to learning.

Therefore, training children’s attention is an important responsibility of teachers and parents.

Now we mainly introduce parent-child games in two age groups (1-2 years old, 2-3 years old).

  Early childhood (1-2 years old) development overview: From climbing stairs or furniture to walking independently, babies at the time could play football, trot, or even jump on two feet; they could knock, push, step on objects, and then stack objects; from trying to themselvesAfter eating, I will use a cup to pour water without spilling, and I like to take a bath myself; I will turn the pages to read a book, read the picture in the book for a few seconds, and then distinguish two or more objects; first put different things together,In order to discover new features, I can draw objects and animals in the future, have color differences, and notice the differences between objects. I also like to write my own stories.

  Recommended games: 1.

Wearing a hat This is a matching game. Parents put the bottles and caps of various empty plastic bottles in the home into two piles, let the baby pair them, and “wear a suitable hat” on the bottles.

The size of the bottle cap should be clearly distinguished, so that the baby can pay more attention to the observation in the hands-on operation, while also training the muscles of the little hand.

Of course, if the child is too difficult to screw, we can ask the child to fasten the shell first.

  2 Cooperating painter can cooperate with baby to carry out “art creation”.

Parents draw a single line with dark thick strokes, leaving some simple straight lines with light thick strokes, let the baby draw with dark thick strokes on light lines, and cooperate to complete an outline.

After the baby has mastered it, he can replace the description with the copywriting, starting with simple line drawings such as horizontal lines and vertical lines, gradually increasing the difficulty.

  Early childhood (2-3 years old) development overview: can ride a baby stroller and unscrew or screw the case freely. Can remember the position of objects in the room. Vocabulary reaches more than 200. Can say sentences containing several words. Emotional is easy.Change, there will be a “friend” (source of security) with the concepts of “near” and “after meals”, will solve the problem, there will be concepts of numbers, will be classified, can basically follow the requirements of adults, do pictures, self-answer questions, recommend games:1.

Spreading a whisper 2-year-old children are particularly fascinated by whispers, and they will be proud when they can speak whispers themselves.

Whispering can effectively help your baby to concentrate, and at the same time help the baby learn to adjust the tone.

  The specific methods are flexible and diverse. For some, we whisper to the child a word: there are watermelons and apples in the refrigerator, and no drinks.

Then ask the child to tell other family members in the form of a private message, and then check the accuracy rate afterwards, and change the content and length of the private message according to the results, gradually increasing the difficulty of the game from easy to difficult.

  2 access game preparation: number cards.

During the game, the parents showed a number card of 1-10, and the children redirected the numbers one by one after watching.

First understand the division of numbers and deepen their impressions.

Then make a request, the parents say a few numbers, the child then counts down as many as the parents, for example: the number of parents 1, 2, 3, the number of children 4, 5, 6; the number of parents 6, 7, the child continuesNumbers 8 and 9.

After the child can play, the child can count first, and the parent can pick it up.

  It should be noted that readers and friends should not be fooled by the games I recommend. Many games, such as jigsaw puzzles, find differences, are better than length, etc. I hope everyone can use their talents to create more fun and more beneficial games.

Seven health foods women must eat in spring

Seven health foods women must eat in spring

The weather is getting warmer, and spring has already taken us a step. Many beautiful women are starting to move, detoxification, weight loss, and beauty are naturally inseparable topics.

Of course, women are those who please themselves, who doesn’t want to make themselves more beautiful!

Today we recommend multiple healthy foods for all female friends.

  1. Red rice Red rice is rich in starch and plant protein, which can replenish physical strength and maintain normal body temperature.

It has many nutrients, among which iron is the most abundant, so it has the effect of nourishing blood and preventing anemia.

  It is rich in phosphorus, vitamins A and B groups, which can improve malnutrition, night blindness and beriberi, etc .; and can effectively relieve symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy and insomnia.

The contained pantothenic acid, vitamin E, glutathione, and other substances have the effect of inhibiting carcinogens, especially the effect of preventing colon cancer.

  2. Carrots Carrots have the following three major effects on women: “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Lai Fei Gen Li pee and stool”, “manufacture poison”.

Modern science shows that carrots are rich in cellulose, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and other substances that can promote gastrointestinal motility, leading to the discharge of waste in the body, which has a good effect on constipation and acne.

  3. The nutritional value of edible fungi: high protein, no cholesterol, no starch, low feces, low sugar, more fiber intake, more amino acids, more vitamins, more minerals.

Edible mushrooms concentrate all the good characteristics of foods, and their nutritional value reaches the peak of plant-based foods. They are called God foods and longevity foods.

  4. Tomato According to the nutritionist’s research, each person consumes 50-100 grams of fresh tomatoes per day, which can meet the human body’s needs for several vitamins and minerals.

The “tomatine” of tomato sauce has the effect of inhibiting bacteria; it contains malic acid, citric acid and sugars to help digestion.

  5, broccoli Broccoli can be seen in our much larger anti-aging recipes, it is a very useful anti-aging food for women.

Because it contains antioxidants, it slows down free radicals in women and thus delays aging.

  6. Soybeans Soybeans are really inexpensive. For women, the isoflavones it contains can produce similar effects to estrogen hormones, reduce cholesterol in the blood, protect the heart, and prevent osteoporosis in breast cancer.

  7, Oranges in many fruit categories, acidic fruits contain more multi-vitamin C, nowadays nutrition has consistently promoted vitamin C as one of the antioxidants.

Its three major functions: inhibit free radicals from destroying cells and reduce exacerbations; avoid the conversion of preservatives of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite into carcinogenic nitrosamines.

It has great protective effect on patients with cancer, especially gastric and esophageal cancer; inhibits the oxidation of gangrene and protects it well to maintain blood vessel and heart health.

The noise that should not appear in the body is a red light for health

The “noise” that should not appear in the body is a red light for health

Introduction: Listen carefully, you can hear your own even breathing, rhythmic heartbeat, bowel sounds every few minutes . these sounds from the body are just the manifestation of your vitality.
In addition, the human body also has some “noise” that should not be present, and their appearance often lights up “red lights” for health.
These “noises” originating from the ears, nose, throat, teeth, and other organs may initially be the body’s response to protect itself, but exceeding the physiological limit becomes a manifestation of the disease.
Let’s take a look at several human “noises” that are often heard.
The joints and joints are restricted by fascia, ligaments, muscles and other tissues. There is a fluid in the joint cavity that acts as a lubricant, and there is gas dissolved in it.
When the joint is moved, these gases are squeezed out of the liquid, making a sound.
When the joint flexes and stretches too much, there will often be a “pop” sound of the joint, which generally does not affect health.
However, if the joints often bounce, accompanied by pain and movement disorders, it should be noted that it may be bone and joint diseases such as tenosynovitis, bursitis, and meniscus injury.
Snoring is between the chest and abdomen, and there is a thick muscular membrane like a hat, which is the diaphragm.
When stimulated by cold, full meals, eating too fast, and eating hard and dry food, the diaphragm will show paroxysmal and spastic contractions, and people will “err” keep on.
Short-term snoring is also a body protection reaction, but if it appears continuously or is stubborn, it may indicate diseases such as cholecystitis and peptic ulcer.
In addition, snoring is often caused by bad mental states such as tension and anger.
There is a tip to tell if snoring is an organic disease, that is, snoring can be relieved within 24 hours, and it will stop automatically after falling asleep, most of which are not caused by the disease, and more than 24 hours are still snoring, and falling asleep does not stopMost people are plagued by disease.
Apnea often occurs during snoring and sleep, which will cause the oxygen content in the blood to be significantly reduced, leaving the body in a state of hypoxia, which not only affects the quality of sleep, but also causes cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and endocrine system diseases.
Don’t be nervous if you only snore occasionally.
But the snoring sounds are uneven, and there are dry mouth in the morning, tiredness during the day, lethargy, drowsiness, unresponsiveness, inattention, memory loss, etc., which may be obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.
Obese people, men, pregnant women, etc. are all high-risk people.
If the snorer wakes up with dry mouth, dizziness, headache, daytime drowsiness, drowsiness, or even falling asleep while working or driving, as well as memory loss, inattention, and unresponsiveness, it is best to go to the hospital.
Molars creak when they sleep, the muscles in the back are tense and sore, and they are accompanied by headaches. If you have this symptom, you are likely to have bruxism.
There are many reasons for molars. Sleeping in the lateral or prone position, and abnormal tooth occlusion can cause people to involuntarily grind their teeth. Molars may also be a manifestation of gastrointestinal disorders, intestinal parasites, and hyperuricemia.
In addition, the oral cavity is the first excited part of the human body. When people are stressed and their mental stress increases, they may also bruise their teeth.
Don’t look at the problem of molars, long-term molars will cause extensive loss of teeth and periodontal tissues, which may not only cause periodontal disease, but also lead to aging face and affect aesthetics.
If you often grind your teeth, you can use a towel to compress your upper and lower jaws before bedtime to relax and engage your muscles. Try to relax yourself as much as possible. Do some gymnastics, hot water baths, and listen to light music.
Tinnitus covers your ears with your hands, and you will feel the ears buzzing. This is because the outside noise is blocked, and you hear the sound of blood flow around the ears.
A quiet environment can amplify our hearing, but if you can usually hear “head tweets”, ringing, whistle, wave, cicada, etc. appear in your ears, and there is no corresponding sound source in the surrounding environment,Be careful.
Noise is the most common cause of tinnitus.
When noise of a certain frequency damages the peripheral nerve cells, tinnitus of the corresponding frequency will be produced.
In fact, noise exceeding the safety noise standard (80-90 dBA sound level) may cause tinnitus and deafness.
Drug abuse is also an important factor. Studies have found that many commonly used drugs, including propranolol, verapamil, and ibuprofen, can cause tinnitus.
In addition, common chronic diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes can also cause disturbances in the microcirculation, leading to tinnitus.
Once the nerve ending cells are damaged, it is difficult to recover as before, but the symptoms can be alleviated through treatments such as nutritional nerve drugs.
People who already have tinnitus should avoid alcohol, smoking, staying up late and other bad habits.