Mortgage loans increase by hundreds of billions of corporate debt every year

“Mortgage loans” increase by hundreds of billions of corporate debt every year
February was a critical period for epidemic prevention and control. Delays in home isolation and resumption of work reduced personal consumption and corporate financing requirements.According to the February financial market data released on March 11, social financing increased by US $ 855.4 billion and RMB loans increased by US $ 905.7 billion, both of which dropped significantly from January, but the alternating growth rates of the two were relatively stable, at 10 respectively.7%, 12.1%.There are also some bright spots in the data. During the epidemic, financial loans to real enterprises increased incrementally, as shown by the increase in unit short-term loans in February of US $ 654.9 billion, and an increase of US $ 506.9 billion.  In terms of indicators that reflect the money supply, the transition to the overall guarantee of liquidity after the opening of the financial market in February caused the growth of the broad money (M2) to 8 in February.8%; the production and operation momentum of the merged enterprises gradually recovered, and the annual growth rate of the narrow currency (M1) in February also increased from the rare growth rate of 0 in January to 4.8%.  Ample liquidity, M2 increased by 8 in ten years.8% from the indicator reflecting the money supply, the end of February, M2 balance 203.08 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 8.8%, the growth rate is 0 higher than the end of January and the same period of last year.4 and 0.8 digits; M1 has a surplus of 55.27 trillion, an annual increase of 4.8%; balance of currency in circulation (M0) 8.82 trillion, an increase of 10 in ten years.9%.The Air Force is affected by the superimposed factors of the Spring Festival and the epidemic situation. In January, the M1 growth rate was rarely 0.  Wen Bin, chief official of China Minsheng Bank, said that this year, the implementation of RRR cuts, increased open market operations, and lowered policy interest rates to maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity.Public information shows that two days before the opening of the financial market in early February, it gradually started through short-term reverse repurchase operations1.7 trillion of funds, and then invested in medium and long-term funds through MLF (medium-term loan facility).  A person close to the regulator said that the M0 growth rate significantly increased to 10.9% is related to the fact that cash remains in residents after the Spring Festival and has not been deposited in banks.M1 grows by 4 every year.8%, an obvious rebound at the end of January earlier, in which the growth rate of corporate demand deposits was 3.6%, 8 higher than the end of January.The three single, mainly accompanied by the development of the epidemic, the financial system has increased support for the real economy, the company’s production and operation motivation has increased, and the demand deposits prepared have also increased accordingly.  Changwei Securities macro analyst Zhao Wei believes that the impact of the epidemic on the macro economy may be concentrated in the first quarter; from the second quarter, with the gradual recovery of economic activity, the economy may appear to have a recovery rebound.At first glance, the pressure of a broad fiscal balance will still suppress the space for economic recovery.It is expected that the annual economic performance will be “inverted V” trend.A person in charge of the asset management department of the brokerage believed that the impact of the epidemic should be digested in the first half of the year, and the economy gradually returned to the right track in the second half of the year.  The increase in social finance has previously decreased by 111.1 billion. According to additional data, preliminary statistics show that the stock of social financing scale at the end of February was 257.18 trillion, an increase of 10 in ten years.7%.In February, the scale of social financing increased by US $ 855.4 billion, which was US $ 111.1 billion less than the same period last year.  ”This increase is lower than in February, where the Spring Festival was last year, indicating that the epidemic has affected residents’ consumption and physical financing needs, and the counter-cyclical adjustment policy is also necessary to increase efforts.”A broker from the asset management department told the sauna, Yewang.  Specifically, the multi-item merger of social financing dragged down. In January, it supported government bond financing with a large increase in social financing. In February, net financing was 182.4 billion US dollars, which was less than 252.3 billion US dollars per year.”Non-standard” three asset financing also continued to increase, of which entrusted debt decreased by 35.6 billion US dollars, a reduction of 15.2 billion US dollars per year; trust debt decreased by 54 billion US dollars, an additional reduction of 50.3 billion US dollars; undiscounted bank acceptance bills decreased by 3961Billion, a reduction of 85.8 billion a year.  A brokerage macro analyst told reporters that due to the epidemic, the demand for trust, infrastructure, real estate and other industries or fields has decreased. Many of them were stagnant in February. After the government issued more than 700 billion yuan of government bonds in January, the remainingThere are not many, so the overall increase in social financing has dropped sharply.But she also said that from January to February, the data performance is not bad.  The cost of bond financing has fallen, and corporate debt has accelerated. Some people close to supervision said that the growth rate of corporate bond and stock financing has increased significantly.The growth rates of corporate bond financing and stock financing were 14.5% and 5.9%, 0 higher than the end of last year.7 and 0.9 averages.During the epidemic, the financial system optimized the work process, improved the efficiency of the issuance, and provided funds for the company through bonds and stocks. At the same time, the cash was used to pay for the issuance of the epidemic prevention and control debt, which reduced the financing cost of the enterprise and provided funds for the subsequent resumption of productionready.  A prominent example is that housing companies have issued debt financing, and the scale of financing has been further expanded.Wind data shows that on January 2, 2020, domestic housing enterprise bond financing was 248.4 billion, an increase of 36%.  This is related to policy support.The highest in recent times, the Securities Regulatory Commission and other departments have repeatedly expressed their support for private enterprise bond financing.On February 24, Peng Lifeng, deputy director of the long-term financial market department, said at the press conference of the State Council of China that the transition exceeded the expected issuance liquidity, the bond market liquidity was relatively ample, and the cost of bond financing fell.  ”Now looking at the one-year and three-year AAA medium-term note yields are 2, respectively.75% and 3.05%, which is about 30 basis points lower than before the Spring Festival. The decline in bond financing costs will help companies continue their debts.In addition, green channels have been established for the debt issuance expansion of the affected financial institutions and enterprises, so the improvement of issuance efficiency is also conducive to alleviating the pressure of corporate refinancing.”Peng Lifeng said.  For the relief of enterprises, the increase of unit loans extended by nearly 300 billion yuan is the increase in the growth rate of corporate debt financing. The increase in corporate loans is also a bright spot in the two-month financial data.  The data shows that the RMB loan balance at the end of February was 157.36 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 12.1%, which was the same as that at the end of January; the month increased by 905.7 billion, and increased by 19.9 billion many times.Among them, unit loans were redistributed and increased by 1.1 trillion US dollars, an increase of more than 299.2 billion US dollars a year; of which short-term unit loans increased by 654.9 billion US dollars, an increase of 506.9 billion US dollars a year.  ”The increase in the increase in loans to physical enterprises by crime plot finance has provided the necessary liquidity support for the normal operation of the enterprise and prevented the situation of the enterprise from breaking the cash flow.”” Someone called it earlier.  Zhao Wei, a macro analyst at Cheung Kong Securities, also said that the supplementary credit was slightly higher than the same period last year, or that it mainly came from credit support for epidemic prevention and control.Since February, it has provided $ 800 billion in special re-loans each year, and then re-discounted re-loans to support epidemic prevention and control and alleviate sleepiness mechanisms, thereby increasing the growth of short-term corporate debt.With policy support, corporate short-term loans increased by 506.7 billion to 654.9 billion annually, while bill financing declined significantly.  The annual increase of “mortgage loans” by hundreds of billions of epidemics has affected the sales and consumption of commercial housing, resulting in a substantial net decrease in residential loans, with a net increase of medium- and long-term loans of USD 37.1 billion and a net decrease of short-term loans of USD 450.4 billion.  From the perspective of housing loans, household sector loans decreased by US $ 413.3 billion in February this year, of which mid- and long-term loans that reflected changes in housing loans increased by US $ 37.1 billion. In 2019, this figure increased by US $ 222.6 billion, which means that there were fewer in February this year.An increase of 185.5 billion yuan.  This, Zhang Dawei, the chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real Estate, told reporters that the decrease in February mortgage data was mainly due to the fact that banks did not open their doors and the property market shut down.According to the normal credit rhythm, the loans in February are basically second-hand houses from December to January of the previous year, or newly built commercial houses in the previous period (because most new houses will be capped for about one year, and the loans will be delayed by one.Years, and second-hand housing will lag 1-2 months).At present, the downturn in the real estate market will gradually affect the mortgage data. It is expected that the mortgage data in March will be improved from February.  This edition adopts writing / sauna, night net Cheng Weimiao

Syria asks to adjust the time to come to China, the two games before the National Football World Cup preliminaries are more problematic

Syria asks to adjust the time to come to China, the two games before the National Football World Cup preliminaries are more problematic
Whether the international can maintain its status is a big question.Data Map / Osports is affected by the epidemic. After the suspension of many domestic sports events, the men’s football team’s next World Cup journey is also uncertain.According to the latest news, the number one opponent of the national football team Syria will ask the AFC to adjust the game.According to the original schedule plan, the national football team will face Syria at home on June 9 this year. That is the final round of the top 40, and it is also a key game related to the appearance of the national football team.However, the Syrian Football Association has expressed its position and will write to the AFC in the next few days, requesting adjustments to the start time or location of the initial game.However, compared to the game that started in early June, the two games of the National Football Team against Maldives and Guam at the end of March were even more difficult.According to the schedule, the two games will be played on March 26 and 31, respectively. However, due to the uncertain development of the epidemic, it is still unknown whether the game will proceed as scheduled with only one month left.At present, many countries and regions have tightened their immigration policies. Some countries have even cancelled or reduced flights to and from mainland China, and the away trip of the national football team has become a problem.Even so, because the league is extended indefinitely, it is difficult to reach the opponents in the warm-up match. Whether the international team can maintain its status is a big problem.Under many disadvantages, the prospects of the national football team’s unclear world preliminaries are worse.It is understood that the Chinese Football Association is currently in close communication with the AFC, FIFA and multi-party football associations, and strive to minimize losses.National Football World Cup preliminary schedule March 26, 2020 China vs Maldives March 31, 2020 Guam vs China June 4, 2020 China vs Philippines June 9, 2020 China vs Syria

[Chinese medicine stewed chicken recipe]_how to do_method

[Chinese medicine stewed chicken recipe]_how to do_method

Many people like to add some cinnamon powder or tangerine peel when they stew chicken. These alternations can be their taste, and changes can make her more fragrant. In fact, chicken is a special health food. Chicken has specialHigh nutritional value, especially suitable for some people’s supplements, and you can also add some important stewed medicated meals to chicken. The following is the recipe of traditional Chinese medicine stewed chicken. If you have a serious illness or are weak, you may wish to drink more traditional Chinese medicine old chicken soup, supplement one.Tonic, nourish qi and blood.

Consistent consumption of chicken soup with Chinese medicine will definitely enhance physical function and improve physical fitness.

This article details the practice of several traditional Chinese medicine chicken soups, and everyone can learn: Chinese medicine chicken soup: Chinese yam field seven and old hen boil soup Ingredients: two hundred grams of old hen, fifty grams of yam, eight grams of field seven, two slices of ginger, threeGrams of rice wine, moderate chicken soup, chicken essence, and salt.

Production method: After the old hen is washed and cut into pieces, add boiling water, remove blood water, put it into the stew pot, then clean the yam and Tianqi, put it into the stew pot, and add ginger slices, chicken essence, and proper chicken soupWith rice wine, cover the mouth of the stew pot with edible cellophane, then wrap the seal with clean rubber bands, steam it in a steamer for two and a half hours, and finally add an appropriate amount of salt to adjust the taste.

Edible effect: This chicken soup is rich in nutrition, rich in protein, saponin, choline and other elements, which can effectively exercise and strengthen the body, stop bleeding and nourish blood, nourish qi and nourish the essence, can enhance lung function, nourish the intestines, and nourishThe effect of vitality, swelling and disperse blood stasis.

Chinese medicine chicken soup: Astragalus codonopsis, Chinese angelica, Chinese wolfberry and old hen boiled soup Ingredients: two hundred grams of old hen, 15 grams of astragalus, twelve grams of codonopsis, one piece of angelica, appropriate amount of wolfberry, two slices of ginger, six grams of rice wine, appropriate amount of water and salt.

Production method: Wash the old hen and cut into pieces, add boiling water for a while, remove the blood water, put it into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, start to burn with high fire, add ginger slices of rice wine to remove the fishy smell, and boil the water into astragalusDangshen and angelica, use low fire to slowly simmer, add wolfberry and salt when it is out of the pot.

Edible effect: Astragalus Codonopsis and Angelica Goji Berry is a good product for invigorating blood. Drinking a lot of Astragalus Codonopsis Angelica and Goji Berries Soup can nourish and nourish blood, nourish vitality, and it is especially suitable for people with both Qi and blood deficiency.

But there is one thing that everyone needs to pay attention to. Do not put too many Chinese herbs when boiling this chicken soup. The right amount is the best.

The above introduces the practice of Chinese medicine chicken soup. If there is a patient at home, stew yam field Qilao chicken soup and Astragalus codonopsis Angelica wolfberry old chicken soup, and make it available to patients in time, it will definitely help patients improve their disease resistance and recover their health soon.

[Fall and winter husbands and wives will leave their roots after touching the cold]

[Fall and winter husbands and wives will leave their roots after touching the cold]

In the cold autumn and winter seasons, the air conditioner is fully turned on everywhere. After a busy day, couples will inevitably want to replenish water after having sex in a heated room. At this time, it is likely to cause physical discomfort.Will cause the patient to be buried.

Do n’t drink cold water after an intercourse. During the intercourse, both parties will increase their body temperature and consume a lot of body energy. The whole body muscles are in a tense contracted state.

After sex, the two people are completely deformed. If a glass of cold water comes suddenly at this time, the gastric mucosa will feel uncomfortable and contract sharply, which may cause discomfort and damage the digestive system.

If you feel thirsty after sex, it is best to drink warm water or add a small amount of sugar, which can not only replenish the water lost due to sexual life, but also quickly add energy.

But pay attention to protect your teeth, brush your teeth before going to bed to remove sugar from your mouth.


Wanda Film (002739) In-depth analysis of the company: the realization of the film industry chain layout leading operation efficiency is prominent, but short-term pressured by the industry

Wanda Film (002739) In-depth analysis of the company: the realization of the film industry chain layout leading operation efficiency is prominent, but short-term pressured by the industry

Investment Highlights: The company was established in 2005 and is a leading domestic cinema company.

As of the end of 2018, Wanda Film had 5,279 screens, surpassing growth by 15.

49%, the market share for several consecutive years ranked first in the cinema and film investment company, with obvious advantages.

The company has shown high efficiency in terms of single-screen productivity, average attendance per person, attendance, and average fare.

The company has a reasonable income structure for theaters. Non-ticket revenue with a high gross profit margin accounts for a relatively high proportion, which can hedge the impact of the decline in the gross profit margin of the projection business to a certain extent.

The company acquired Wanda Film and Television to realize the layout of the entire industry chain.

The company issued 33 shares.

The additional issue price of 20 yuan per share was 3.

1.7 billion shares, a total of 105.

24 trillion transaction price to acquire Wanda Film 95.

7683% equity has realized the layout of the entire film industry chain. After the acquisition is completed, Wanda Films has achieved upstream coverage of Wanda Films, which includes main movies, TV series, games and other content; Midstream covers Wuzhou Films, where Wanda Films is a shareholderThe main film promotion and distribution business; the downstream covers domestic Wanda theaters and foreign Hoyts theaters, including broadcast channels, Wanda media and publicity for advertising, and online time ticketing and peripheral derivatives.

All additional issues were completed on May 27.

Investment rating and profit forecast: In the domestic film market, the number of box office moviegoers in 2018 was only 8 respectively.

69% and 5.

A low-speed growth rate of 92%; from the situation in January-April 2019, both the box office and the number of movie viewers cited negative growth in the same period of 2018, which also led to the company’s operating performance growth in the first quarter of 2019.
We believe that with the country’s stated goal of reaching 80,000 screens by 2020, it is difficult to correct the competition pressure between theaters in the short term, and the alternate box office growth rate has shifted, causing the single screen to gradually decline.To face relatively large pressure on business 重庆耍耍网 performance.

However, considering that the company relies on the Wanda commercial real estate project, it has the dual advantages of a small number of rental costs and operating efficiency that is significantly higher than the industry average. In addition, under the pressure of the industry, some theater funds have already withdrawn.The turning point in performance will occur around 2021.

Rated in the North American market (mainly the United States and Canada) 3.

7 times (male) / 3.

4 (female) per capita viewings, the current per capita viewings in China is only 1.

2 times, still in a difficult growth space, so long-term optimistic about the company’s growth potential in the downstream cinema business.

Without taking into account the inevitable factors of Wanda Film and Television, the company still uses the 17 before the company’s additional offering.

Based on the calculation of 6.1 billion shares, the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.



07 yuan, according to the closing price of 18 on May 28.

Calculated at 96 yuan, the corresponding PE is 25.



7 times.

If Wanda Film’s promised net profit is used as a reference for consolidation, the company’s additional issue will be used.

7.8 billion shares of equity as a base, corresponding to a fully diluted EPS of approximately 1 in 2019-2021.



52 yuan, according to the closing price of 18 on May 28.

Calculated at 96 yuan, the corresponding PE is 17 respectively.

47 times.

We are optimistic about the company as a leader of the cinema channel. Under the circumstances that the cinema industry generally suffers from overcoming operating pressures, the company has demonstrated alternative operating advantages and its operating efficiency is in the leading position in the industry.Certain upside.

At the same time, the company also realized the layout of the entire industry chain in the process of acquiring Wanda Film and Television, becoming a relatively rare company in China that can realize the link to the entire film industry.

Due to the prosperity of the industry, the company’s performance still needs to bear relatively large pressure in the short term, coupled with the company’s high existing goodwill, there are certain risks. Therefore, the company’s “overweight” rating is given for the first time under comprehensive consideration.

Risk reminder: the risk of goodwill impairment; the box office growth of the movie is lower than expected; the inefficient operation of the cinema line affects the performance

Epidemic inflection point appears full resumption force A-share market usher in a bull market?

Epidemic inflection point appears full resumption force A-share market usher in a bull market?

The “rescue” policy was introduced, and the automobile sector will reverse contradictions!

Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to the opening column of the Trading Day Financial Morning Post.

  Original title: Full resumption of labor at the inflection point of the epidemic, the jubilant A-share market ushering in a bull market?

  Source: 21st Century Business Herald On February 17, the Shanghai Composite Index closed up by 2.

28%, recovered 2984 points.

Shenwan Twenty Air Force industry has all grown, led by the defense military (+6.

35%), communication (5.

51%), electron (4.


  According to the news, yesterday, Wang Xinghuan, director of Wuhan University’s Central South Hospital and director of Lei Shenshan Hospital, said in an interview with the media: “The real turning point of the epidemic has arrived, and now (the Lei Shenshan Hospital) consumes a lot of stock.

Judging from the new situation, I have observed that the number of fevers in our own points has been declining for 5 days.

It has a slope, gradually falling, falling steadily, and has not rebounded. I am very confident.

“In general, starting from last week, several domestic first-line clinical drugs incorporating new coronary pneumonia treatments have shown efficacy to varying degrees, which may be the key to the market’s expected inflection point.

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, there are three drugs that have better inhibitory effects on new coronaviruses, and the special plasma products have significant therapeutic effects.

A 15-minute rapid test kit has been developed, which is expected to improve the efficiency of admission.

  The comprehensive resumption of labor policy issued the first week of A-share market opening. The agency is concerned about the dilemma between resumption of labor and epidemic prevention, which will bring intrusion to the implementation of the policy.

The capital market is also watching the policy direction.

On this conference call of Zhengzheng Securities (rights) antiques, some institutions put forward that under the most optimistic facts, work will resume on March 1.

  However, according to the results of the first-line research on enterprises by existing media and financial institutions, starting last week, companies have resumed work one after another.

Supplemented by the strong guidance of weekend policies, the epidemic situation is improving marginally, and market expectations for resumption of work may increase.

  In addition to the legal resumption of work on February 10, last weekend, various policies strongly guided the return to work.

The strong guidance of the policy may be related to the effectiveness of clinical drug treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

  On February 15, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council convened a video conference on the resumption of production and production of central enterprises under construction.

The meeting revealed that at present, the resumption rate of more than 20,000 major production-type subsidiaries of 96 central enterprises (excluding enterprises in the commerce, trade, finance, real estate and other categories, and construction and construction enterprises separately counted according to construction projects) has reached 81.


Construction enterprises are affected by factors such as employment, materials, transportation, etc. There is still room for improvement when resuming work and replanting. To overcome all difficulties, we must find ways to tap the potential, and we should do everything as soon as possible.

  Also on February 15, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the General Office of the Ministry of Transport jointly issued the emergency notice “Emergency Notice on Resuming Work and Resuming Production in Rapid Farming Industry to Solve the Current Practical Difficulties”.

The document clearly states that, except in cities with severe epidemics such as Wuhan, feed and livestock slaughtering and processing enterprises should be allowed to resume work, and restrictions such as review and approval should not be set.

Prioritize protection of personnel protection supplies and water, electricity, and gas supplies in related enterprises.

Priority arrangements will be made for relevant enterprises to return to work with their return journeys. The returning car charters organized by the local government will divide the scope of the green channel policy for emergency prevention and control of emergency transportation.

Establish a supply and demand scheduling mechanism for feed ingredients, increase policy corn supply, timely allocate stocks of rice, wheat and other alternative raw materials, and accelerate the start of upstream raw material production enterprises such as soybean meal.

  On February 16, the General Administration of Customs issued 10 measures to support foreign trade enterprises to speed up the resumption of production and promote the steady growth of foreign trade.

Specific measures include increasing support and alleviating business difficulties.

Simplify the process of business registration or filing. If there is a change in business registration information, except for the business name that needs to be submitted online for change, there is no application for change in other registration information, and relevant processing will be performed after the epidemic situation is over.

Timely help enterprises, especially small, medium and micro enterprises to solve problems encountered in import and export.

Guide enterprises to standardize management, reduce import and export declaration errors, and avoid procedural violations.

  Industry resumption progress is expected to be positive Starting last weekend, various brokerage industry analysts released the tracking of the industry ‘s resumption status, 苏州桑拿网 which involves transportation, automobiles, basic chemicals, liquor, food and beverage, preventive services, building materials, energy, and home appliances.Machinery and other industries.

Most industry analysts expect neutral to be positive.  Huatai Securities bond team pointed out that as of February 15, the return rate after the holiday is about 30.
At 2%, companies still face labor shortages when they resume work.
  It believes that the pace of industrial resumption varies depending on the epidemic and the nature of the industry.
The reinstatement of the epidemic prevention materials and basic security industry is early and the reinstatement rate is high. On the 11th, the reinstatement rate of masks was 94%.
On the 12th, the resumption rate of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises was 96.
8%, and the resumption rate of power generation companies is 83%.
According to the SASAC, construction enterprises are constrained by employment, materials, and transportation, and there is still room for improvement in the rate of return to work.
All localities will advance in the order of “Key projects for people’s livelihood in infrastructure construction> General people’s livelihood in resettlement housing> Real estate and other projects”.
The pace of resumption of work in different places is also quite different. On the 12th, the return rate of state-owned enterprises in Beijing and Shanghai reached 99.
7%, 80%, Zhejiang Province is 79% of the resumption rate of security enterprises.
For industrial calibers above the designated size, on the 14th, the resumption rate in Guangzhou reached 87%, while in Shenzhen it was only 30%.
  The Huachuang Securities food and beverage team believes that many companies in the industry are focusing on epidemic prevention and control, and resume work and resume production.
Judging from the feedback from mainstream companies and channels, the company level has basically resumed work this week. Liquor companies have entered the production resumption and production resumption stage. People’s livelihood essential enterprises represented by dairy products and meat products have resumed work. Some companies have resumed work during the Spring Festival.Fully guarantee production and supply.
Generally speaking, the impact of orderly resumption of liquor production is limited, focusing on marketing support at the post-holiday sales level; in terms of mass products, the impact of the essential industries of people’s livelihoods is limited, and the government actively supports it, and the market supply is guaranteed;The logistics and transportation qualifications have priority, and the impact is smaller in all aspects. Some enterprises are still limited in cross-region logistics and raw material supply, and actively take measures such as increasing online sales and community promotions; offline store modelAnd downstream catering high-relevance companies such as brine products, beer, and some B-side compound condiments have resumed their work a little later, and are concerned about the progress of the return to production and climbing.
  The Zhongtai Securities coal mining team believes that the coal mines that had previously stopped production in various provinces in the country have begun to resume production and resume work, although according to the information of the Coal Resources Network, as of February 10, the national coal mine yield was only 63.
8%, but the main coal production areas in Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Anhui and other areas have resumed production and resumed work well. Major coal listed companies have basically returned to normal production of large mines. Some coal mines have been maintaining production even during the holidays.It is expected that there will not be a big decline year-on-year.
  The Northeast Securities Delivery team believes that mainstream express delivery companies resume work, and in mid-February express delivery production resumed to more than 40%.
Starting from February 10, including China Post, SF Express, JD Logistics, Suning Logistics and other four companies that have been operating during the Spring Festival, 13 mainstream express services including “Three Links and One Access”, Best Express and Debon Express opened.Normal operating model.
Earlier, Ma Junsheng, the director of the State Post Bureau, said that in the middle of this month, the production of the express delivery industry should be restored to more than 40% of normal production capacity.
In the current context, consumers are reducing their outings and converting more offline shopping to online consumption, which is conducive to the increase of express delivery business; express delivery companies with good epidemic prevention measures and strong management capabilities are expected to promote business volume and reputation.Double lift.
  Counter-cyclical regulation + loose liquidity and stable confidence The loose liquidity brought about by macro-policy is expected to be the core driving force of the current strong rebound in the A-share market.
  On the weekend, the new rules for refinancing officially came into effect. The official draft further relaxed the new and old rules on the application of the “new and old cutoff” rules and the upper limit of the size of the non-public offering.He loose binding will significantly increase the market.
  At the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Meeting on February 15, the “one party and two meetings” made a relevant analysis of the impact of the epidemic.
The central bank said it would maintain sufficient liquidity and increase counter-cyclical adjustments.
  The China Merchants Securities non-bank team believes that the regulator has clearly stated that it will use the power of liquidity and industry policies to ensure the stability of the capital market. This will effectively alleviate the market’s panic of the epidemic and constitute a substantial positive for the capital marketIt will help the market confidence to rise rapidly.
In the context of the epidemic, the probability of the two parties meeting will build a loose liquidity and stable market confidence, create a favorable situation for corporate financing, and overcome difficulties.

Summer congee adjusts your appetite


Summer congee adjusts your appetite

Summer is coming lazily, and food seems to be hard to seduce.

Let’s try these two porridges together.

  Soothing porridge effect: help sleep, implant backache and leg pain.

  Ingredients: 10 chestnuts, 15 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of rice, moderate sugar.

  Production: Wash and soak chestnuts for 3 hours and peel them for later use.

  Method: Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add rice and chestnuts and simmer on high heat. Cook over low heat for 40 minutes.

Add longan meat and sugar and cook for 10 minutes.

  Efficacy of Baiziren porridge: Conditioning the intestines and stomach, increasing physical strength.

  Ingredients: 15 grams of cypress, 50 grams of rice, honey.

  Method: Wash the ziziren and rice, put a proper amount of water in the pot, add all the ingredients and cook on medium heat, and simmer for 30 minutes until cooked.

Finally, add honey and mix well.

You can be beautiful with whitening tips that save money safely

You can be beautiful with whitening tips that save money safely

As the so-called cover up all ugliness, everyone wants to have fair skin, but we have spent a lot of money on cosmetics, but it still has no effect. In fact, there are daily whitening tips that are easy to pinch, convenient, safe and effective. NowShare with you a few simple whitening methods.

  1. Beer whitening method Beer has a variety of beauty and skin care effects, which can not only shrink pores, but also effectively whiten it.

Just take a small amount of beer into the mask bowl, then dip it into the beer with medicated cotton yarn or cotton pads, wring it slightly, apply it on the face, and after half an hour, the moisture will be drained. Repeat the previous steps once again, and the skin can change.To be firm and smooth, long-term adherence can achieve whitening effect.

  2. Egg whitening and whitening method Before going to bed, apply a thin layer of egg white to clean skin (note that the skin is not tightly collapsed as a standard, because the collapsed state is prone to wrinkles), and then rinse with water.You will find the skin particularly elastic.

  3. Cucumber milk whitening method Soak the sliced cucumber slices in the milk for ten minutes and take it out. Apply it directly on the face for excellent whitening effect.

  Note: Milk and cucumber must be fresh. 4. Tomatoes and honey whitening method. Crush the tomatoes, put them into a bowl, squeeze the juice out with a spoon, and add them to the honey. Rub the machine and arms. After 20 minutes, useRinse with water.

Several times a day, the skin will gradually become white.

  5. Watermelon Juice Beauty will apply watermelon directly to the face. Watermelon contains a variety of vitamins, which can both moisturize the skin and play a moisturizing role.

  6. Washing your face with Taomi Shui. Many people have heard of the whitening method of Taomi Shui. Yes, this method is the simplest and most practical. You can save Taomi Shui when washing rice, and then wash your face directly.Or use it with cleansing milk, the whitening effect is very good, of course, the most important thing is that everyone can insist, the effect is definitely not good for two days a day.

  7, white vinegar washing face white vinegar has a good whitening effect, try washing the face with white vinegar water, especially for people with oily skin, this method is the most practical.

Just add a spoonful of white vinegar to the warm water you wash.

It can soften the cuticles of your face and help you create a delicate, tender and white skin.

  The above whitening tips can be tried. It is very effective. The key is zero addition without overlap, which is safe, efficient and saves money.

Of course, whitening is a long-term process. If you persist, you will find yourself different.

Ten taboos for healthy sleep

Ten taboos for healthy sleep

According to relevant data, people need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day.
Getting enough sleep is very important for a person’s health.
In addition, experts suggest that you should pay special attention to some taboos during sleep preparation, posture and habits: 习惯 1.
Avoid eating before going to bed: After the person enters the sleep state, the rhythm of some body activities slows down and enters a state of rest.
  If you eat before going to bed, your stomach, etc. will be busy again, which will increase their burden, and other parts of the body will not be able to get a good rest, which will not only affect sleep, but also damage your health.
Avoid talking before going to bed: Because talking too much can easily stimulate the brain and active thinking, which makes it difficult for people to fall asleep.
Avoid using your brain excessively before bedtime: 如有 If you have work and study habits in the evening, you should finish the more inconvenient before going to bed, and do something more relaxed before going to bed to relax your brain, so that it is easy to fall asleep.
Otherwise, the brain is in an excited state, and it is difficult to fall asleep even when lying in bed.
Avoid emotional excitement before going to bed: The sorrowful moods and sorrows of people are easy to cause excitement or disorder of the nerve center, making it difficult for people to fall asleep, and even causing insomnia.
Therefore, before going to bed, try to avoid being overjoyed or angry or anxious to make your mood stable.
Avoid drinking strong tea and coffee before bedtime: strong tea, coffee is a stimulant drink, contains caffeine and other substances that can make people feel excited, drinking it before going to bed can cause difficulty falling asleep.
Avoid sleeping with your mouth open: If you fall asleep with your mouth open, viruses and bacteria in the air can easily invade, causing “illness to enter through your mouth,” and also susceptible to the lungs and stomach being stimulated by cold air and dust, causing disease.
Don’t cover your head and sleep: The elderly are generally afraid of cold, so some elderly people like to cover their heads and sleep.
In this way, due to a large amount of inhaled carbon dioxide exhaled, and lack of necessary oxygen supplement, it is extremely harmful to the body.
Avoid sleeping on the back: The dormant posture is best to lie down to the right, so that the whole body’s bones and muscles are naturally relaxed, easy to fall asleep, and easy to eliminate fatigue.
Lying on your back makes the whole body’s bones and muscles still in a state of tension, which is not conducive to eliminating fatigue, but also easily causes nightmares due to putting your hands on your chest and affecting sleep quality.
Don’t sleep with the eyes against the light: when the person is asleep, although the eyes are closed, they still feel bright.
Sleeping in front of the light can easily disturb your heart, make it difficult to fall asleep, and wake up easily even if you fall asleep.
Avoid sleeping while in the wind: Keep the air flowing in the room, but don’t let the wind blow directly on the body.
Because when people fall asleep, their body’s ability to adapt to the external environment decreases. If they sleep in the wind for a long time, cold air will invade the body and cause diseases such as cold and cold.

Share Hot Mom Zhao Wei’s Maintenance Plan


Share Hot Mom Zhao Wei’s Maintenance Plan

Guide: Zhao Wei, who has been promoted to mother, is still attractive. What is the hot plan for hot mom Zhao Wei?

Zhao Wei believes that in addition to the congenital skin, the more important thing is the maintenance.

Let’s share the hot mom Zhao Wei’s maintenance plan together.

   1. Do n’t despise daily skin care. “Basically, my skin care process is the same as everyone else. Persevering cleaning work, and then use lotion. I think moisturizing is very important, so I pay more attention to this and often use a mask.

“2. The key to effective skin moisturization” “How to achieve effective moisturization thoroughly. In addition to the appearance of the product, I pay more attention to the reduced resistance of the product function, and can reabsorb the nutrients in the ground products.
I really like using lotion with the effect of beauty liquid, which makes people feel moisturized during skin care.

“3. Natural makeup delights the mood.” Simplifying complexity is a wisdom of life. This sentence also applies to makeup.

I want to abandon the trivial steps and strong color is the best makeup, because naturally it will make me easier, but also keep me happy!

“4, body skin will also age”, in addition to facial care, I will also pay attention to the maintenance of body skin.

Using firming or moisturizing body lotion after bathing every day can enhance the skin’s elasticity. With exercise, the body’s skin will not increase, which is firm and elastic.

“5. Mixed vegetables and fruits are good for health.” In my opinion, the beauty and nourishment are indispensable for fruits and vegetables.

Girls want to maintain a good figure and delicate skin, they must insist on eating fruits and vegetables, so my breakfast is a fruit meal, as long as it is fruit, all intake.

Usually, all other edible vegetables in the home are put together for juicing, not just cucumbers, tomatoes and the like. Mixing all the green vegetables and fruits together can make the skin look softer and more delicate.

Message from the editor: Who wants to have crystal clear skin?

If you want to be as beautiful as hot mom Zhao Wei, hurry up and learn how to care for Zhao Wei.