Baisui Mountain surviving anti-epidemic supplies arrives in Serbian shelter cabin hospital

Baisui Mountain surviving anti-epidemic supplies arrives in Serbian shelter cabin hospital
On March 25, the reconstruction of the Serbian Cabin Hospital was completed.The surviving anti-epidemic materials of the mineral water brand Bai Sui Shan also entered the Serbian Ark Hospital on the same day.Since the outbreak of the Serbian epidemic, Baisuishan followed the Chinese government’s aid actions for the first time and took advantage of its own overseas water sources.The cooperative ‘s international sports organization is preparing to initiate a joint donation to Italy, Serbia and other countries and regions with severe epidemics.It is reported that Baisuishan’s arrival in Serbia’s shelter hospital is the first batch of anti-epidemic materials for Chinese people to assist Serbia.The second batch of Baisuishan natural mineral spring water will also arrive at the square cabin hospital in the near future.During the Spring Festival this year, the 100-year-old Hubei team has donated natural mineral water to hospitals such as Wuhan Union, Wuhan Tongji, Wuhan Center, and Wuhan Zhongnan Hospital.So far, Baisuishan Company has gradually inherited materials worth over 3 million yuan to Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Anhui and other provinces.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ziyang Image source company provided editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Li Ming

Will the Mrs. President’s shouting lead to Ruhan’s crisis: Is there any card outside Zhang Dayi?

Will the “Mrs. President’s shouting” lead to Ruhan’s crisis: Is there any card outside Zhang Dayi?
When the protagonist of a rumor is directly related to the lifeblood of a listed company, the influence of the rumor is not only in the rumor itself.At noon on April 17, the user whose Weibo ID was “Hua Hua Dong Hua Hua” publicly named Zhang Dayi, saying, “This is the last warning, and I’ll be welcome to provoke my husband again.”Subsequently, some netizens pointed out that the husband of “Hua Hua Dong Hua Hua” was suspected to be Jiang Fan, president of Taobao and president of Tmall.Who is Zhang Dayi?The first generation of Internet celebrities, US listed companies such as CMO.Sauna and Yewang verified the truth, impact and stop loss of the matter, such as CEO Feng Min, and stopped responding.In response, Ali officials responded that the company will formally investigate the Internet rumors.”No matter who they are, they must abide by the company’s business guidelines without exception.”” After the call was opened that night, if it included a sharp fall, the maximum decline was 10%, and the closing price rose back to the above American depositary receipt.$ 83.But at the same time, the market value of more than 1 billion US dollars when it went public in April last year has fallen by more than 60%.On April 20, US stocks opened, and Redsports e-commerce company Ruhan (NASDAQ: RUHN) opened to report this American depositary receipt.It has dropped by more than 7% at US $ 56. As of press time, it has fallen by more than 12%, and it has fallen to as low as the above American Depositary Receipt 3.USD 31.About its market value ratio of more than 1 billion US dollars when it went public on April 8 last year has fallen by nearly 70%.Although the rumors cannot be confirmed, Ruhan’s predicament as a net celebrity is distorted.Zhang Dayi’s single IP contributes more than half of GMV; the independent brand model is challenged; in the case of increasing revenue and not increasing profits, large sales expenses are used for advertising and various markets, brand promotion expenditures.On live broadcast platforms such as Douyin, Zhang Dayi’s traffic has been overtaken by Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi.Some high-level people believe that long-term cooperation with Alibaba’s companies may lead Ruhan to put too much attention on the Alibaba’s position and promptly cut into new platforms such as Douyin in a timely manner.If the brand of Zhang Dayi is damaged, what does it mean for Ruhan?One year after its listing, it still highly relies on Zhang Dayi’s Ruhan, does it have other back lanes or hole cards?Zhang Dayi, who can’t fall, soon broke out, and Zhang Dayi, who is the party, quickly cut through the “all misunderstandings” and scandals.Zhang Dayi at the moment is not alone, she is a moneymaker that Ruhan cannot fall.As shown in the financial report of Hanhan, the GMV contribution ratio of the three head KOLs within Zhang Dayi was 60 in FY2017 to FY2019 respectively.7%, 65.2%, 54%, has reached 61 so far.43%.The proportion of income contribution from Zhang Dayi’s personal IP has increased year by year: FY2017 50.8%, 52 in fiscal year 2018.4%, 53 in fiscal year 2019.5%.On the night of the shouting event, Ruhan, which is listed in the US, has been plunging since the opening, with a maximum drop of 10%.Some top people told reporters that Zhang Dayi’s celebrity IP is a product of chance + possibility and is difficult to recreate. “Possibility is to be a must-have condition for becoming a celebrity,” a staff member who once worked at MCN told Sauna, Yewang, just like Li Jiaqi’s success was because L’Oreal Group wanted to select 200 makeup artists to become celebrities, and he caughtThis opportunity.For Zhang Dayi, stepping on the entrance is also the key to her success.Eleven years ago, in 2009, Zhang Dayi was still a “Ruili girl”, and she often appeared as a model in the clothing pages of fashion magazines such as “Ruili” and “Xinwei”.In 2011, Ruhan CEO Feng Min and his wife founded Taobao women’s clothing brand “Labelin”, while Zhang Dayi was a brand model.In 2014, Feng Min and Zhang Dayi co-founded the Taobao store of “My Joyful Wardrobe”. Zhang Dayi was responsible for shaping the online store style and online celebrity brand, while Feng Min was responsible for operations, supply management and logistics.Ruhan was born.In the following year, Ruhan became the sales champion of Taobao’s clothing category. Zhang Dayi also went from fashion buyer to advanced version production according to fan demand, but at that time, there was no mature Ali big data. Zhang Dayi’s concern wasWeibo fans.Also in this year, Weibo, who wants to get through third- and fourth-tier cities, decided to support small and medium-sized bloggers in vertical fields such as fashion, beauty, and tourism, and established an e-commerce business unit to build a micro-e-commerce system with Alibaba.Although Zhang Dayi, who had 250,000 fans at the time, was just a “small V”, he also took this ride, and shared the personal aesthetic and lifestyle to create the “big aunt” personality, and the fans diverted from Weibo approachedTaobao store has created such a single store over 100 million.His personal IP is unmanageable.In just four years, Zhang Dayi’s Weibo followers have skyrocketed from 300,000 to 10.77 million; in the “Double Eleven” in 2017, Zhang Dayi’s online store broke through.RMB 7 trillion; In 2018, the “Double Eleven” Zhang Dayi store broke the record in 28 minutes; in 2019, Ruhan welcomed the Nasdaq listing.After the listing, Ruhan still regards Zhang Dayi as the biggest “money shaker”.A former Ali Taobao person interviewed by a reporter believes that citing Yu Weiya, Li Jiaqi, etc., Ruhan’s advantage is that it can continue to launch a large number of young and beautiful or in line with the downward adjustment of a large number of anchors for the platform to use.This is more conducive to the platform for harvesting. Too much feed from the head anchor is not a good thing for the platform. Some game anchors often have a signing fee of tens of millions.But the other side of the coin is that although hundreds of anchors have been signed, Ruhan still relies heavily on head anchors, especially Zhang Dayi’s personal IP.A person in charge of the MCN agency from Fujian told the sauna, Yewang, Ruhan relied too much on Zhang Dayi’s personal IP, but “Zhang Dayi is first and foremost, she will get married and have children, there will be various news, theseIt affects the stability of her performance and the stability of the company.”Backing on the big tree and missing more scenery?Cheng Ye Taobao “lost” also Taobao according to Ruhan prospectus, CEO Feng Min holds 27 shares.51%, Zhang Dayi holds 15%, and Alibaba holds 8 through Taobao China Holdings.56%.After the IPO, Zhang Dayi held Ruhan 13.2% of the shares and own 2.With 7% of voting rights, Alibaba holds 7 shares through Taobao China Holdings.5%.A former Alitao employee told the sauna that Yewang, Ruhan is equivalent to a pipeline of incubating anchors invested by Ali, which grew up in the wave of content e-commerce, which is equivalent to that everyone is engaged in anchors and onlineRed, Ali briefly raised Ruhan from the capital.2016 is known as the “Year of Cyber Red”.In the documentary “Hong Kong”, Zhang Dayi shouted “2016 is definitely the era of Zhang Dayi” to the camera. This year she was the epitome of the rise of the Internet celebrity economy. She created a Taobao store through a 4-hour live broadcast of Taobao20 million of this kind.At that time, Taobao Live was only 100 days old.This year, Alibaba became the fourth-largest shareholder with a share capital of 300 million yuan.Ruhan had already discussed the investor, but ultimately chose Alibaba because of the strategic significance of the industry chain ecology.Alibaba’s shareholding is bound to reach 31, according to its estimate.300 million yuan.In August 2019, Ruhan called Alibaba as an important strategic stakeholder and long-term key business partner at the first quarter fiscal year 2020 earnings conference call, and stated that Alibaba provides e-commerce infrastructure and integrityTechnical tools to support Ruhan ‘s Internet KOL ecosystem, and Ruhan continues to explore cooperation opportunities with Alibaba in new businesses, especially in live broadcast assets, live broadcast supply chain platform model business, and Taobao KOL live broadcast product marketingbusiness.Not only that, Weibo and Bilibili invested by Alibaba are also shareholders of Han. Ruhan hopes to further expand their business in the KOL live broadcast field with these two companies.On the main position Taobao live broadcast, Ruhan’s layout was slightly slow.Starting in the second half of 2018, Ruhan began to try e-commerce live streaming, but among the more than 700 organizations on Taobao live e-commerce, Ruhan’s ranking is not high.Live eye data shows that the number of all live broadcast stores on Taobao increased from 28,866 on February 21, 2020 to 74,884 on March 6, and the number of broadcasts on a single day increased from 30,633 to 46,559.Not to mention how difficult it is to get popular from more than 70,000 anchors, Taobao live broadcast is more sales and monetization, and it is not conducive to KOL to circle.In addition, Ruhan’s financial report showed a quarterly change, and this quarterly change coincided with Tmall, Taobao and “Double Eleven” and “Double Twelve”.The financial report shows that in the four quarters of fiscal year 2018, Ruhan’s net profit was -1941 million yuan and -1 respectively.18 trillion, 50.74 million yuan and -6.38 trillion; in the four quarters of fiscal 2019, Ruhan ‘s net profit was -4.9.3 billion, -1.8.3 billion, 100 million, and -29.4 million yuan; In the first three quarters of fiscal year 2020, Ruhan ‘s net profits were -26.7 million yuan, -50.1 million yuan, and 10.7 million yuan, respectively.Some analysts also speculate that long-term cooperative relations with Alibaba companies may also have some exclusive clauses, resulting in a relatively single platform for Ruhan to choose.Under the KOL myth, where does the “increasing income not increasing profit” puzzle cost?In April 2019, it became the first time for domestic celebrity e-commerce companies to go to the IPO in the United States.At that time, Ruhan was like those KOL young and beautiful skin, but no one can stay young forever.The continuous breakthrough is Ruhan’s fatal injury.Data for fiscal year 2017, fiscal year 2018, and fiscal year 2019 show that Ruhan’s net replacements were 5,538, respectively.370,000 yuan, 1.04 billion and 7324.620,000 yuan.Ruhan, who failed to achieve profitability, lacked endogenous growth momentum. After listing, asking the capital market to maintain the company ‘s operations seems to be Ruhan ‘s best choice.The operation model of “money” is more of a wait-and-see attitude.In Nasdaq, which is more concerned about the growth of the company, the growth of operating income affects the integration and overall forecast of listed companies. Ruhan ‘s revenue still maintains a growth trend.Han’s operating income was 5.7.7 billion, 9.4.8 billion and 10.9.3 billion yuan, an average of 63.97%, 15.39% and 15.At 30%, the increase in revenue clearly reflects the uncertainty of growth, and Ruhan’s must also be from the beginning of the listing7.$ 85 / share fell to the latest closing price of 3.83 US dollars / share, the total market value is cut, only 3.22 billion US dollars.Without increasing income, where did Ruhan spend his money?As of December 31, 2019, the number of Ruhan contracted KOLs increased from 146 on September 30, 2019 to 159, and ended December 31, 2018, 113; KOL on the platform head, shoulders and waistThe total increased from 31 on September 30, 2019 to 37, while the number ended on December 31, 2018 was 18.The development of each KOL requires both timely and favorable conditions, and it also requires a lot of money as support. In FY2017, FY2018, and FY2019, Ruhan ‘s sales expenses were 9781, respectively.30,000 yuan, 1.4.6 billion and 2.0.6 billion.Selling expenses are mainly expenses incurred by Ruhan on various e-commerce platforms and social media for advertising, marketing and brand promotion activities.Meet the “Li Jiaqis” on the narrow road and meet the “Zhang Dayi” pattern ceiling during the double eleven in 2019.3 hours) gradually increase by 6.600 million; Anchor Weiya pre-sales a single live broadcast that day (6.6 hours) 6.600 million; Zhang Dayi’s live broadcast duration of 7 hours, 13 minutes and 31 seconds exceeded 60 million yuan.Statistics show that Zhang Dayi has more than 10 million Weibo followers, but his Weibo influence data is lower than Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya.On the vibrato, Zhang Dayi’s fans are only 27.40,000, while Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya’s Douyin fans were 42.53 million and 5.32 million, respectively.In fact, Zhang Dayi, Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya, etc. represent different modes of net red belt goods.At present, there are three more common models of online red belt goods: most short video creators adopt the e-commerce model of “Taobaoke” (both anchors and sub-commissions), that is, to help merchants sell products and earn a certain commission, Li Jiaqi, Weiya, etc. are among the leaders; the second is self-built e-commerce, or open their own shop on Taobao, take the goods from suppliers to earn the difference, choose “one” “daily cooking” is self-built e-commerce,There are also some fast-handed old irons with a source of supply, which are similar; another is to create your own brand, turn it into an e-commerce, and open a store to sell your own goods, like Zhang Dayi, Shirley and so on.”The defects of these two models are gradually expanding, but the profitability does not necessarily increase continuously. The income of the Taobao guest model is relatively fixed, and the red e-commerce does not necessarily make money.”The founder of an MCN organization that is planning to expand its e-commerce business on Douyin.”The most important thing is that the red e-commerce needs to pay higher promotion costs, and at the same time bear the costs of the supply chain, channels and customer service.The founder of the MCN organization that is planning to expand its e-commerce business on Douyin said that there is another level. For example, the self-cultivated red man, after the ability to bring goods is stabilized, suddenly “single flight”, causing him huge losses,”I didn’t know who could be red at the beginning. I didn’t sign the whole contract. Once I was flying alone, I was very hurt,” he told the sauna, Yewang.The above-mentioned people who worked in the Tao department raised another challenge, such as the S-level short video or the cost of live-streaming the reds to bring goods to the brand, and even can buy resource bits directly on “Ali mother”. The rest of the conversionThe rate is even higher, so it is worth considering whether the model of the reds bring goods.Is it too late to adjust?Almost every generation of internet celebrities’ successful review will point to an answer that cannot be copied.The aforementioned staff of the former MCN agency told the sauna, Yewang, “There is no standard upgrade guide, but it is standing there appropriately.”In his view, different platforms will produce the celebrities needed by different platforms. Zhang Dayi’s photo text is suitable for Weibo, and the dynamic videos of Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi are suitable for Taobao live broadcast.When developing countries are seeking capital market operations, Ruhan still magnifies the influencer model. Zhang Dayi’s photo covers half of the roadshow slide show’s first page, which also reflects her contribution to Ruhan. Her income exceedsHalf of Ruhan’s total revenue.That being the case, Zhang Dayi even became Ruhan’s main contributor to net profit. The former joint venture with Ruhan Holdings’ Dayi e-commerce (Ruhan Holdings holds 51%) replaced Ruhan, but achieved a net scale.profit.After 2016, Internet celebrities entered the era of live broadcasting.Zhang Dayi also began to adjust, but not once her speed was not so fast.In May, Wei Ya started to broadcast live on Taobao, and Zhang Dayi, who had accumulated 10.73 million Weibo fans at the time, had only 1.13 million fans at that time. Wei Ya was naturally a professional anchor, and the foundation of the fans was established in the live broadcast room.On October 10, 2017, $ 70 million, Wei Ya began to become a topic of discussion, and also replaced the basis for becoming the number one anchor of Taobao in the future.Zhang Dayi’s live-stream viewership lags far behind Weiya. She once told reporters that live streaming three or four hours a day is “a bit tiring”.Zhang Dayi did not give up the status of “Internet celebrity”, so he switched to live broadcasting.But the problem is that what Zhang Dayi has to do is to introduce her fans accumulated on Weibo to Taobao stores and introduce them to Taobao live broadcast, which will break the usual user habits and increase costs. Fans of “Weiya”It grows itself in the live broadcast room, naturally condensing suitable users.In 2018, Zhang Dayi also began to transform. As a founder, she brought a brand new BIGEVE BEAUTY. She continued to try labels such as “new” and “domestic brand” in Alibaba ‘s ecology, cut into beauty, and decided to changeBeauty line grows on Tmall platform.Unlike Taobao, Tmall is more prominent in brand tonality.An Alibaba insider told the sauna that Yewang, beauty and fast-moving are the biggest business segments of Tmall.In fact, Alibaba will launch more marketing support for this market every year.A few days ago, at the Tmall Golden Makeup Awards presentation ceremony, Zhang Dayi and her BIGEVE BEAUTY won the “Trend Big Coffee Award”.If the meaning of CFO Wang Jinbo told analysts that the company will sign 5 to 10 new KOLs every month, and the gross profit margin of the head KOL and the KOL will be the same, the proportion of KOL revenue will gradually decrease.This means that Ruhan urgently needs another Zhang Dayi.It is not the “Internet celebrity” itself that drives the Internet celebrity economy, but the Internet demographic dividend. Users have mastered the flow of traffic.Behind the change is an exhaustion of application traffic dividends.According to data from iResearch, a third-party organization, in 2018, the growth rate of short video and real-time traffic platforms has suddenly changed, and the competition in the entire market has begun to accumulate. If 2018 includes 7235 million US dollars, the marketing costs will be as high as 1.4.6 billion.With the rise of Douyin Live Streaming, byte beating was once again supported by its own traffic. Luo Yonghao live broadcast seems to be a transformation of an old cannon, and from the perspective of traffic behind this, the biggest winner is byte beating.Faced with new platforms and new gameplay, “Weiya” also set up vibrato, anxious to try short video gameplay, becoming their hottest video sticky to attract new fans.There is no hundred-day red flowers, so is the net red.In fact, as early as 2017, Feng Min had admitted that he needed something that Taobao and Weibo could not cover. He had told the media that he was building direct information and supply chain systems to create his own online celebrity e-commerce ecosystem., And this is now Ruhan.Regarding the impact of the above incident on Ruhan, many of the people involved said that if it was just a relationship between men and women, they would not send an internal network message saying that the investigation or the like is, after all, a personal life style of employees, but it involves a certain relationship of interest between businesses.It’s different.”For employees, there will be issues of integrity, and for businesses, if they do come with benefits, Ruhan may not have a better life in the future, losing a big” father “, and other” fathers “are not likely to take over.”One of the seniors told the sauna, Yewang.Sauna, Ye Wang Liang Chen Bai Jinlei Zhang Yanhong Editor Li Weijia Yue Cai Zhou proofreading Li Ming

[Couples will regret not trying this trick in their lives]

[Couples will regret not trying this “trick” in their lives]

Sex may not be said in the eyes of some people.

But from a health perspective, sex is positive and positive, and it’s good for your physiology.

Good sex is effective for both men and women.

At the same time, for couples, the following sexual methods must be tried.

Romantic sex.

Romantic sex is inseparable from mood and synchronization, slowing down step by step: watching a movie, eating a meal, turning on the music, lighting candles, pouring champagne, dancing together . until you and your loved one are in bedClouds and rain.

Suggestion: Take the time to savor every detail and step, enjoy the fun of the whole process, and gradually leave enough time and relax.

Benefits: Romantic sex keeps you emotionally and physically tied to your partner.

Reconciliation sex.

Sometimes noisy does not solve the problem, but it can increase the androgen of both sides, making people full of passion during sex.

If the contradiction is not so deep, it is better to walk into the bedroom together, and the physical contact will quickly return to you.

Suggestion: Do not mention controversial topics during sex. You can be moderately wild but not violent.

Benefits: Sex can help you eliminate conflicts and make you understand that although problems arise, you still love each other.


[Home-made practice of green pepper twice-cooked meat]_Production method_How to do

闈掓鍥為攨鑲夋槸涓€閬撳吀鍨嬬殑宸濊彍锛屼篃鏄竴閬撻矞棣欏彲鍙o紝鐧惧悆涓嶅帉鐨勫甯歌彍锛岃绉颁负澶村彿绫抽キ鏉€鎵嬨€傚叾鐗圭偣鏄彛鎰熷ソ锛岄鑹查矞浜紝棣欒€屼笉鑵汇€傞潚妞掑洖閿呰倝鍚崐鑳辨皑閰革紝鑳藉鏈夋晥鏀瑰杽鎴戜滑浣撳唴鐨勭己閾佹€ц传琛€锛屽韬綋鏈夊緢澶氬ソ澶勩€傞偅涔堥潚妞掑洖閿呰倝鐨勫甯稿仛娉曟槸鎬庢牱鐨勶紵涓嬮潰鎴戜滑浠嬬粛涓€涓嬨€備竴锛岀敤鏂欎富鏂欙細浜旇姳鐚倝锛岄潚妞掕緟鏂欙細钂滆嫍銆侀儷鍘胯眴鐡i叡銆佸銆佽挏璋冩枡锛氶叡娌广€佽姳妞掋€侀鐩Sorrowful?锛氭暣澶у潡浜旇姳鑲夋礂鍑€銆?锛氶攨涓姞娓呮按锛屾斁濮滅墖銆佽挏鍏ュ懗锛屽皢娲楀ソ鐨勪簲鑺辫倝鏀惧叆姘翠腑鍚岀叜銆傚ぇ鐏儳寮€鍚?0鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛岀敤绛峰瓙鍙互鍒氬ソ鎻掔┛浜旇姳鑲夌殑鏃跺€欐崬鍑猴紝寰呰倝寰噳鏃跺垏鎴愰暱瀹藉悇3鍘樼背宸﹀彸鏂圭墖锛屽鐢ㄣ€?杲 涏 楻 掀 掴 掴?Mastiff?Do you want to go back to your shoulder?锛氶攨涓€掑叆娌癸紝鍔犲嚑绮掕姳妞掔厧鐐掞紝鐩磋嚦鐐掑嚭棣欏懗锛屽€掑叆鍒囧ソ鐨勮倝鐗囧皬鐏炕鐐掞紝闄嗙画鍔犲叆濮滆挏涓濓紝灏戣鐩愶紝寰呰倝鐗囩倰鍑烘櫠浜殑棰滆壊鏃跺姞閮幙璞嗙摚閰便€侀潚妞掔墖缁х画缈荤倰绾︿簲鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸銆?锛氬緟闈掓棰滆壊鍙樺緱闈掔繝锛屾柇鐢熸椂锛屽姞灏戣閰辨补锛岃捣閿呰鐩樸€備笁锛岀児楗妧宸?锛氫簲鑺辫倝鎸戦€夎鑲ョ槮閫傚綋锛屼笉鑳藉お鐦︼紝棣欏懗涓嶆祿锛屽お鑲ワ紝鍒欎細娌硅吇銆?It ‘s very difficult to get up and down, and it ‘s very tight. It ‘s easy to do so. It ‘s easy to do so. It ‘s unclear. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a real world.What are you talking about? What are you doing now?锛氱倰鑲夋椂涔熷彲浠ヤ笉鍔犵洂锛岀湅涓汉鍙e懗銆傚洓锛岃惀鍏讳环鍊笺€愮尓鑲夈€戯細鐚倝鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勪紭璐ㄨ泲鐧借川鍜屽繀闇€鐨勮剛鑲吀锛屽苟鎻愪緵琛€绾㈢礌锛堟湁鏈洪搧锛夊拰淇冭繘閾佸惛鏀剁殑鍗婅儽姘ㄩ吀锛岃兘鏀瑰杽缂洪搧鎬ц传琛€锛涘叿鏈夎ˉ鑲惧吇琛€锛屾粙闃存鼎鐕ョ殑鍔熸晥锛涚尓绮捐倝鐩稿鍏跺畠閮ㄤ綅鍥為攨鑲夌殑鐚倝锛屽叾鍚湁涓板瘜浼樿川铔嬬櫧锛岃剛鑲€佽儐鍥洪唶杈冨皯锛屼竴鑸汉缇ゅ潎鍙€傞噺椋熺敤銆傘€愰潚妞掋€戯細闈掓鏋滃疄涓惈鏈夋瀬鍏朵赴瀵岀殑钀ュ吇锛岀淮C鍚噺姣旇寗瀛愩€佺暘鑼勯兘楂橈紝鍏朵腑鑺姵杈涜荆鐨勮荆妞掔礌锛岃兘澧炶繘椋熸銆佸府鍔╂秷鍖栵紝鍚湁鐨勬姉姘у寲缁寸敓绱犲拰寰噺鍏冪礌锛岃兘澧炲己浜虹殑浣撳姏锛岀紦瑙e洜宸ヤ綔鐢熸椿鍘嬪姏閫犳垚鐨勭柌鍔炽€傚叾涓繕鏈変赴瀵岀殑缁寸敓绱燢锛屽彲浠ラ槻娌诲潖琛€鐥咃紝瀵圭墮榫堝嚭琛€銆佽传琛€銆佽绠¤剢寮辨湁杈呭姪娌荤枟浣滅敤銆傚叾鐗规湁鐨勫懗閬撳拰鎵€鍚殑杈f 绱 繳 璳 釒 閒 縺 縺 鍞 Torch 撫 鍜 岃 倃 娎 娎 娉 們 殑 殑 揤 揤 岃 兘 擧 炶 繘 湋 椸  m 屽 府 男 畷 畷 畷 畹闒 閒  渚 間  銆?

Qixin Group (002301): In addition, the successful bidding of China Mobile’s major customers has steadily advanced

Qixin Group (002301): In addition, the successful bidding of China Mobile’s major customers has steadily advanced
This report reads: The company’s layout of large-scale customers in office collections is advancing rapidly, supplementing the winning bids of China Mobile’s collection-sourcing candidates and entering the publicity stage. If the implementation is successful, it will have a positive impact on the company’s performance. Investment Highlights: Raise target price to 13.92 yuan to maintain the overweight level.The company has newly won the bid for China Mobile’s centralized procurement and entered the publicity stage. If it is successfully implemented, it will have a positive impact on the company’s performance.Maintaining the company 2019?EPS0 in 2021.44/0.58/0.74 yuan, considering the rapid advancement of large customer deployment in the office market, raising PE to 24 times PE in 2020 and raising target price to 13.92 yuan to maintain the overweight level. Winning the bid for China Mobile’s centralized procurement candidate and entering the publicity stage. The project cycle is three years after the framework agreement is signed.Is the company included in China Mobile 2019?In 2022, the e-commerce platform partners will centrally purchase the selected candidates and make public announcements. This 杭州桑拿网 project selects e-commerce service providers for administrative conventional supplies for buyers, and provides buyers with products required by the project and related distribution services. Project cycleThree years after the signing of the framework agreement.The service unit is China Mobile and its 55 subsidiaries; the service amount is expected to be USD 2 billion per year (excluding tax), and the total amount of transactions in three years is capped at USD 6 billion (excluding tax). The vertical e-commerce service capabilities have been continuously improved, and the coverage of major customers has expanded to telecommunications operators.The forthcoming bid for the China Mobile project demonstrates the company’s national office vertical e-commerce service capabilities to domestic telecom operators. If the company can finally officially announce the contract and successfully 杭州桑拿 implement the project, it is expected to have a positive effect on the company’s operations and performance in the next three yearsImpact, subsequent follow-up cooperation companies will determine the sales amount obtained based on orders placed in the China Mobile docking system. The application for non-public offering of shares was reviewed and approved by the CSRC.The company plans to raise funds for the construction of video conference platform upgrades and business line expansion projects, smart office equipment development and industrialization projects, the Group’s digital operation platform construction projects, and supplementary operating funds to further meet customer demand for different scenarios and enhance the company’s sustainable market.Competition in demand and improve decision-making efficiency of various business units.

Jerry Stock (002353): Interim Report Exceeds Expectations, Industry Prosperity Is Expected to Exceed Expectations

Jerry Stock (002353): Interim Report Exceeds Expectations, Industry Prosperity Is Expected to Exceed Expectations

The event company announced the 2019 Interim Report, which achieved revenue of 25 from January to June 2019.

78 ppm, an increase of 49 in ten years.

07%; achieve net profit attributable to mother 5.

0 million yuan, an increase of 168 in ten years.


Brief evaluation conclusion: The boom of the oil service industry is expected to exceed expectations. The company will benefit from the high prosperity of the industry. It will benefit from the improvement of the domestic oil service market.The company’s 1H net profit attributable to its mother was 500 million, exceeding market expectations.

In addition, the company’s new long-term single orders were 34 in the first half of the year.

7.3 billion, an annual increase of 30.

56%, of which the core business drilling and completion equipment in the new year increased by more than 100% in a single year, full orders on hand to ensure performance growth.

It is said that the grassroots research of our industry chain shows that the current payback period of a shale gas well in China is about 2 years, and it has reached a better return on investment.And technical service market boom is expected to exceed expectations.

Maintain the company’s operating income from 2019 to 2020 to 69.

13 ppm and 94.

11 ppm, with a 10-year growth rate of 51% and 36%, maintaining the net profit attributable to mothers to 12 in 2019-2020.

06 ppm and 19.

30 ppm, an increase of 96 in ten years.

1% and 60%, giving 15 times the estimate in 2020, maintaining a target price of 30.

22 yuan / share.

Benefiting from the high prosperity of the drilling and completion equipment industry, the company’s interim report performance exceeded expectations. The company announced 1H2019 operating income of 25.

78 ppm, an increase of 49 in ten years.

07%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

0 million yuan, an increase of 168 in ten years.

61%; of which, the operating income in the second quarter was 15.

6.7 billion, an annual increase of 64.

34%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 156 in ten years.

13%, rising quarter by quarter, exceeding expectations.

Revenue of the company’s core business of oil and gas equipment and technical services18.

71 ppm, a 51-year increase of 51.

79%, gross margin 36.

03%, an increase of 8 per year.

91 pieces, mainly benefiting from the exploitation of unconventional oil and gas such as shale gas, high boom in drilling and completion equipment and technical service market.

Judging from the increase in production capacity of the oilfield technology service business, there is room for further improvement in gross profit margin.

In addition, the expense ratio during the 1H2019 period was 14.

03%, down 4 from the same period last year.

55 pcts, mainly benefiting from economies of scale and improved operating efficiency; net sales margin 19.

82%, an increase of 8 from the previous.

65%; Return on equity 5.

64%, an increase of 3 over the same period.32.

China National Natural Gas and drilling and completion equipment industry will continue to benefit from the increase in demand for natural gas consumption. It is planned to increase the proportion of natural gas consumption to more than 15% by 2030. Based on this calculation, we estimate that the annual compound annual growth rate of natural gas consumptionMaintaining around 10%, the apparent natural gas consumption in January-June 2019 is 149.3 billion cubic meters, with a longer growth rate of 10.

On the supply side, domestic natural gas output from June to June was 86.4 billion cubic meters, exceeding the growth rate by 10.

3%, facing potential pressure to stabilize production and increase production.

As an important incremental gas source, shale gas needs to continue to increase expenditure. According to our calculations, the current payback period of a shale gas well is about 2 years, which has reached a better return on investment.

南京夜网 According to the CNPC News Center, in 2018, CNPC oil services completed a gradual increase of 10% and fracturing extended by 52%. In 2019, CNPC’s gradual workload growth rate will further increase to 15% -20%, and horizontal wells will reach 2,000., Shale gas, tight gas and other unconventional oil and gas wells are trying to double, so the current drilling and completion equipment such as fracturing trucks are still in a tight state.

Full orders in hand to ensure 2020 performance growth According to the interim report, the company’s new starting point in the first half of the year 34.

73 ppm, an increase of 30 in ten years.

56%, of which the core business drilling and completion equipment increased by more than 100% in the new year.

Therefore, through the improvement of technological efficiency and the rapid 青岛夜网 growth of shale gas production, the scale effect has been brought. At present, the recovery period of a single shale gas well in China is about 2 years, which has improved the better return on investment.

We expect that in 2019, 148 PetroChina fracturing vehicles will be invited for tender, an increase of 76% per year, and the conversion of tenders will ensure the growth of performance in 2020.

Risk reminders: 1) Industry boom exceeds expectations; 2) Order delivery exceeds expectations.

The diapers are too tightly packed, making babies prone to illness

The diapers are too tightly packed, making babies prone to illness

A 40-day-old baby was infected with an acute perianal abscess, and after incision and drainage, 60 ml of pus was excluded.

The doctor diagnosed the illness because the diaper was wrapped too tightly and was not changed frequently.

    The Zhongshan Hospital of Hebei District recently performed a successful operation on this baby. The doctor said that many parents, for the sake of saving trouble, used diapers, diapers, and diapers for the newborn.Newborns are easily held by urine and feces to cause anal gland inflammation and cause acute purulent infections.

If the lesion is allowed to develop, it can cause sepsis and be life-threatening.

The doctor reminded that when the baby is wrapped with a urine pad, choose a breathable product, pay attention to the child’s reaction at any time, and change the baby pad in time.

Vitamin E mask anti-aging and freckle


Vitamin E mask anti-aging and freckle

I do n’t remember that expert, and started the habit of adding vitamin E pills to the mask formula. Since then, vitamin E has been loved by girls. If you are also using it, please look at the manual!

  Natural vitamin E is hailed as “the fountain of youth” by scientists.

As one of the most important fat-soluble natural antioxidants, natural vitamin E protects the oxidative damage of free radicals and free radicals in cell membranes, which can strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier from the inside.The effects of wrinkles.

Taking natural vitamin E every day, together with your topical skin care products, will rejuvenate the skin in spring, and make you glorious from the inside out.

  Freckles and melanin are eliminated all year round, and melanin is rampant.

A woman who is very fond of whitening, in order to have a clean and bright muscle bottom, she vowed to carry out the war with melanin to the end.

  Freckle removal and beauty: Vitamin E can effectively oppose free radicals, inhibit the generation of peroxides and remove melasma; inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thereby reducing melanin production.

Esterified vitamin E eliminates excessive oxygen free radicals formed by external factors such as ultraviolet rays and air pollution, thereby delaying photoaging, preventing sunburn, and inhibiting the formation of erythema in the sun.

  High temperature, sun, and polluted air will cause excessive free radicals in our body, decompose the collagen and elastin that support the dermis layer, form a regression of the two proteins, make the skin get tension and elasticity, and produce wrinkles.

  Anti-wrinkle: Vitamin E can effectively counteract the oxidative damage of free radicals, suppress the lipid peroxidation reaction, adhere to the contact between skin tissues, and make the skin smooth and elastic.

  Locking water, and boring, said that byebye’s severe water shortage is a big problem for skin confusion in spring. About 500ml of water in the air is naturally evaporated, and the water that can be absorbed by the skin is really rare and precious.

  Water lock nourishment: Vitamin E can protect the oxidative damage of free radicals and free radicals in the cell membrane, so it can help repair and stabilize the natural protective barrier of the skin, lock the skin’s moisture, and provide deep nourishment from the inside out.

  One trick: DIY model mask natural vitamin E + new strange milk improvement: This method is natural and gentle, often using whitening and freckle, taking natural vitamin E soft capsules on cooperation days, the effect is better.

  Manufacturing method: 1. Take a piece of compact mask paper and immerse it in fresh milk, and drop two drops of natural VE.

  After 2, 5 minutes, remove the mask, open it, and apply it on both ends.

  3. Wait until the mask paper is half dry, and then wash it with warm water.

  Tip: Each person has different skin properties. Please perform a local test at the root of the ear before using it.

  Y pearl mask: natural vitamin E + pearl powder + mineral water 1.

Take an appropriate amount of pearl powder, a grain of natural vitamin E, and blend with an appropriate amount of mineral water.


Apply evenly to the face, leave it for 15 minutes, and wash it off with warm water.

This method has obvious whitening effect and can make the skin delicate and moisturized.


If you add an appropriate amount of mung bean powder in the formula, it will also have the effect of reducing fire and acne.

  Y Egg Mask: Natural Vitamin E + Egg Yolk 1.

Take 1/3 of an egg yolk and 5 drops of natural vitamin E, mix with an appropriate amount of honey and flour and mix thoroughly.


Apply evenly on the face or complications, and wash with warm water after 15-20 minutes.

This method can help treat acne and prevent dryness in autumn and winter.

  DIY formula four for treating frostbite: natural vitamin E 1 for oral and external use.

Take natural vitamin E 3 times a day, 0 each time.

1 g.


Simultaneously rub the part with vitamin E and massage for a few minutes.

Vitamin E can strengthen the body’s cold resistance.

  DIY Formula Five Deep Cleansing: Natural Vitamin E + Yogurt + Honey + Lemon Juice 1.

Take two spoons of yogurt, half a spoon of honey, half a spoon of lemon juice, and three natural vitamin E pastes.

  2.After applying the surface for 15 minutes, wash it with warm water. Be careful not to use hot or cold water.

This method can remove dirt from pores and nourish and whiten.

  DIY formula six spring moisturizing: natural vitamin E + lotion or cream Drop a drop of natural vitamin E in the lotion or cream, mix it and apply it on the parts that need maintenance.

Long-term persistence can make skin moist and fair. This method is especially suitable for women who work in air-conditioned rooms for a long time.

Uyghur medicine is amazing

Uyghur medicine is amazing

“Uyghur medicine treats vitiligo: a 98% improvement rate and a 30% cure rate.

“Vitiligo treatment is a worldwide problem so far. This information is undoubtedly encouraging. It also made reporters have a keen interest in Uyghur Medicine before going to Xinjiang for an interview.

  A wonderful medicine of national medicine “I did not expect Uygur medicine to be so spiritual.

“In the ward of the Uygur Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the reporter saw Xiao Xu, a vitiligo patient admitted to the hospital for more than a month.

Xiaoxu suffered from the disease 30 years ago, and developed into a whole body over a long period of time. He ran too many hospitals in various places, but all came to no avail, and he came here for a miracle change.

  Xiao Xu’s face was intact in front of her eyes, but her head, hands, and feet were variegated.

The hospital stated that the patient was still being treated, and “when I first came, I covered my face with a cloth, because the face was ‘flowered’ so as not to see anyone.

“In the Hotan area and the Uygur Hospital in Turpan, the reporter saw too many patients who came to seek treatment for skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis, and refractory eczema.

Alfu, director of the Nationalities Medical Service of the Chinese Medicine Department of the Autonomous Region, said that Uyghur Medicine has formed a comprehensive treatment plan based on long-term clinical and Uyghur theory.

For example, the Uygur Hospital of the Autonomous Region currently develops 12 kinds of medicines for treating vitiligo, screens out 5 kinds of maturity agents and scavengers for different populations, and a variety of special prescriptions mainly based on Xinjiang real estate medicines.

In 2006, the hospital passed the inspection of the key specialty of vitiligo of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  ”Not only skin diseases, bone injuries, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, gynecological diseases, anorectal diseases, etc. also have unique characteristics and advantages.

Alf said that after 2,500 years of history, Uyghur Medicine has its own unique theoretical system and diagnostic techniques.

In the prosperous era of the ancient Silk Road, under the influence of Arab medicine, it has absorbed the medical experience of many ethnic groups. At present, there are 2,000 prescriptions and a large number of folk prescriptions, which are a treasure house to be developed.

In addition, Uyghur Medicine has a higher sense of identity in the Islamic world, including countries in Central Asia, and has huge market potential.

  Local people are very welcome in Uyghur hospitals across Xinjiang, and the largest sales are preparations in Uyghur Pharmacy.

Because “look at the disease and spend less.”

In the pharmacy of Hetian District Victoria Hospital, the reporter took several preparations and asked. Most medicines cost about 10 yuan per box and can be taken continuously.

  At the county level, poor farmers mostly choose Victoria hospitals for medical treatment.

At the Moyu County Victoria Hospital, there were no “most” of the 100 beds.

When interviewed by reporters, several seriously ill Uighurs were waiting in line at the hospital entrance and asked why they did not go to other hospitals. They said “Western medicine is too expensive.”

The hospital introduced that the treatment mainly used Uygur medicine preparations, and the utilization rate of 198 kinds of inpatients reached more than 96%, which “replaced with drugs” and “reduced the burden on patients”.

  In Turpan, the orthopaedics and “sand therapy” at the local Uyghur hospital are well known.

For example, Uyghur’s orthopedics treats fractures of the extremities, bones, and fractures of the clavicle using traditional methods of replacement with raw eggs and fixation with bandages. The effect is good, the patient has less pain, and the cost is low.

Based on the unique “sand burying therapy”, it takes advantage of the local special climatic conditions and the characteristics of high content of sand minerals, which is a traditional Uyghur medicine with great potential for many chronic diseases.

  Based on the mass demand for Uyghur medicine, 42 public Uyghur hospitals, autonomous regions, prefectures and counties have initially established a medical service system.

The establishment of the Uighur Medical Advanced Institute has ensured the training of Uyghur talents.

“Uyghur Medicine uses more than 1,600 resources of real estate medicinal materials, and it is not difficult for the masses to take medicine.

Because of its low price, the masses are not expensive to see a doctor.

Alf said, “Uyghur Medicine has strong vitality among the people in Xinjiang.

“The development of Uyghur medicine needs urgent support. However, the development of Uyghur medicine also faces many difficulties.

  The first is insufficient funding.

A reporter’s investigation found that most ethnic medicine machines in Xinjiang were built in the 1980s, and the infrastructure was significantly poor and medical equipment was lacking.

  Essentially, the inheritance of Uyghur medicine heritage is not enough.

For example, the Xinjiang Uygur Medical Institute collects 47 ancient Uyghur medical books, overcomes various difficulties, and completes translation and collation of only 15 and publishes 7.

  Third, the research and development of Uyghur medicines is lagging behind, and the huge potential needs to be tapped.

The shortage of Uyghur medicine team is serious, and there is a shortage of backbone talents. With the successive deaths of the old Uyghur medicine, the problem has become increasingly prominent.

The only Xinjiang Uyghur Medical College has developed slowly.  Fourth, the national medicine and management system is incomplete.

At present, except for the Department of Health, where there is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Ethnic Medical Management Office, there are no specialized management agencies or even special personnel in each region and state, making the national and autonomous regions’ policies and work related to ethnic medicine impossible to resolve.

  ”I hope that the state will incorporate the development of ethnic medicine into the national development plan, improve the ethnic medical management institutions, clearly define its position, and ensure its establishment.

“Alpto,” this is not only for the prosperity of medicine, the promotion of economic development, and the medical needs of people of all nationalities; it is also important to carry forward the culture of all nationalities, promote national unity, and maintain political and social stability.


DIY milk mask white back


DIY milk mask white back

You accidentally tanned in summer and don’t want to see people with a black face?

In fact, homemade milk mask is a great magic weapon for MMs!

Milk contains a lot of nutrients and beauty whitening ingredients. Using milk as a mask, it has a good whitening effect!

The following editors deliberately organized the making method of milk mask, so that your skin becomes fair and easy, MMs come and learn together!

  Milk strawberry mask making: Pound the right amount of strawberries into a mud, add milk to make a paste.

Then apply it on the face and rinse with water for about 20 minutes.

  Efficacy: Milk strawberry mask can prevent skin dryness, make the skin look more delicate and smooth, add a lot of moisture to the skin, and moisturize the skin.

  Milk olive oil mask making: Prepare a spoonful of milk, add 3 drops of olive oil, add a small amount of flour, and mix well.

Apply it on a high level, and then dry it with warm water.

  Efficacy: Milk olive oil mask can reduce facial wrinkles, moisturize facial skin, make skin fairer and smoother, and increase skin vitality and elasticity.

  Milk and honey mask making: prepare an appropriate amount of milk, then add honey, stir well, add flour and stir into a paste, then apply it on the face, wait 15?
Rinse with water after 25 minutes.

  Efficacy: Milk honey mask has a good whitening effect, it is very moisturizing to add moisture to the skin, it is a very useful skin care mask.

  Milk oatmeal mask making: Mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with half a cup of milk and cook on a small fire, then apply it on the face when it is still warm, and you’re done.

  Efficacy: Milk oatmeal mask can effectively treat acne, remove freckles and blackheads, just use the oatmeal mask for 10 minutes every day and you will see the effect!

  Milk tofu mask making: shred the tofu in a clean gauze, then clean the face with iced milk. After washing the face, use gauze wrapped with tofu to rub the face.

  Efficacy: The milk crushed tofu mask can further clean the skin of the face, remove the dirt on the face, and make the skin smoother, fairer and whiten.

  Milk salt mask making: Melt a cup of salt in a small jar, pour it into a bathtub with warm water, and add 4 cups of equal amount of skim milk powder.

In this way, you can lie in this custom-made bathtub, soak for 20 minutes, and then carry out your daily washing process.

  Efficacy: Milk salt mask can improve rough skin. Once a week, you can say goodbye to dandruff.

  Milk banana mask making: prepare half a ripe banana, mash it into a mud, mix with an appropriate amount of milk, mix it into a paste, apply it to the face, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before washing it with water.

  Efficacy: Milk banana mask can make the skin refreshing and smooth, removing facial acne and freckles.