The characteristics and efficacy of black tea

The characteristics and efficacy of black tea

The dry tea color of the black tea and the brewed tea soup are mainly red, so it is called black tea.

The tea leaves of the tea tree suitable for the production of this product are used as raw materials, and are refined by a typical process such as withering, sputum, fermentation and drying.

  When black tea began to be created, it was called “black tea.”

The black tea undergoes a chemical reaction during the processing, and the chemical composition changes in the fresh leaves are broken. The tea polyphenols are reduced by more than 90%, and the new components of theaflavins and theaflavins are produced.

The aroma substances are increased from more than 50 kinds of fresh leaves to more than 300 kinds, and some caffeine, catechin and theaflavin complexes form a delicious complex, thereby forming black tea, red soup, red leaves and sweet alcohol.Quality characteristics.

  Black tea is divided into small black tea, black tea and red broken tea according to different manufacturing methods.

  The effect of black tea On May 13, 2002, the American Medical Association published a survey of 497 males and 540 females over 10 years. It pointed out that the bones of black tea are strong, and the polyphenols in black tea (also in green tea) inhibit the destruction of bone cells.The vitality of the substance, the amount of polyphenols in various foods is as follows: black tea – 17.

4, green tea – 12.

0, red wine – 9.

6, fresh orange juice – 0.


  In order to prevent osteoporosis in women, it is recommended to take a small cup of black tea every day for a few years.

For example, adding lemon to black tea, strong bones, the effect is stronger, can also add a variety of fruits in black tea, can play a synergistic role.

  The Osaka City University experiment in Japan pointed out that one hour after the incorporation of black tea, the blood flow velocity of the heart was measured to improve, and it was confirmed that black tea had an interventional intervention effect on myocardial infarction.

  American magazines report that black tea has stronger anti-aging effects than garlic head, broccoli and carrots.

  Black tea has some interesting sayings, to provide you with reference: health care: black tea can help digestion, promote near appetite, diuretic, eliminate edema, and strengthen myocardial function.

    Preventing diseases: Black tea has strong antibacterial activity. It can prevent colds caused by viral viruses and prevent tooth and food poisoning, and lower blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

Increased popularity of Japanese gym results in a month

Increased popularity of Japanese gym results in a month

The 8-minute gymnastics that swept Japan began to flow to China.

Many people who are troubled by height problems may wish to give it a try.

  Japan’s 8-minute rapid gymnastics: The main point of this method of exercise is to learn to exert force alternately and relax alternately. Because the integrated exercise process only takes 8 minutes, it is named.

  The specific steps are: hanging on the horizontal bar, that is, holding the iron bar on the horizontal bar with both hands, to empty the body, it is best to touch the ground with your toes when hanging down, and the whole body should be replaced and relaxed, 20 seconds each time.

Then do pull-ups (holding the horizontal bar), and raise your legs to exhale at right angles to your upper body.

Inhale while lowering your legs slowly.

Don’t forget to wiggle your body while descent while twisting your upper body with both hands on the iron rod.

In this method, young men can do 12-15 times a day, and young women can do 5-8 times.

  When you’re done, take a walk and take a deep breath.

  After that, it is naturally light, with both feet and shoulders wide. Both hands are clenched into fists and placed on the chest, and the whole body is tightened (tighten the muscles of the arms and inhale); relax, close your eyes naturally, and open your mouth slightly.Exhale.

  Finally, lie on the bed and relax your hips and arm muscles for ten minutes.

  This method has been promoted in “Health and Beauty” magazine, and Japanese QURVK magazine has also made a positive introduction. It is the most effective exercise method for short young people to increase.

According to reports, persistence in one month will be effective and replace Japan’s popularity.

Hip-hop is full of youth

Hip-hop is full of youth

Four sunny boys, and a personality girl, formed the “Emperor Dance Era”-opening up the hip-hop space of NIT.

They share common hobbies and different experiences.

On the stage, they relaxed and indulged, and together explained the beautiful youthful vitality and freedom.

Under the stage, they also have different excitement . Popping Li Jinglin: The dancing machine achieves “Dancing Forest Master” popping is a type of mechanical dance. One of the important elements of the dance team cannot be changed. It represents the action of wave, which is the transmission of current.
  As a captain, Li Jinglin has always liked Korean dance.

The popularity of the Beijing dancing machine in his sophomore year of high school inspired his inner passion for dancing. Playing the dancing machine every day after school is worth his dancing foundation.

At the beginning of the semester, he started without a teacher and performed a highly expressive street dance.

“I like the present,” he said with a smile.

As a freshman, he participated in various literary performances in the academy, and he was famous.

He is the captain and DJ on the dance team.

He said that what attracted him most to street dance was sunshine and vitality.

  Breaking Liu Renchun: I am obsessed with dancing, and I also dance with others when I am waiting: from “Wulin Master” to “Dancing Forest Master” Breaking, which requires high skills and contains some tricks, such as feet-walk, 2000, Nike, Big windmill (Thomas roundabout) and so on.

Boys are called B-BOY and girls are called B-Girl.

  Liu Renchun won the Best Typhoon Award in the solo dance of the Fourth College Student Culture and Arts Festival Street Dance Competition in Jiangsu Province with high skills and new breakthrough moves.

Ever since he was young, has he been a fan of Michael?

Jackson, who likes break dances, often does restless legs when doing homework.

At the university, led by the same dormitory dancer Ren Qi, he danced hip-hop, applied break dance to hip-hop, combined with martial arts stunts learned from Tong Guangna, plus his own superior conditions, it is easy to break, Called the most dazzling B-BOY in the dance team.

According to his obsession with dancing, he said that once he was waiting for someone in Golden Bay, and just happened to be playing music in Golden Bay, he jumped up unconsciously, which aroused classmates to watch.

  Tong Guang learned martial arts from a young age, and had been the instructor of a martial arts team. The encounter between him and Liu Renchun made him a “Master of Wulin” from a “Master of Wulin”.

At the end of last year, the two were studying together in Metasequoia Forest, because the two of them played Tai Chi.

So the two people who never knew each other talked, and they knew one of them would dance and one would perform acrobatics.

Tong Guang practiced dancing with martial arts background, and soon learned to break, known as the coolest B-BOY in the dance team.

  Locking Ren Qi: The perfect combination of fashion and classics. Wang Lin: Personality girl is locked, that is, lock dance, fast wrist movements and sudden stops, giving people a mechanical beauty.

  Wang Lin is the only girl on the dance team. The other five boys consistently rate her as “personality”, a girl who can be recognized at a glance in the girl group.

In high school, she was invited to the “Red and White Song Club” and met other members of the dance team.

  When I first saw Ren Qi, I didn’t think it was a hip-hop dancer. He was a neighbouring boy with a little sunshine and affinity.

He officially studied hip-hop in his sophomore year.

His dream is to become a dancer specialized in locking.

“I like the freedom of hip-hop, for me it’s a second space to relax and express myself at will,” he said.

What made journalists wrong was his love for ancient poetry.

Fashionable hip-hop and classical poetry, two far-reaching beauty, are perfectly combined in him.