How long has it been since Lin Dan missed the championship of the World Badminton Thai Masters

How long has it been since Lin Dan missed the championship of the World Badminton Thai Masters
The 2019 World Badminton Thailand Masters ended in Bangkok. Men’s Singles final Lin Dan played against Singapore’s world-ranked 125th Luo Jianyou. He lost two matches in 19-19 and 18-21 and lost to his opponents. He won the championship last time.The championship was still in May 2018.The picture shows Lin Dan as the top seed in the previous game. Lin Dan turned into Lin 3 in this Thailand match. He defeated his opponent after averaging three games in the first four games. He eliminated the younger brother Lu Guangzu in the semi-finals and won the New Zealand competition last May.Then he reached the finals of the Open again, competing with Singapore’s 125th-ranked Singaporean Luo Jianyou for the final championship.  In the first game, Lin Dan fell behind 0-2, but quickly stabilized the situation and patiently dealt with Luo Jianyou. He played decisively on offense and scored 5 points to overtake with 5-2.After 6-3, Lin Dan made consecutive mistakes and was chased by Luo Jianyou to score 6 points with 3 points.After 7 draws and 8 draws, Lin Dan seized the opportunity and scored 3 consecutive points to enter a timeout of 11-8.After the suspension, Lin Dan controlled the game very well. Pulling the assault once restricted Luo Jianyou and maintained the advantage of 4 or 5 points. However, after 19-14, he continuously lost points and lost 7 points. He even lost 7 points and was reversed by 19-21.  In the second game, Lin Dan counterattacked strongly and scored 6 points in the first 1-2. The speedup was obviously aligned with Luo Jianyou’s mistakes. The advantage was reset in the first half, leading to 11-5 when suspended.After 13-6, Lin Dan’s physical fitness has a tendency to decline, and he can’t keep up with Luo Jianyou’s speed, and is continuously chased by opponents, causing fatigue on the field, and his hand control is obviously reduced. Luo Jianyou is more and more courageous. Lin Dan lost 6 consecutively after 17-14Points, and finally lost another game 18-21, lost 0-2 missed the championship. Original title: Lin Dan Thailand lost 0-2 to the world’s 125th championship shortage for seven months

I.T issues profit warning, expects annual net additional to exceed US $ 3 billion

I.T issues profit warning, expects annual net additional to exceed US $ 3 billion
On April 9, the fashion retail group T LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “I.T ”) issued a profit warning, and it will be recorded that the company ‘s shareholder ‘s net worth is worth more than 300 million replacements for the year ended February 29, 2020.I.T said that it is expected that there may be preliminary consequences, depending on the impact of inbound tourists and consumption in the operating market, which will further crack down on the weak retail market.At the same time, factors such as the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic and slowing global economic growth have led to poor performance.January-February 2020, I.T’s sales fell sharply.Given the current business environment, I.T said that it has reduced the impact of the current situation by actively controlling operating costs, optimizing centralized upgrades, adjusting purchases and inventory levels.According to the announcement, in March 2020, I.More than 90% of the stores in Mainland China have reopened and sales have gradually recovered.But I.T stores in the United States must still be temporarily closed.Sauna, Ye Wang Zheng Yijia Pictures I.T official website screenshot editor Li Zheng proofreads Wei Zhuo

[Cucumber soup is hot or cold]_Attribute_How to do

浠庨鏉愮殑鐗规€ф潵鐪嬶紝椴奔姹ゅ睘浜庡噳鎬х殑涓€绉嶉鍝侊紝鍋忓噳鎬э紝鎵€浠ヨ鏈夊緢濂界殑棰勯槻涓婄伀鐨勪綔鐢紝鍦ㄥ钩鏃剁敓娲诲綋涓嚭鐜板捊鍠夎偪鐥涳紝鍑虹幇涓婄伀鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鍠濅竴鐐归搏楸兼堡鏄病鏈夐棶棰樼殑锛岃€屼笖椴奔姹ゅ浜庡摵涔虫湡鐨勫コ鎬ф潵璇达紝涔熸槸闈炲父鏈夊ソ澶It ‘s a good idea to use it, and it ‘s a good idea to use it. It ‘s a good idea to use it to make a living. It ‘s a good thing to know about it.鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?椴奔姹ゆ槸鐑€ц繕鏄噳鎬ч搏楸兼堡鏄亸鍑夋€х殑銆傞搏楸兼堡鍒╂按閫氫钩,鍏锋湁寰堝ソ鐨勬粙琛ヤ綔鐢ㄣ€傞搏楸煎惈鏈夊叏闈㈣€屼紭璐ㄧ殑铔嬬櫧璐紝瀵硅倢鑲ょ殑寮瑰姏绾ょ淮鏋勬垚鑳借捣鍒板緢濂The world is stunned, and the effects have been stricken. What are you going to do?绛夌簿绁炲洜绱犲鑷寸殑鏃╂湡鐨辩汗锛屾湁濂囩壒鐨勭紦瑙e姛鏁堛€?椴  奔 姹 や 笉 邉 You 妸 宸?.What is the best way to get married? If you want to know how to use it, you will be able to use it to make a difference.鏈€绠€鍗曟柟娉曞氨鏄紝鍦ㄧ叢楸兼堡鍓嶏紝鍏堟妸楸兼斁娌归攨鐓庝竴涓嬶紝鍙互淇濊瘉楸兼堡鐨勯矞鍛Are you ready for the lazy and sloppy hustle and bust? ュ 懗 銆?.鎯充繚鎸侀奔鑲夌殑鐢熼矞锛屼笉鎰跨厧鐐革紝鍙湪鐓奔鐨勬哺姘翠腑婊村叆鍑犳淮鑽ゆ补鎴栬€呯伀楹绘补銆?.鐔奔姹よ繕鏈変竴涓叧閿氨鏄澶х伀鐓哺锛屽敖閲忓埆鐢ㄥ皬鐏垨鑰呬腑鐏紝淇濇寔楸兼堡涓€鐩寸炕婊氾紝姘戦棿淇楄”鍗冩粴璞嗚厫涓囨粴楸?锛岄奔鎵嶈兘椴溿€?.鐢ㄥ叓瑙掔倽娌归攨锛屼笉浠呭彲缁欓奔鍘昏叆锛岃繕鍙棣欍€傜伀楹绘补6.鐢ㄩ珮姹や唬鏇挎按鐔奔姹わ紝杩欎篃鏄娇楸兼堡姹よ壊娴撶櫧锛屽彛鍛抽矞娣崇殑鎶€宸т箣涓€銆?.鐔堡鏃跺€欏彲浠ュ姞鍏ユ潖椴嶈弴鍜岄粍鐡滐紝鑿岃弴閮芥湁澧為鎻愰矞鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?。鐓喕楸兼椂锛屽湪姹ら噷鍔犱簺鐗涘ザ锛屼細浣垮喕楸肩殑鍛抽亾涓庨矞楸肩浉宸棤鍑犮€?.鍦ㄧ叜楸兼堡鏃讹紝椤荤敤鍑夋按锛岃涓€娆℃€ф妸姘存坊瓒筹紝濡備腑閫斿啀鍔犳按锛屽皢浼氬啿娣″師姹What is it?0.楸煎ご鍜岄奔灏惧厛鐢ㄦ补鐓庡埗閲戦粍锛屽彇鍑洪奔澶寸敤鍒€浠庝腑闂村妶寮€锛屽啀鏀炬堡姘淬€傞奔鐨勭簿鍗庡湪楸艰剳閮ㄥ垎锛屽厛鏁寸偢楸煎ご锛屼负鐨勬槸鐓庡埗鏃朵笉浣块奔鑴戞恫娴佸け锛屽啀灏嗗妶濂界殑楸煎ご涓嬪叆閿呬腑锛岀敤澶х伀灏嗛奔鑴?Lu?The monkeys are so cute, are they so cute?

[Garlic Steamed Oysters]_Garlic Steamed Oysters_How to_Practice

銆 愯 怏 钃 咎 倎 搀 鐢 憻 殱 銆 撱 撆 撆 撲撲 哥 撓 氓 漘 漡 悡 涍 锅 歘 锅 氭 桶 揶 叏
This is the first time for the father and the father to start the competition: the awards are made, the awards are made, the awards are made, the awards are made, the awards are made, and the awards are madeAwesome essays and umbrellas: Awesome essays: Talking about how to get rid of hydrogen sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrowsHow do you do it? How do you do it?涓€銆佹潗鏂欑敓铓濓細4鍙? 绾 ㈡: 10 years?钂 滐 细 6 鐡? The girl is so sloppy and sloppy 2 ゅ ゅ pet; do you hate it?/ 2 姹 ゅ pet; 椋 熺 洂 許?Gong’s pets; 阳 ℃ Beautiful and fine 1/2 gongs pets; 鐢 稸 娊 Ad?/2姹ゅ寵;1銆佺敤鍒峰瓙鎶婄敓铓濆澹冲埛娲楀共鍑€锛屽啀鎶婄敓铓濇挰寮€2銆佸彇鍑鸿殱鑲夛紝鏀惧湪灏忕閲岋紝鍔犳枡閰掋€?/ 2 Gong 診 樺 愬 懬 拰 鋳 ℃ Qi 嗌 ◢Can?Do you know how to squeeze the whole world with the tweezers?銆 佸 皢 镣 掑 ソ 镄 勏 咏 咏 咎 咎 幌 咴 年 Bi 颴 风 捓 鍑 Monkeys 玷 屽 峆 绾 ㈡Chain 纴 锷?/ 2 gongs stamp pet Sui let know Ninuu extinguish Fujio Zhang Xian Xia Dong Yao Ou Li Tong pot 5 TOWER crafty E Mang dirt Gan you receive the fear Wu Mang Fen 3 Wan Wan Yu Zhang Tuo Ren Di Fujio Toso fermium Juansheng Cha?What is the difference between you and me?00搴︼紝涓眰涓婁笅鐏紝鐑ょ害12鍒嗛挓鍗冲彲 浜屻€佺敤鏂欑敓铓?鍙?/ How to do it?  鐢 ㄦ 莃 傞 噺 / 鐢 熸 娊 2 鍕?/ 澶 ц 挏 2 澶?. 鐢熻殱鐢ㄥ埛瀛愬埛骞插噣澶栧3锛屾礂鍑€铓濊倝锛屾憜鏀句簬鐩樹腑2。 鍒 幧 湀 ц 捏 鍒 緧 缢 璙 撑 撂 撆 撲撲 撲 璬 璫 賫 pets Jing 鍒 囧 湀 3. 娌归攨鐑х儹锛屾斁鍏ラ€傞噺娌癸紝娌规俯5鎴愮儹鏃讹紝涓嬭挏钃夊拰灏忕背杈g吀鐐掑嚭棣欏懗锛岀洓鍑哄 鐢?4. What is the best way to do this? Brothers and sisters are up and down?. 姣忎釜铓濊倝涓婃穻涓婄敓鎶借捀閿呬腑姘寸儳寮€鍚庯紝鏀惧叆鐢熻殱锛岃捀5-6鍒嗛挓鍗冲彲

Jinhe Industrial (002597): Q2 performance will grow sequentially and Dingyuan will continue to build

Jinhe Industrial (002597): Q2 performance will grow sequentially and Dingyuan will continue to build
Event: Jinhe Industrial announced its 2019 Interim Report, and the company achieved revenue 19 in the first half of the year.780,000 yuan (at least -12.32%), realizing net profit attributable to mothers4.10,000 yuan (-26 per year).07%); 19Q2 achieved revenue of 10.69 ppm (at least -4.42%, +17.68%), realizing net profit attributable to mothers2.2.1 billion yuan (-12 per year).17%, +22.16%). Comments: Jinhe’s 19Q2 performance increased month-on-month. We analyzed the rise in prices of hydrogen peroxide and other products, and the technical transformation of sucralose increased production and sales.Jinhe 19Q2 gross margin was 34.6% compared with 31 in 19Q1.There was a slight increase of 2%. From the perspective of the price changes of the company’s products and raw materials, hydrogen peroxide (19Q2 price + 9%), nitric acid (19Q2 price + 9%), and sulfur (19Q2 price-9%) were the main factors.contribution.In addition, the sucralose technical transformation and expansion project (nominal annual output of 1,500 tons-> 3000 tons) was completed at the end of February and the main project was transformed into a trial production state, which resulted in increased sales and reduced costs. Dingyuan continued to build in the first phase, which helped its performance continue to grow steadily. As of June 31, the company has a total of Dingyuan (the budget number 8).600 million), expansion and expansion of sucralose (budget number 2.500 million) and other 10 total budgets14.9.1 billion projects are under construction and the remaining investment is about 900 million; the current asset-liability ratio is only 30.2%, better operating cash and abundant funds. On July 10, the company’s biomass cogeneration project was put into operation and connected to the grid for power generation.After that, in the first phase of Dingyuan (total investment of 8 billion to 1 billion), 1 cracked furfural (which is the raw material for maltol production), 4 chloride sulfite (which is the raw material for sucralose production) and public works projects will also be put into trial operation. Deepen the furfural industry chain layout: In the same month, Jinxuan Technology submitted an environmental impact assessment, stating that 5,000 tons of maltol in the original phase of Dingyuan was no longer under construction, and a new investment was planned3.600 million US dollars to build 600 tons of furanone, 3,000 tons of Jiale musk, 2,000 tons of 2-methylfuran, 3,000 tons of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran, 1,000 tons of furan ammonium salt and other projects, construction period of 12 months.We analyze this move to “retreat and advance” to temporarily avoid intensifying the competition in the maltol market, but at the same time continue to strengthen the overall competition in the furfural industry chain and ensure the leading position of the maltol market. To further enhance the cost competitiveness of sucralose: the company’s sucralose cost may be significantly reduced; at the same time, the company focuses on by-product recycling, solvent reduction and recovery, energy conservation optimization, and improvement of disposal capacity to further reduce sucralose productionCosts increase the basis. Actively develop towards consumer terminals, and launch “Ailetian” brand products through Internet channels. Stock repurchase demonstrated confidence, and the first phase of the core employee stock ownership plan enhanced incentives. On May 10, the company passed the forecast by zero.75-1.500 million U.S. dollars of its own funds were used for centralized bidding to repurchase shares for the subsequent implementation of employee shareholding plans or equity incentives; until July 31, the company converted to repurchase 6.38 million 杭州桑拿 shares with a total transaction amount of 1.20,000 yuan (excluding transaction costs). On August 12, the company released the first core employee shareholding plan. The company has no more than 755 directors and supervisors. Middle-level core management and business technology backbones can subscribe for shares at a price of 16 yuan per share, and raise the most funds.0 million.In addition, the actual controller, Mr. Yang Le, promised to invest in Jinrui during the reorganization of the employee’s shareholding plan holders. Mr. Yang Le will introduce the principal part of the replacement to supplement it. Investment suggestion: Jinhe Industrial is a high-quality Baima chemical company. It has developed from coal chemical industry and now has a global leading position in food additives such as acesulfame, sucralose, methoxy / benzyl maltol, and is still deepening its layoutFurfural industrial chain, strengthen cost competitiveness of sucralose, and deepen moat.Since 18 years, the price of portable products has fallen. The company’s performance has exceeded pressure. At present, the price risk of most products has been fully exposed, and Dingyuan’s follow-up project construction is continuously advancing to bring more volume to promote the company’s stable development. Investment suggestion: Buy-A investment rating is given for the first time with a 6-month target price of 25 yuan.We expect the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 8 respectively.06, 9.17, 10.2 billion, the corresponding returns are 1.44、1.64, 1.79 yuan / share, target price of 25 yuan is equivalent to P / E of 17 respectively.4, 15.2, 14.0 times. Risk reminder: the risk of pressure on chemical product prices, the risk of new projects failing to meet expectations, and the risk of increased competition in the industry

Keming Noodle Industry (002661) First Coverage Report: Capacity Expansion Seeks High Market Share, Structure Upgrade, Brand New Heights

Keming Noodle Industry (002661) First Coverage Report: Capacity Expansion Seeks High Market Share, Structure Upgrade, Brand New Heights

The noodle market has grown steadily, and the concentration of the industry has gradually increased. During 2012-2018, the total output of the noodle industry increased from 462 to 812, maintaining rapid growth, specialization, segmentation, and high-end noodles will be the future development trend of the noodle industry.

On the whole, the noodle industry has always been fragmented, and some leading players have concentrated competition.

In 2018, the leading noodle market in the region was Jinshahe Noodle Industry and Keming Noodle Industry represented about 20% of the domestic market, followed by COFCO Corporation, Boda Noodle Industry, Jinlongyu, Jinmailang and other companies.Therefore, Yuxiang, Yongsheng, Xingsheng and many other small and medium-sized enterprises still exist in the market.

Continue to intensively cultivate the southern market and increase the city’s market share. The primary target company’s revenue from 2014 to 2018 is 15.

2.7 billion to 28.

5.6 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 19.

07%, a rapid growth, which is due to the company’s continuous investment in production lines, while the simultaneous production and sales.

In terms of regions, East China and Central China each have a revenue share of more than 28% and have the strongest competition. The northern market has limited competitiveness, remaining around 10%, and has room for improvement.

The company will continue to cultivate the southern market in order to increase its market share.

Noodle production capacity is gradually released, and the self-sufficiency rate of flour has increased. Keming Noodle Industry currently has a capacity of about 60 tons. The largest noodle production capacity is mainly in Suiping, Henan (32 tons per year), Yanjin (18 tons), Wuhan, Changsha, Xinjiang (imported wheat productionHigh-end product production lines) and OEM factories total about 10.

In the future, the company will build the second phase of Suiping (20 tons of annual production capacity), the Chengdu plant (10四川耍耍网 tons) in southwest China, and increase the production capacity of Xinjiang by 2 production lines, considering the successive construction of production capacity in Jiaxing Free Trade Zone.

In addition to noodles, the expansion of wet noodle capacity is considered in Henan, Chengdu, and Jiaxing plants.

Keming noodles production in 2018 was 51.

87 Assumption, suppose that it takes about 52 flour (about 1: 1 ratio), and the current flour production capacity is 20 starch, and the flour is self-sufficient to replace 38%. At present, the company has an annual production capacity of 20 flour flour in Suiping, Henan.Successfully arrived, it is expected to be put into production at the end of the first quarter of 2020, and the self-sufficiency rate of flour can reach 77%.

Increasing sustainable self-sufficiency in flour can effectively reduce production costs and replace the company’s product line expansion.

The multi-faceted layout of noodles + wet noodles + instant noodles, the profit space is expected to increase the overall growth rate of the noodle noodle series in 2012-2018 between 10% and 35% (except 2017).

In 2017, Keming laid out wet noodles and instant noodles business, launched “Jinmai Kitchen” instant mixed udon noodles, and acquired Wugu Dojo.

Three-sided layout to achieve product structure upgrade.

Investment suggestion: The company’s long-term production capacity is steadily expanding to increase market share, and its product structure is continuously optimized to improve profitability.

The company’s revenue is expected to be 34 in 19-21.

36, 41.

79, 50.

180,000 yuan, an annual increase of 20% / 22% / 20%, net profit is 2.

23, 2.

72, 3.

33 ppm, an increase of 20% / 22% / 22% per year.

The EPS for 19-21 is 0.

68, 0.

83, 1.

01 yuan.

According to estimates from comparable companies, giving the company 1XPEG for 20 years corresponds to a growth rate of 22% in 20 years. 22X estimates for 20 years correspond to a target price of 18 yuan, which is 21% higher than the closing price on February 17, 2020.Into “rating.

Risk warning: less-than-expected capacity building, less-than-expected market expansion, food safety, etc.

Some food cannot be eaten with pork

Some food cannot be eaten with pork

Certain foods cannot be eaten with pork. When cooking food, it is usually accompanied by some meat or vegetables, which are more nutritious and delicious when mixed together.

Especially when cooking pork, it is inevitable to add some dishes or other foods, but not all foods can be eaten with pork, and eating some food with pork may damage health.

Soy pork and soy are not uncommonly cooked, such as pork soy stewed tofu, soy braised pork hand, soy and peanut braised pork skin. Not only are they famous, but some even used to be nutrition and health food.

But from a modern nutritional point of view, beans and pork should not be paired.

Because of the high phytic acid content in soybeans, 60% -80% of the phosphorus is in the form of phytic acid.

It often forms complexes with protein and mineral elements, which affects the availability of both and reduces utilization efficiency.

In addition, the combination of legumes with minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc. in lean meats, fish and other foods will interfere with and reduce the body’s absorption of these elements.

Beef Although pork and beef have not been eaten together for a long time, “Drinking to Eat” states: “Pork cannot be eaten with beef.”

However, recipes for cooking pork and beef are also common. Some fragrant beef patties are made with beef and pork.

Judging from the medicinal properties of TCM food, pork is sour, slightly cold, and has a nasty and cold nature, while beef has a sweet and warm smell, can replenish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the waist and feet, and has the benefits of Anzhong Yiqi.

The two are warm and cold, the spleen and stomach are supplemented, and the cold and tired are empty.

Sexual taste is inconsistent, so it should not be eaten together.

Coriander fried pork with cilantro will feel fragrant, sometimes even directly fried or stewed pork with cilantro, there are no shortage of dumplings or meatballs with cilantro pork filling in the market, but housewives who still use cilantro to mix pork should pay attention, although thisThis kind has been praised by family and friends, but it must be discarded mercilessly, because it is harmful to health.

Coriander is also called 芫荽, 芫荽 Xin Wen, exhausting gas and hurting.

Pork is nourishing and helps to sputum with dampness and heat.

The ancient book records: “Every meat has tonic, but pork has no tonic”.

One consumes gas, and the other does not supplement, so the two foods are harmful to the body.

Lamb liver and lamb liver are often touched together, especially when cooking or eating hot pot.

But Chinese medicine believes: “Pork is a common source of lamb liver and it is boring.

Because the smell of sheep liver is bitter cold, nourishing the liver and eyesight, and curing liver wind deficiency.

Pork is noisy, and it becomes hot and humid when it enters the stomach.

Lamb liver has belching, and cooking with pork can lead to strange smells, which is not suitable from a cooking point of view.


Red flags for teens running away from home

Red flags for teens running away from home

Daughter leaves home without a word. According to Mr. Huang, he is from Zigong, Sichuan. He usually packs small projects on construction sites. The family’s life is passable, and what concerns him most is the education of his daughter.

  Mr. Huang ‘s 16-year-old daughter Huang Hua (pseudonym) originally studied in a middle school near Xiuying Village, and her grades have always been better. But before the Spring Festival, Mr. Huang found that she had become unwilling to study and talk to her family., Temper is also impatient.

When the school started after the Spring Festival, Huang Hua suddenly said that she did not want to go to school.

Despite the family’s repeated work, Huang Hua stopped school in the last semester of the third grade.

Seeing that her daughter was idle at home, Mr. Huang took the money and asked her to attend a similar training class such as computer operation. She wanted her to learn some skills and beat her to find a job in the future.

Who knows that on March 16th, Huanghua suddenly left without any warning.

  Mr. Huang said that his daughter’s departure left the whole family in a daze. He put down the work at hand and asked around, but he didn’t find his daughter.

A few days ago I suddenly received a call from my daughter saying that she was not in Haikou. She is doing well now, so parents should not worry about her, don’t go looking for her everywhere, and she won’t go home.

  After inquiring, Mr. Huang knew that the call was from Baishamen, Haikou, and asked every day near the upper village of Baishamen. On the afternoon of April 10, he finally saw his daughter in Baishashangcun.

  I would rather rent a house than go home. Huanghua returned home less than two hours before returning to the rental house in Baishamen, leaving Mr. Huang with a sentence: “I’m still in that house, it’s fine.

At more than 7 o’clock in the morning on the 11th, Mr. Huang and his wife came to the place where their daughter rented and knocked on the door of the house. The daughter covered her with a quilt, and whatever they said, it seemed as if she hadn’t heard.

When helpless, Mr. Huang called our newspaper hotline for help.

  At about half past ten, the reporter walked into the place where Huang Hua lived. The room was littered with clothes and the air smelled of musty.

Huang Hua was lying on the bed, covering his face with a quilt, and Mr. Huang and his wife were sitting next to the daughter’s bed.

The reporter also tried to do Huanghua’s ideological work, but he tried hard and did not see any response.

  An hour passed, Huang Hua finally sat up.

Seeing her response, the reporter continued to do her work. In the end, Huang Hua agreed to go home with her parents, but the reporter did not get a word from her, and willing to go home was just a “nod.”

  Mr. Huang told reporters that the night before, when his daughter returned home, he was even annoyed by her daughter’s departure, but she still controlled her emotions and whisperedly understood the reason for her departure.

But surely he and his wife thought that his daughter was silent.

When I was really anxious, I said, “Nothing!

“Leaving home may be related to early love. The reporter learned from Huang Hua’s parents that although Huang Hua is not young, she has a strong personality.

  One day in February, Huang Hua went downstairs and forgot to bring the key. When she returned, the aunt who lived in the suite closed the door. She stood outside and called a few times. The other side didn’t hear her, and she took a few shots.She yelled at her a few words, and Huang Hua went up and slapped the hostess.

Later, for a little thing, Huang Hua had an argument with the female tenant at the opposite door, and she also rushed to hit someone, but fortunately she was stopped.

Not long after that, the aunt renting the house opposite moved away.

  Mr. Huang said that although his daughter did not speak, he judged from various indicators that the reason for her daughter’s departure should be out of early love.

Last semester, he saw that Zhang, a migrant man living in Xiuying Village, always came to find his daughter, and his daughter’s academic performance was replaced again and again. He warned Zhang not to affect his daughter, and Zhang later moved elsewhere.Living.

  In the afternoon of the 11th, shortly after her daughter returned home, Zhang found her home and said she would take Huanghua back to her hometown in Hunan.

He said that he had paid a lot and could not be separated from Huanghua.

Mr. Huang asked Zhang what he had paid, but the other party couldn’t answer.

And Huang Hua’s message to her family clearly stated that she secretly took away 1,000 yuan from the family because Zhang was looking for a job and she lent it to Zhang.

Based on this, Mr. Huang said that he felt Zhang was a very unreliable person.

  Parents concerned: To be a qualified parent, “Follow the Future?” Initiated and organized by 10 units including the All-China Women’s Federation, the Communist Youth League Central Committee, and the Central Comprehensive Administration Office.

关爱孩子‘十大杰出母亲’思想道德教育传播行动”要在海口作报告,他说自己面对孩子出现的问题,一点办法都没有,赶上这样的机会,再忙都要去听一场报告, Learn how others teach children.

  Mr. Huang said that his daughter did not tell him the reason for leaving, and he hoped that he could communicate smoothly with his daughter through the guidance of experts.

  Expert opinion: Dangerous signs of dangerous age Changling, deputy prison director of Fengxiang Prison in Hainan Province who is in charge of the discipline of minors, told reporters that sixteen or seventy-year-old is a dangerous age in life, and girls leaving should be a red flag.Because people are not deeply involved in the world, they are innocent and especially easy to be used. Judging from the juvenile crime cases in prison, many young girls commit felony crimes under the aegis of others. They only knew that they had gone the wrong way when they were sentenced.It’s too late to regret it.

  Chang Ling said that in situations such as Huanghua, parents should talk to their daughters first, and find ways to find out the reasons for her daughter’s departure, and related situations. Do not rush to do such work.Love, tell her the serious consequences of leaving, understand the stakes of laissez-faire behavior, and let her daughter believe in her parents and be willing to tell her true inner thoughts, so that she can achieve the “medical treatment” and solve the problems encountered in her daughter’s growth.Pull her back from the dangerous edge.

Who needs the office of the future

Who needs the office of the future

The new office of the future will require more human-related skills, and new office positions will reflect these functions.

A one-man resource service agency, the “Office Team” company, conducted a survey and suggested that some new office “white-collar workers” will appear in 2005.

  Guidance consultants: They are senior white-collar workers who help newcomers to mature full-time as soon as possible.

The emergence of mentoring consultants will reduce the learning skills of new hires and increase employee loyalty.

  Health managers: Health managers may sign a short-term contract with the enterprise. They are mainly responsible for developing some sports suitable for white-collar workers to exercise, formulating some working environment indicators that are beneficial to the physical health of white-collar workers, and providing information about fitness.Wait.

  Business etiquette consultants: They are Mr. Etiquette or Miss Etiquette in the high-tech office.

They mainly raise etiquette issues that should be paid attention to when dealing with business in the office, such as video conferences, mobile phone calls, emails, and so on.

  Gourmet consultants: They can be full-time authors or short-term collaborators outside the company.

They mainly provide dietary advice to corporate employees.

  Family Relations Advisors: They are full-time work experts.

It mainly helps company employees handle family relationships.

  Staff development strategy consultants: They are a group of “futurists”.

They keep track of the changes in the professional circle and provide advice on human resources investment and personal development of employees for some emerging occupations.

The therapeutic value of apples


The therapeutic value of apples

There are many apple varieties, such as Guoguang, Green Banana, Yellow Banana, Red Star, Zhu Guang, Shengli, etc., which are all famous.

Northeast China, North China, East China, Northwest China, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places have been cultivated.

Summer and autumn fruits are harvested when ripe, washed fresh, or sliced and dried.

  [Performance]Sweet, slightly acidic, cool in nature, return to the spleen and lung meridians, have the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, clearing heat and removing annoyance, nourishing the lungs and appetizing, benefiting the spleen and reducing diarrhea;Mild diarrhea, constipation, irritability, thirst, excessive drinking, high blood pressure, etc.

  [Reference]Contains sucrose, reducing sugar, malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, quinic acid, alcohols, pectin, vitamin C, potassium, sodium and other ingredients.

  The apple injection without pectin can be injected intravenously into rabbits, which can raise blood sugar, diuresis, adjust bowel function (conversion of excessive excitement or inhibition to normalization), and prevent deoxycorticosterone from raising rats as slightly as possible.The role of blood pressure.

  [Use]For irritating heat and thirst, or excessive drinking; indigestion or insufficient spleen and yin, eat less diarrhea.

  [Usage]Raw food, ground juice, boiled ointment, or dried ground powder, decoction.