Ten taboos for healthy sleep

Ten taboos for healthy sleep

According to relevant data, people need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day.
Getting enough sleep is very important for a person’s health.
In addition, experts suggest that you should pay special attention to some taboos during sleep preparation, posture and habits: 习惯 1.
Avoid eating before going to bed: After the person enters the sleep state, the rhythm of some body activities slows down and enters a state of rest.
  If you eat before going to bed, your stomach, etc. will be busy again, which will increase their burden, and other parts of the body will not be able to get a good rest, which will not only affect sleep, but also damage your health.
Avoid talking before going to bed: Because talking too much can easily stimulate the brain and active thinking, which makes it difficult for people to fall asleep.
Avoid using your brain excessively before bedtime: 如有 If you have work and study habits in the evening, you should finish the more inconvenient before going to bed, and do something more relaxed before going to bed to relax your brain, so that it is easy to fall asleep.
Otherwise, the brain is in an excited state, and it is difficult to fall asleep even when lying in bed.
Avoid emotional excitement before going to bed: The sorrowful moods and sorrows of people are easy to cause excitement or disorder of the nerve center, making it difficult for people to fall asleep, and even causing insomnia.
Therefore, before going to bed, try to avoid being overjoyed or angry or anxious to make your mood stable.
Avoid drinking strong tea and coffee before bedtime: strong tea, coffee is a stimulant drink, contains caffeine and other substances that can make people feel excited, drinking it before going to bed can cause difficulty falling asleep.
Avoid sleeping with your mouth open: If you fall asleep with your mouth open, viruses and bacteria in the air can easily invade, causing “illness to enter through your mouth,” and also susceptible to the lungs and stomach being stimulated by cold air and dust, causing disease.
Don’t cover your head and sleep: The elderly are generally afraid of cold, so some elderly people like to cover their heads and sleep.
In this way, due to a large amount of inhaled carbon dioxide exhaled, and lack of necessary oxygen supplement, it is extremely harmful to the body.
Avoid sleeping on the back: The dormant posture is best to lie down to the right, so that the whole body’s bones and muscles are naturally relaxed, easy to fall asleep, and easy to eliminate fatigue.
Lying on your back makes the whole body’s bones and muscles still in a state of tension, which is not conducive to eliminating fatigue, but also easily causes nightmares due to putting your hands on your chest and affecting sleep quality.
Don’t sleep with the eyes against the light: when the person is asleep, although the eyes are closed, they still feel bright.
Sleeping in front of the light can easily disturb your heart, make it difficult to fall asleep, and wake up easily even if you fall asleep.
Avoid sleeping while in the wind: Keep the air flowing in the room, but don’t let the wind blow directly on the body.
Because when people fall asleep, their body’s ability to adapt to the external environment decreases. If they sleep in the wind for a long time, cold air will invade the body and cause diseases such as cold and cold.

Share Hot Mom Zhao Wei’s Maintenance Plan


Share Hot Mom Zhao Wei’s Maintenance Plan

Guide: Zhao Wei, who has been promoted to mother, is still attractive. What is the hot plan for hot mom Zhao Wei?

Zhao Wei believes that in addition to the congenital skin, the more important thing is the maintenance.

Let’s share the hot mom Zhao Wei’s maintenance plan together.

   1. Do n’t despise daily skin care. “Basically, my skin care process is the same as everyone else. Persevering cleaning work, and then use lotion. I think moisturizing is very important, so I pay more attention to this and often use a mask.

“2. The key to effective skin moisturization” “How to achieve effective moisturization thoroughly. In addition to the appearance of the product, I pay more attention to the reduced resistance of the product function, and can reabsorb the nutrients in the ground products.
I really like using lotion with the effect of beauty liquid, which makes people feel moisturized during skin care.

“3. Natural makeup delights the mood.” Simplifying complexity is a wisdom of life. This sentence also applies to makeup.

I want to abandon the trivial steps and strong color is the best makeup, because naturally it will make me easier, but also keep me happy!

“4, body skin will also age”, in addition to facial care, I will also pay attention to the maintenance of body skin.

Using firming or moisturizing body lotion after bathing every day can enhance the skin’s elasticity. With exercise, the body’s skin will not increase, which is firm and elastic.

“5. Mixed vegetables and fruits are good for health.” In my opinion, the beauty and nourishment are indispensable for fruits and vegetables.

Girls want to maintain a good figure and delicate skin, they must insist on eating fruits and vegetables, so my breakfast is a fruit meal, as long as it is fruit, all intake.

Usually, all other edible vegetables in the home are put together for juicing, not just cucumbers, tomatoes and the like. Mixing all the green vegetables and fruits together can make the skin look softer and more delicate.

Message from the editor: Who wants to have crystal clear skin?

If you want to be as beautiful as hot mom Zhao Wei, hurry up and learn how to care for Zhao Wei.

Learning to wash your face also helps your skin look smoother

Learning to wash your face also helps your skin look smoother

Beauty is not about comparing yourself to others, but to compare yourself with yesterday’s.

I know if Kung Fu is in place.

Here to talk to you about the knowledge of washing your face.

  First of all, the most important preparation before washing your face is to wash your hands before washing your face.

I put the hand sanitizer next to the cleansing milk. I wash my hands with hand sanitizer or soap (sometimes on business trips) every time. I rub my hands (the back of my hands and hands) for 30 seconds, and then I rinse my hands with running water.Steps to wash your face.

Some MMs may not like the sticky appearance of the hand sanitizer, and it is not easy to control the amount of each time you press it. For me, I add water to wash the hand sanitizer. This is much better.Just right.

If your hands don’t foam, if the foam is too dirty, rinse it off and wash it again.

And why not use soap?

The soap is alkaline, and the delicate hand skin is free of oil. You ca n’t make your hands rough to wash your face!

If you don’t like hand sanitizer, consider using soap!

  Second, the facial cleanser should be fully foamed, the massage intensity should be small, and the key parts should be avoided.

  Because I have oily skin, I usually use a foaming facial cleanser. Some kind of VICHY Izumi Cleansing Cleansing Curry is a cleansing foam cleansing oil.

After kneading the foam, start from the forehead, from top to bottom, no matter where you press it, do not use it more than thirty times, and do not use excessive force (excessive force to the long cuticle).

The forehead is a circle with both hands separately, and the cheeks are also circled. The T-shaped area should pay attention to the sides of the nose (upper and lower) from the nose to the tip of the nose;Start, circle and add up and down; eyebrows and the end of the eye (circle).

The T-shaped area is very acne-prone, but cannot be rubbed hard because of acne-prone acne.

Keep in mind that the faces are not clothes, and the harder and cleaner they are, in order to resist foreign aggression, they will change from weak to hard and grow thick cuticles!

  Third, there is no absolute number of face washing times!

  If a person drinks water, knows how to warm and cold, and believes in self-feeling.

Believe in beauty experts, ask yourself, are you comfortable?

Do you find the expert’s method effective?

After countless experiments, I will tell you a few personal habits that are very effective: 1. On weekdays, twice a day in the morning and evening, once in the severe winter, and three times in the summer, do not wash your face too often, otherwise you wash the oil and squeezeDry the poor water in the skin (that’s the precious water that you can’t make up even if you drink it).

In the severe winter where the eyebrows are so cold, the most wanted thing to do is go to bed after dinner, what if I do n’t want to wash my face?

It is limited to the preset outdoor time of the day and you can leave it alone.

It ‘s not just plants that grow slowly in winter, but so are animals. Is n’t your skin an animal?

  When the summer is the hottest, I’m sweating without doing anything. Some MMs even have oil on my face. What should I do?

Wash it again at noon, but remember: do not use any facial cleanser, just use warm water, warm water, cold water, feel good, repeat hot and cold several times.

Then it was refreshing and clean, refreshingly into the afternoon.

  2. I have been away for a long time, and my body feels gray. Washing oily skin twice is more like acne. In fact, some acne is not acne.

Wash your face without washing it, it will grow, and eating too much irritating things will also grow.

What to eat is a matter of personal willpower. Wash your face?

Experts say that washing your face too much will dry your face, but your face is n’t washed clean?

My experience is that if you stay in the cellulose for more than two hours, you will wash it twice at home. If it is winter, you will use a foaming facial cleanser and an emulsion facial cleanser.

I use a foaming facial cleanser twice in summer.

  3. In the spring and autumn seasons, apply a milder facial cleanser in the morning, and use a cleansing foamed facial cleanser at night. The wind is strong in spring and the air is dry. The most important thing to worry about is moisturizing, especially for oily skin MMsIf you want to remove oil, you need to replenish and rehydrate, moisturize and keep warm!

Regardless of using some form of skin care products, as the first step in beauty, you must pay attention to washing your face. The water on your shoulders is so poor that it is not wise to desperately clean it.

My personal feeling is that after a sleep, the water and oil distribution in the body is balanced, and the morning cleaning work is actually to clean up the dead skin cells produced by the overnight metabolism. After a day of work, dust contaminates all kinds ofClean things (like touching your face with your hands) are the objects that require strong cleaning.

  Fourth, use warm water for cleansing, cold water after washing, alternating hot and cold, and exercise for the face. The beauty said that her beauty secret is to wash her face with cold water every day, so the pores are more detailed and the skin is better.

However, I personally feel that if I use cold water, regardless of the “ice” water that can get winter indefinitely (you must know that Hong Kong can be near the equator, but how many areas of the mainland are near the equator), and even in summer, using cold water reallyIs it possible?  Everyone has washed the dishes. Is the oil on the dishes clean only with cold water?

  The basic cause of acne is because dirty things (dust or oil or dead cells) have not been cleaned up in time and blocked the pores. Then, how do I clean up the dirty things in the pores?

Of course, use warm water to open the pores, massage with a cleansing milk or cleansing milk, let them take away the dirty things, then rinse with water, and then use cold water to condense the pores.

Human skin is not a dish, it is a living being, so stick to warm water, cold water and warm water many times. The final result can be imagined without me saying.

  Cold water must be used for the last pass, and cold water must be used again.

The purpose of cold water is to condense pores, exercise pore contraction, and maintain good elasticity. The second is to soothe the mind. Regardless of whether the person is awake, I feel refreshed and clean.Cold water is the same as the indoor water, that is, the water directly discharged from the faucet, especially in winter, after you wash your face with cold water, you will have better adaptability when going out, and feel less cold.

  Fifth, warm water is not hot water. The biggest difference between warm water and hot water is that warm water is a temperature that does not strain the face cells after contact. Hot water is a temperature that makes the face cells feel warmer. We originally wanted to clean.Only warm water is used on the face. Don’t forget that we don’t do sauna for facial skin.

The most direct result of using hot water is enlarged pores.

Think of the clothes you washed in hot water, especially those with elasticity. If you use hot and hot water for fear of coldness, and you want to be warm at that moment, not only will you feel cold when you go out, your face will probably soonLoss of moisture, loss of elasticity . I dare not imagine . Sixth, try to use flowing water. Some MMs may not have hot water at home. They can only use the basin to pour the boiling water of the thermos, and then mix the cold water to bring the water temperature to a temperature that can wash your faceOf course, this is okay, but pay attention to keeping the basin clean. When washing the face wash, be sure to wash your hands with water, and then rinse your face with a spoon of water from the basin.

After washing the cleansing milk, turn on the faucet (to save energy, we must not open the faucet too much, it is not necessary), and use both hands as a bowl to receive water to flush the face.

  Seventh, use water, no hands, no towels, except for facial cleansers. You must press your hands on the sides. Think of your face as precious porcelain thin as cicadas. The action must be gentle!

The facial cleanser is massaged (as if pressed on the bomb, gentle and gentle again), no matter using warm water to clean and exercise with cold water, remember to use your hand to scoop up the water, do n’t press it with your hands to press it.The facial cleanser you use assumes the role of cleaning, if not, replace it.

If you’re afraid of getting dirty, punch a few more times.

Don’t wet the bladder with a towel!

Your face is precious!

Is non-renewable!

Injury and irritation will directly make you look!

  Eighth, wipe my face with a dry towel. I used cotton towels for a long time. I have abandoned the habit of wet towels and washing my face with towels. I only use my hands and water to clean my face.The cotton towel is gently pressed on the wooden board, so that the hairs on the towel can actively absorb the water from the plaster.

  In this case, you may ask, the moisture at both ends is not fully absorbed!

So, what do you want to do?

If the skin can absorb the remaining water, you should applaud. How much CC water do you drink to replenish your face?

Is it bad to let the cells take away some water while the cells shrink their pores?

As long as it is not poisonous water (usually city water or mountain springs and rivers have active ingredients), what are they even afraid of containing some harmful substances?

Your skin is not a flower in a greenhouse. You have to show your face to the ultraviolet light from second-hand smoke vehicles . Is it a good idea to give cells early anti-toxicity?

  Ninth, towel towel 1. The towel must be washed completely once a week, filled with soap, treated as if it had not been washed for several years, rubbed vigorously, and then rinsed with water.

  2. If possible, it is best to cook it after washing.

Take a special clean washbasin or pot and cook it on the stove like a rib.

Boil for a few three or five minutes.

  3. Dry the towel.

The ultraviolet rays of sunlight are germicidal. Needless to say.

  4. Change the surface frequently when using. According to the convenience of use, there should be four sides of the towel when it is not reused.

  5. Wipe your face and feet. Personal hygiene. Bathe your hair. If there are conditions, all towels are separated according to purpose!