People with hot constitution can eat some vegetables in spring

People with hot constitution can eat some vegetables in spring

Spring is a season of high incidence of febrile diseases. It is easier for those with hot constitutions. The foods that can be used frequently by people with hot constitutions in the spring are mostly cold vegetables. People with cold constitutions should eat less.


Celery has a sweet and cool taste, functions for clearing the stomach, clearing eyes, removing heat and removing wind, dispersing blood stasis and breaking knots, reducing blood pressure and dizziness.

(1) Hypertension, headache, brain swelling, deficiency inflammation, over-excited spirit: 250 grams of fresh celery, washed, soaked in boiling water for 2 minutes, chopped and smashed, and served with juice.

20-30 ml each time, 2 times a day.


(2) Chyluria: take the lower half of the dry celery and cut about 10 cm from the root, and preferably the root diameter is greater than 2 cm.

Wash 10 roots each time, add 500 ml of water, and fry to 200 ml for frying. Take it on an empty stomach in the morning, add frying liquid to the second frying, and drink in the evening.

Take 1 dose daily for 3 weeks to 1 month.

If the condition is serious, increase the appropriate amount.

(3) Diabetes: 500 grams of celery, twisted juice, cool the serving after boiling.


Basil vegetable taste Gan Xinping, function of peace of mind, spleen and stomach, Xiaotan drink, Li Erpian.

(1) Hypertensive dizziness and brain swelling: 200 grams of fresh basil vegetables, washed and chopped, smashed to obtain juice.

50 ml per serving, warm water, 2 times a day.

(2) Hot cough and thick sputum: 90 grams of fresh basil, fry the soup, add 5 grams of rock sugar, and serve after simmering.

2 times a day.

Spinach has a sweet and smooth flavor, nourishes yin and moisturizes, nourishes blood and stops bleeding, relieves fire and qi, and helps the stomach and intestines.

(1) Hypertension, headache, dizziness, constipation: 100 grams of fresh spinach and roots, boil for 3 minutes in boiling water, pick up and mix with sesame oil.

2 times a day.
(2) Red eyes: spinach seeds, wild chrysanthemum, 20 grams each, decoction.

(3) Diabetes: 100 grams of fresh spinach root soup, 15 grams of chicken internal gold, dried, ground, and spinach soup.

2 times a day, even for weeks.

(4) Iron deficiency anemia, diarrhea, blood in the stool, and scurvy: 100 grams of fresh spinach with roots, washed, and cooked in soup.

It can cook soup with rabbit liver and has the function of nourishing yin and blood.


Amaranth is sweet and flat, cools heat and detoxifies, stops bleeding, lowers blood pressure, and keeps eyesight.

(1) High blood pressure, fundus hemorrhage, dizziness and headache: 9 grams of fresh amaranth, fried water instead of tea, Jiufu.

(2) Women’s uterine bleeding, blood in the stool: 30 grams of amaranth with roots, washed, decoction.

2 times a day, even for January.

This law is also effective in treating hemophilia.

(3) Chyluria: 120 grams of fresh amaranth, decoction, take 3 times, even for 3 months.

(4) Chronic nephritis edema: 60 grams of amaranth, 30 grams of red beans, previously 60 grams of rice, boil the rice and beans first, and finally add amaranth, cooked and ready to eat.

This method also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and bleeding.


Malan’s head tastes mild and flat, and has functions of clearing heat, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, and jaundice.

(1) Subcutaneous hemorrhagic purpura: 150 grams of bright red stalk Malan head whole grass, washed and smashed and squeezed, warm water to take; or 500 grams of whole grass decoction, once a day.
(2) Acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis, stomatitis: 100 grams of fresh Malan head grass, decoction, 2 times a day.
(3) Women’s inverted menstruation: Malantou whole grass 60g, decoction, drink 10ml of rice wine.

(4) Mastitis and poison of women: smash the fresh Malantou with an appropriate amount of salt (50: 1), mix with rice vinegar to make a thin paste, and apply it to the affected area; at the same time, use 60g of Malantou whole grass, wash,Add water and wine to fry.

(5) Acute hepatitis: Red Terrier Malantou root 60 grams, decoction, 2 times a day.


Lettuce tastes bitter cold, clears heat and detoxifies, and reduces swelling.

(1) Milk is unreasonable: 250 grams of lettuce, decoction, or serve with an appropriate amount of rice wine.

(2) Unfavorable urination, hematuria: 50 grams of lettuce leaves, washed, mashed, and applied to the navel.

(3) Scabies and poison, unnamed swelling and poison: 50-60 grams of fresh lettuce leaves, washed, smashed, applied to the affected area, and changed twice a day.

At the same time, 100 grams of fresh leaves are taken orally.

(4) Ringworm of the skin: 30 grams of fresh bamboo shoots, smashed, mixed with lard, wrapped in gauze, gently rub the affected area, 2-3 times a day.

(5) Severe bleeding due to bruises: 100 grams of fresh lettuce leaves and stems, 30 grams of lean pork, and soup.

Take 1 dose daily for 3 days.


The broccoli has a sweet, flat and astringent taste, functions to neutralize the stomach, relax muscles, and invigorate the intestines.

(1) Rheumatic bone and bone pain, neuralgia: 20 grams of cauliflower, decoction, 1 dose daily, even for 1 week.

(2) Gingival bleeding: 50 grams of cauliflower, decoction, 1 dose daily, even for several days.

(3) Snake bite, sting and wasp sting: Fresh golden cauliflower is washed, smashed, wrapped, and changed twice a day.


The dish is sweet and cold, functions to clear heat and detoxify, and stops vomiting and diarrhea.

(1) Diarrhea and scabies, unnamed swelling and poison: 30 grams each of fresh amaranth and fresh big green leaves, smashed, add 10 grams of sugar, mashed like mud, apply the affected area, change 3 times a day.

(2) Hypertension: 60 grams of fresh amaranth, add 10 grams of rock sugar, stew.

Take 1 dose daily for 1 week.
(3) Stomach pain and vomiting: Cook fresh amaranth with anchovies, add a little salt, 1 dose daily.


The sweet-smelling taste is bitter and bitter cold, with functions of clearing heat and detoxifying.

(1) Unknown swelling and poison: 100 grams of fresh aunt, wash and smash, add 10 ml of ginger juice, stir and apply to the affected area.

Change 2 times a day.
This method can cure poisonous snake bites, change it every 2 hours, and take whole grass mashing juice, warm water to wash.

(2) Postpartum coat is not lower: 300 grams of fresh Cigu, washed, chopped, smashed, twisted, and delivered with 15 ml of warm rice wine.


Mushroom has a sweet taste, functions to qi and phlegm, and is anti-cancer.

(1) Pediatric measles does not spread well: 20 grams of fresh mushrooms or 9 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 1 fresh anchovy, stewed, soup, 1 dose per day.

The rash will stop.

(2) Leukopenia, infectious hepatitis, gastric cancer and cervical cancer, etc .: appropriate amount of fresh mushrooms, cook soup.

Regular food is good.

How do men build muscles?

How do men build muscles?

I picked a barbell neck squat to practice the outside of the quadriceps, and used leg lifts or shoulders to do squats to train the rectus femoris and the median femoris.

In addition, if you want to make the quadriceps sharp, you must use a sitting kick and a squat to separate it.


The barbell squat behind the neck focuses on the development of the quadriceps, using the squat machine or Smith Squat is a good choice.

  Action: Lift the barbell rack from the back of the neck and move it out to keep the barbell balanced.

Keep your head straight, bend your knees and squat until your thighs are below the level, and stand up strongly to the starting position.

  Key points: It is critical that your thighs are below the water level when squatting, especially beginners, otherwise you will use your strength to do leg extensions.

If you do not squat low enough at the beginning, you will easily get injured when you add weight later.

The distance between the two feet is about the width of the shoulders, which is “outer octagonal”, with the toes facing outwards, so that the stress is more concentrated and the exercises are in place.

It should not be inward or extended in the early stage, so as not to use too much force in other parts of the body.

When squatting, the direction of alignment should be toward the toes and feet, and the barbell, step on the foot, and foot should be aligned in a straight line, that is, the movement trajectory of the barbell should be consistent with the vertical axis of the human body, perpendicular to the ground, and straight down straight up.

Keep your eyes on the front when squatting and forward, so as not to bend your bow or barbell’s center of gravity too far forward.


The best choice for barbell squat front to develop lateral quadriceps.

  Action: Same as squat at the back of the neck, except that the horizontal bar is placed on the sternal collarbone and shoulders, and the hands are crossed (protecting) the barbell.

  Key points: Use a narrow parallel position with the feet at the same width as the front and the toes facing parallel to the front.

The lower the squat, the better, so that the outside of the quadriceps is fully contracted and contracted, the purpose is not to let it “outer length” and “downward”, the thighs will be trained to exceed the shape.

If the upper and middle quadriceps are not well developed, you can use heavy weights to do “front squat” or “back squat” exercises, but you must use parallel narrow positions.


Squat shoulders to develop quadriceps.

This exercise has some difficulties, but it is very effective, especially before the game, it is an essential movement to separate the quadriceps.

  Action: Stand on the squat machine, hold your shoulder against the shoulder rest, hold the handle, and your feet naturally separate, slightly narrower than your shoulders.

Unfasten the safety handle on the squat machine, bend your knees and squat, stand up with your quadriceps muscles until your legs are straight, stop a bit, and repeat.

  Important point: When practicing with a squat machine, changing the position of your feet will change your exercise position.

Exercise is large, the angle between the calf and the like is less than 90 degrees in order to play a role, the body’s center of gravity is behind the heel, two feet stand a little forward to ensure that the quadriceps muscles are fully exercised.

In order to maintain the tension of the quadriceps muscles and improve the quality of training, do not fully straighten your legs when standing up, and do not lock your knees to maintain a slight flexion.


Leg lifting mainly develops thigh muscles.

If there are shortcomings in squatting, it is the pressure penetration of the waist when squatting, and leg lifting can avoid this deficiency, so heavy weight training can be performed.

It is best to do squats before practicing this action, and then use your legs to “help” when you can’t withstand heavy pressure on the waist.

Exercise on the “leg lift” machine can adjust the position of two feet to achieve the purpose of exercising different parts.

For example, the foot is the lower part of the “outer eight” leg training and so on.

  Essentials: Sit on the leg lifter with your feet on the stepping board (slightly narrower than your shoulders).

Unhook the safety bolt and hold the handle.

Then flex your knees yearning, make the weight to the lowest point, and step up firmly to the starting position.

  Key points: Twisting health habits such as pushing the knees and pushing the chest or segmenting the chest to limit the distance of movement during practice.

In addition, when the movement is restored, do not fully straighten your feet and your knees are slightly flexed.

  5. Leg flexion and extension can completely separate the front thigh muscles without affecting its circumference, especially the knee circumference.
It is also an exercise to exercise the quadriceps muscles alone, which can be practiced on both legs at the same time or alternately on one leg.

  Essentials: Sitting on a leg flexion and extension chair, holding the handlebars, bending your knees and sagging your legs, hooking your feet to the pads and hooking your toes.

Extend the calf firmly to contract the quadriceps, until the legs are fully straightened, stop a little, and then control the reduction with the tension of the quadriceps.

  Key point: The key is to get home with your movements so that the quadriceps muscles are in the “peak contraction” position.

In addition, keep your toes hooked during movement to keep your quadriceps muscles in tension.

  Practice method: The traditional practice method is to do compound movements first and then do isolated movements, but to exercise the quadriceps I call isolating movements-leg flexion and extension as the first exercise.

The reason is that the legs are flexed and stretched enough to lift the relative weight, the thighs are fully stretched, the muscle lines are drawn deeply and clearly, and the warm-up is also adequate for squats.

It should be noted that the advanced level is more suitable for this kind of practice, and the first level is better to do compound movements first to avoid isolated movements that only stimulate a small part of the muscles.

In order to avoid the biceps femoral muscles, you can do push-ups or sit-up leg curls first to fatigue the biceps in advance, and then do quadriceps exercises, such as barbell squats, leg lifts, sittingLegs flexion and extension.

After the front squats and other exercises are completed, you can practice with the biceps femoris.

Arranging exercise exercises for the biceps femoris can not only enable the thigh muscles to develop in a balanced manner, but also allow the quadriceps to be actively rested during the exercise of the biceps femoris and promote the recovery of the quadriceps.

  Recommendation: Exercise frequency is 1-2 times per week, not more than 2 times, and the interval time should be 72 hours.

Each training should replace 3-4 movements according to the training purpose, and should not exceed 4 movements.

Action selection, action sequence, and training method can be randomly changed according to different purposes.

In order to see the clearly visible lines of the quadriceps, in addition to the above exercise methods, aerobic training and reasonable diet control must be properly arranged during training.

Although jujube can nourish blood, but 6 kinds of people should be careful to eat, otherwise it is harmful to the body!

Although jujube can nourish blood, but 6 kinds of people should be careful to eat, otherwise it is harmful to the body!

Jujube is a good health care product, especially because of its blood-filling effect.

But the best food is also taboo, and red dates are no exception.

Although it is very beneficial for women, not all women can eat it. For example, the following six women should not eat or eat less.

1, women with menstrual edema during menstruation, eyes and feet will have varying degrees of edema, which is caused by excessive moisture in the body, red dates are sweet foods, eating more will lead to oysters,Excessive humidity can cause aggravation of edema.

2, hot and healthy female jujube temperature, if the body is a hot person, often eating red dates will aggravate the fever, especially for women with menstrual heat and dryness is a taboo, may lead to menstrual blood flowToo much, causing certain damage to the body.

3, diabetic patients because of diabetes, the dietary taboos are many, diabetic patients must pay attention to not eat sugary food, and red dates are relatively high sugar content, this food is the most suitable for diabeticsTo use.

4, patients with wind-heat cold flu cold patients who eat red dates will be easy to diarrhea, hurt the spleen and feel the wind and heat to form a cold, fever, bloating people, eat fresh red dates easy diarrhea, hurt the spleen, this group of people should not eatRed dates.

5, constipation patients red jujube skin is a relatively high fiber content of food, eating red jujube skin is not easy to digest, for people with bad stomach, or people who often have abdominal distension, try to eat less, especially for habitualPatients with constipation should not eat more.

6, the stomach is not good people, jujube skin is very hard, not easy to digest and absorb, the gastric mucosa is the most afraid of hard things injured, for those who have a bad stomach, try not to eat jujube skin, jujube itselfStimulate the secretion of gastric acid, if the stomach is too acidic or easy to acid reflux, try to eat less jujube.

Basic principles of the elderly diet

Basic principles of the elderly diet

The elderly have weakened the digestion and absorption function of food due to the aging of the body organs. Therefore, some specific basic principles should be followed in the diet. The following will introduce you in detail.

  Reducing the overall rate of reduction The basal metabolism of the elderly gradually decreases with age, ranging from 10% to 50%. To alleviate the burden on the heart, the total volume should be reduced by 10%-30% compared to young adults.

In the diet, it is to reduce the amount of food.

  Adults should be less likely to have an adult-controlled conversion of 20%-25%.

That is, about 20 grams of cooking oil per day, and mainly vegetable oil.

However, adults should not be too small, otherwise it will affect the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

  The low-salt World Health Organization recommends that the daily salt intake per person is 3–5 grams, which is equivalent to the local residents’ habit of “not salty and tasteless” and the intake of salt is high.

In any case, the elderly should try to keep the daily salt intake below 5 grams.

  Vitamins and inorganic salts should be excessively promoted to encourage people to eat more fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, more than 300 grams per day.

This is the main source of vitamins and inorganic salts.

This is necessary to maintain normal metabolic activity, enhance the body’s immunity, and improve disease prevention and disease resistance.

  Protein Nanyi “fine” daily protein supplementation should account for 13%-15% of total conversion; can be 1–1 per kilogram body weight.

5 grams of replenishment, about lean meat, chicken and fish, 50-100 grams, 40 grams of eggs, and the right amount of beans, that is, high-quality protein should be more than 50%, soy protein content is high, good quality.
The fiber of fish is short, contains less manure, and the meat is fresh and tender, and its protein digestibility is as high as 87%-98%.

These are ideal foods for older people’s protein.

  The staple food “should be thick and not fine” elderly people eat about 200 grams of cereals daily, and appropriately increase the proportion of coarse grains, such as millet, corn, sweet potatoes and oats; if you are used to eating bread, you should also eat whole wheat bread, its nutritionThe value is higher than the fine white bread.

This will not only increase the supply of fiber, but also supplement the alternative vitamins, such as vitamin B, to enhance appetite.

After staying up late, eat 5 kinds of food to help you get your liver back!

With 3 soups, you can also help the kidneys

After staying up late, eat 5 kinds of food to help you get your liver back!
With 3 soups, you can also help the kidneys

Even if you have a sense of health, you will always have to meet a few nights and nights: there is something urgently waiting for you to turn in tomorrow.

You can’t do it today, but you can’t do it today; there is a live broadcast tonight, you have to watch it.Don’t look uncomfortable in the heart; night shifts are night shifts, and those who want to shift work must stay up late.

.This staying up late, inevitably hurts the yin and hurt the liver, often feels tired the next day, causing dizziness, upset, and red eyes.

Although the sensation can help to replenish a little energy, and then the damage that can be recovered can not make up.

In fact, in addition to adjusting the schedule, I have to spend a little thought on the diet!

After staying up late, eat 5 kinds of food to help you make up the liver.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” of the Ming and Qing Dynasties records: “The squid tastes sweet and warm, non-toxic, into the liver, spleen and kidney, can make up the labor, strong bones and muscles, rheumatism.

“Huangqi has qi and nourishing blood, Wenyang spleen, nourishing liver and kidney, phlegm and collaterals, etc., for the labor caused by staying up late, has a certain relief effect.


Black Sesame Sesame has been considered as a “food for longevity” since ancient times. It is just a delicious condiment. It is also a good medicine for benefiting the liver and tonifying the kidneys, relaxing the bowels, and replenishing blood.

In addition, studies have found that sesamin contained in the liver can protect and strengthen liver function, regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and also have certain antioxidant capacity, which can promote metabolism.


The scorpion is sweet and sweet, and it belongs to the liver and kidney. It has the functions of nourishing kidney and yin, moistening the lungs, replenishing liver and blood, and improving the purpose.

In the case of Zhang Xichun, a well-known doctor in the early days, it was recorded that chewing a scorpion knife before going to sleep can mediate yin and yang in the body, quenching thirst, and causing imbalance of yin and yang in the body by day and night, and liver blood deficiency can just be restored.

Note that although it is good, it should not exceed 20 grams a day.


Mussel mussels are a common mussel in coastal cities and are also known as sea rainbows in the north.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that mussels are salty and salty, have a warming effect, have the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, benefiting essence and blood, and eliminating tumors. They can be used for spleen, spleen, less blood, less bowel, lower back pain and other symptoms.


Spinach spinach contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, has the effect of nourishing the blood and invigorating the liver.

Staying up late and staying in the light is easy to hurt the eyes, and the liver corresponds to the eye, and the liver can also be eye-catching.

In addition to these nourishing ingredients, you can also eat more foods such as carrots, leeks, squid and other vitamin A, which can improve the adaptability of people staying up late to dim light and prevent visual fatigue.

And like liver, fish, soy food, liver vitamin B, can help increase metabolism, provide energy, and protect nerve cells.

Maintaining adequate nutrition can help your body regain its vitality.

3 soups, nourishing liver and kidney, soothe the nerves and sleep, staying up late, easy to consume energy, if you feel unwell, weak, you can try to do the following soup: 1.

Pork waist stewed Eucommia practice: 25 grams of Eucommia, 1 pig waist.

Add some water and stew for 1 hour, add seasoning.

Opinion: nourishing liver and kidney, strong bones and muscles, suitable for back and back pain after staying up late, those with weak limbs.


Lotus seed lily 煲 lean meat practices: lotus seeds (to core) 20 grams, 20 grams of lily, 100 grams of pork lean meat, add water to the same amount of sputum, meat cooked and then add salt to taste.

Opinion: Qingxin Runfei, Qi and soothe the nerves, suitable for dry cough after staying up late, insomnia, upset, palpitations and other symptoms.


Prunella vulgare lean meat practice: 10 grams of Prunella vulgaris, pig lean meat 50?
100 grams, add water to the amount of total simmer, meat cooked, seasoned with salt, eat meat and drink juice.

Efficacy: clear liver fire, lower blood pressure, suitable for dizziness and headache after day and night and red eyes.
Note: The above soups are accompanied by Chinese herbal medicines. For long-term use, consult a professional Chinese medicine practitioner.
Have to stay up late?

4 strokes let you minimize damage to 1.

Stay up all night and prepare for staying up late, you can pre-fill sleep.

You can take a nap for one hour during the day, so that you will be relatively full at night.

At noon after day and night, it can also be adjusted accordingly. The sleep time is preferably a multiple of a sleep cycle (90 minutes) to ensure the recovery of power.


Eating less for dinner is about to fight for a long night, and of course you need to add extra heat.

However, it is not recommended to choose a high-fat dinner, eat more light and nutritious vegetables and fruits, add a little fish and shrimp.

This will allow for the storage of high quality protein, inorganic salts and vitamins for day and night.


Avoid drinking coffee and staying up late to sleep, talk about refreshing and resisting sleep, do you think of coffee?

Although caffeine is inspiring, the study found that caffeine is not effective, even useful, and can only maintain short-term results.

It is better to choose some flower tea instead of coffee. Drink some refreshing fruit and vegetable juices when staying up late, and also add water and vitamins.

In addition, before starting to stay up late, a vitamin B group nutrition pill can also relieve fatigue and enhance human immunity.


Nightingale light points If you need to add nightingale, the amount of nightingale is preferably less than 1/5 of the whole day’s food intake. It is recommended to choose foods that are easy to digest and absorb.

Porridge is a good choice, you can add some red dates or beans in the porridge, can replenish the heat, lungs and cough, regulate the role of the stomach.

Lily can also be added to the porridge, which helps to calm down and calm down.

Finally, I want to tell you that although I have recommended so many methods, Xiao Bian still wants to persuade one sentence. If it is not necessary, stay up late, stay up all night, get up early, get enough energy, and be able to finish more in the daytime.What about you, are you saying that?

Decreased “leptin” after dieting makes it harder for the brain to control appetite

Decreased “leptin” after dieting makes it harder for the brain to control appetite

American researchers have found that when people lose weight and lose weight in their bodies, the hormone called Leptin is reduced, so that dieters often can’t keep it, and the solution is to restore leptin to pre-nutrition.Level.
  Rosenbaum, a researcher at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, points out that when people lose weight, the rate of metabolism increases, so the body’s calories are reduced.
However, the brain is more difficult to resist the temptation of food.
  Rosenbaum said in an interview: “The part of the brain that controls appetite seems to be less active. You are more responsive to food and more difficult to control your appetite.
Leptin is a natural anorexia secreted by the body’s adipose tissue.
Researchers first discovered in the 1990s that leptin controls the appetite of mice and causes them to lose weight.
Since then, researchers have been working on how to use leptin to help people lose weight successfully.
  Previous studies have shown that once weight is lost, the body’s secreted leptin is also reduced to conserve energy.
Rosenbaum therefore further studied whether the effects of leptin decline on the brains of dieters and the filling of the leptin they lost would help them stay slim.
  Rosenbaum and his team found that once leptin is restored to pre-nutrition levels, the part of the brain that controls appetite will regain its activity.
The researchers also reached the same results after studying some patients who were unable to secrete leptin.

Reading glasses can not be purchased, remember to remember five points

Reading glasses can not be purchased, remember to remember five points

As soon as people are old, many senses will degenerate. Something: Presbyopia appears.

Once the old man has presbyopia, it will be very difficult to see the surrounding things, and it will often be affected. Therefore, it is imperative to have a pair of reading glasses.


You can wear glasses if you have a squint, don’t delay.

  When a lot of old people appear to be obscured by things, they will resist wearing glasses, so they will not be able to match them.

If the long-term vision is blurred, it may cause dizziness and eye swelling. Therefore, when the elderly have blurred vision, they must choose the reading glasses as soon as possible.


Check before the glasses.

  Where is the reading glasses sold?

The stalls are everywhere, a few pieces, dozens of pieces.

Old people must not buy reading glasses at will.

Old people must have a comprehensive examination before buying glasses, including distance vision, near vision, intraocular pressure and fundus examination.

To rule out cataracts, glaucoma, and some fundus diseases, you can optometry to determine the degree, and then select the appropriate glasses according to your own eye condition.

  Most of the cheap reading glasses on the street stalls have quality problems. If the elderly wear glasses with quality problems for a long time, it will naturally cause eye damage and aggravate eye diseases.


Replace it instantly.

  The degree of presbyopia will also deepen with the increase of age, so the elderly should pay more attention to the comfort of presbyopia, and once they are found, they must be replaced immediately.

In addition, the lens will have a certain life, such as scratches, aging, it will also cause blurred vision.


Wear it when you need it.

  The characteristic of presbyopia is that the distant objects are clear and the near objects are blurred. Therefore, the old man only wears reading glasses when looking at the vicinity. Of course, it is best to wear them when not needed.

Wearing reading glasses at both ends can also cause dizziness and unclear symptoms.


The glasses of the elderly with the reading function of filtering ultraviolet rays are relatively strict, and generally need to be equipped with the ultraviolet light function of the river, which can protect the glasses and the above-mentioned senile eye diseases.

  The eyes are the windows of the soul. If the window is unclear, how can we see everything in the world?

The elderly must protect their eyes and look at things around them for a limited time.

El Salvador receives the land of God’s favor

El Salvador receives the land of God’s favor

Salvador in northeastern Brazil is located on the east coast of the Todos Santos Bay in the Atlantic Ocean. It was the first city built by the Portuguese colonialists in Brazil in 1549 and has been the capital of Brazil since 1763.

The carbonization of El Salvador means “savior”.

Most of the current population is black and mulatto.

Currently, the city of Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia, Brazil, and the third largest city in Brazil.

The city still retains colonial buildings, and the ancient capital still exists today, and it has been declared a world cultural heritage by the United Nations.

Old Town on the Atlantic Ocean in the Old Town of the Atlantic: The buildings and churches of Salvador are divided into two cities. Most of the city is built on the slopes of the Gulf of Saints (Wansheng Bay) overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean.

In the lower part of the city, the Gai Lu Square, centered on the customs building built in the early 19th century, the Customs Building of the year has now become the market of Modeiro, mainly selling handicrafts.

The old houses in the old town are mostly two or three-storey buildings connected by buildings, and some of the small balconies outside the floor-to-ceiling windows are surrounded by black cast iron railings.

Most of the exterior walls are light and soft, and the window frames and door frames are outlined in white.

Some of the houses along the street use shops, mainly for tourist souvenirs and local souvenirs; some are small museums and exhibition halls.

  The old city is built on the mountain, and some roads have a small slope. The houses of the two naturally form an irregular step-by-step separation, which has a charm.

The narrow road is still a stone-shaped road, and the stone that has been trampled on the surface is full of the vicissitudes of the city.

When tourists appreciate and appreciate the simple ancient style that still exists today, who would have thought of the blood and sweat and even life of countless black slaves for the construction of the original ancient city.

  If you want to see the building, you must go to the city.

Almost all of the famous churches are in the upper town, and Pelourinho in the upper city is the largest Baroque complex in the Americas and is listed as a UN cultural heritage.

Walking along the cobbled stone road in the ancient city, you will stand in front of a tall, quaint Gothic church.

If you can find a commanding height in the ancient city, you will be amazed to find that there are so many church spires on the skyline of the ancient city of El Salvador. No wonder some people are called “black Rome” by El Salvador.

  In Salvador, the gorgeous St. Francis Church is a must-see for visitors.

The entrance is a courtyard surrounded by a stone gallery, elegant and pleasant.

The blue and white tiles circle the gallery for a week, depicting the story of San Francisco.

In the courtyard, a few stone plaques were placed, and the grass was green and red.

Standing in the gallery, the shadows of stone pillars and arched corridors, blue and white vivid tile paintings, and the towering white wall and yellow roof of the courtyard outside the courtyard are composed of a layer of distinct, light-looking images that are unbearable.

At the two ends of the gallery, look at those tile paintings, there is no shortage of interesting things, one of which painted the goddess with four breasts.

Entering the church from the side door, the first feeling is dark and gloomy, and even the church is full of gold.

The golden pillars in the sacred church are supported by the top, the colonnade, the canopy and the place where the troubles are covered with gold leaves. It seems that gold is a cheap wallpaper.

  From here to the historical area, the street is steep and steep.

Many places in the city are shabby but not tacky.

The sea seems to be nearby, from the window of some fans accidentally open, at the end of the winding narrow lane, a piece of blue may be able to poke at any time.

The colored buildings are scattered on the narrow, curved streets, with almond red, mint green and light lemon yellow scorpions.

The appearance of the Cathedral of the Black Rosario is painted in grayish blue and yellow, completely breaking through the traditional solemnity.

At this time, the market was opened, and the inside and outside of the store were filled with various souvenirs of Bahia. The black girl in the shop wearing a white tutu was smiling.

The Bahia culture of Salvador, which is surrounded by mountains and waters: the blood of Africa in South America In 1549, the Portuguese established Salvador in the mountains and waters of the Sage BayMAX adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. It is surrounded by water on three sides and is militaryly easy to defend.

After Mozambique in Africa and Angola became Portuguese colonies, the transition of the slave trade was transformed, and El Salvador quickly became Portugal’s most important slave-owned trading port in the Atlantic.

More than 80% of the population in the region is still black, so it is often said that El Salvador is the most affected city in South America.

  In many ways, El Salvador has always been a Rio position, and these are all self-proclaimed in Brazil’s most cultural and historical cultural city.

Because Bahia’s vitality is mainly around El Salvador, Bahia and El Salvador are often confused. When someone mentions Bahia, it often refers to El Salvador.

  The Bahia culture originated from the African slave culture of the year, and the traditional music, dance, art, food and living habits of Africans can be found and seen in the Bahia region.

In the square of El Salvador, it is often seen that black women are weaving small fragile sons for non-black girls, and some blacks are selling black-loving ornaments, musical instruments and blankets, and activities are brought to tourists from different places.A strong sensory stimulus.The ancient city was still the center of the development and spread of Brazilian black culture today.

If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to see the mysterious Candomble religious ritual.

  In addition to music, the most versatile fusion is the local diet.

The level of Brazil is very rich, and Bahia’s diet is creative.

The Portuguese brought meat and dessert, the Indians contributed cassava, nuts and cocoa beans, and West Africans added palm oil, herbal peppers and coconut milk.

The Moqueca dish is made by adding soft-shelled crabs and shrimps to herbs, tomatoes, garlic, onions and coconut milk, stir-fried in African palm oil, and served with coconut milk rice.

It has always been thought that coconut milk is only used in sweets and beverages. Bahia people mix coconut milk with chili and turmeric to cook rice and risotto. It is delicious.

God’s favorite land feels the perfect combination of nature and humanity in Brazil. God’s favorite land has too many scenery to appreciate, there are too many stories to tell, and there are too many worthy to share.

In that country, the truth, joy, beauty and color can be seen everywhere, and the most worthy of all to explore and recognize include the ancient capital of Brazil.

In this city, the sound of nature is accompanied by the music from every corner, or the drums of tremors, or the hypnotic poems, or the Catholic hymns, or the Bossa Nova dances, if there is nothing, with the wind,The city that made the original colorful seems to never sleep.

  There, you can also appreciate the perfect combination of nature and humanity, realize the fusion of history and modernity, and learn an attitude that balances work and life.

The city, experience a state, and feel the life and the world.

Maya Ruins Tasuma Information Gas Station Visa: Currently, you need to go to Beijing. Recently, Brazil may open a consulate in Guangzhou.

  Transportation: Guangzhou departs from Hong Kong, China, and flies to France, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, South Africa, Dubai, Japan, the United States, etc., and transfers to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and then inland to El Salvador.

  Application: Sol Barra, Bahia Othon Palace, Casa das Portas Velhas Boutique Hotel, etc.

There are also youth hostels available.

  Gourmet: Comida Baiana is one of the four most unique teams in Brazil. In other words, it is probably the most unacceptable food for foreigners.

Its basic ingredients are fish, shellfish, pepper, palm oil, copra and coconut milk.

The taste is strong and unique, sour and bitter.

Old people should be wary of the trap of Chinese herbal medicine

Old people should be wary of the “trap” of Chinese herbal medicine

The main precautions for elderly patients to be wary of the “trap” of Chinese herbal medicines are: compatibility and incompatibility of traditional Chinese medicine, how to fry Chinese medicine.
  First, the compatibility and compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine. Any method of processing Chinese traditional medicine, and made a certain dosage form, applied to clinical patients, can be called prescription.
The prescription made of single Chinese medicine is called unilateral; the prescription made of 2 or more Chinese herbal medicines is called compound.
  The ancients had prevented the disease from being treated with a single drug.
In the long-term practice, it was found that the single-flavor medicine could not relieve the patient’s complicated pain, and gradually developed into a combined application of two or more flavors of drugs, which not only increased the efficacy, but also corrected the bias of the drug.
  This gradually formed the formula of medicine in the motherland.
The composition of traditional Chinese medicine compound prescription is based on the dialectical treatment of Chinese medicine, and is based on the compatibility of drugs and their relationship. It usually consists of main medicine, auxiliary medicine, adjuvant and medicine.
There is also a kind of blending medicine, which can reconcile the sexual taste of various drugs to facilitate the synergistic treatment of drugs.
However, in some cases, it is not always necessary to have the above five types of compatibility, and it is possible to have three types or four types.
  Incompatibility: refers to the combination of certain drugs to produce toxicity or side effects, or to reduce the effect of each other.
The ancient Chinese medicine books have the records of “eighteen anti-” and “nineteen fears”, which become the traditional Chinese medicine incompatibility.
That is, licorice, anti-glycyrrhiza, sorghum, sassafras, seaweed; Aconite anti-half, Fritillaria, melon, white peony, white peony; Lilu anti-ginseng, Radix, Sophora, Scrophulariaceae, Asarum, White peony.
Sulphur yellow sap, nitrate, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion.
  The above-mentioned opposite drugs, especially the opposite drugs, are generally not suitable for use, and should not be tried rashly to prevent danger.
According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, when selecting Chinese medicine, it should be noted that it is necessary to master the drug certificate, that is to say, the drug should be compatible with the card.
例如,表实证忌用补敛、攻下,而宜用发散,根据表寒表热选用辛温辛凉之药;表虚证则忌用破气、  二、如何煎好中药  中草药品种繁多,汤The agent is a commonly used dosage form, and the method of boiling is often used.
In order to avoid the volatilization or destruction of the active ingredients in the heating and boiling process, it is necessary to master the operation points of the decoction.
Select the decocting container.
It is best to use casserole or enamel container for boiling Chinese medicine. This type of container has uniform heat conduction and stable chemical properties. The synthesis and decomposition of the drug are not easily disturbed.
Disinfect the iron pan to prevent chemical changes in the chemical components such as tannins, mites, etc. from the medicinal materials, and reduce the efficacy or failure.
If you really need decocting and no casserole and enamel pot, you can use a copper pot or an aluminum pot instead.
The general method of boiling Chinese medicine.
Add 3-5 times of cold water or warm water (50 degrees or less) to the casserole of the traditional Chinese medicine, first soak for 10-20 minutes, then add water to the boiling, use strong fire before boiling the medicine, boil and useWeak fire, keep it for 20 to 60 minutes with a slight heat, filter out the liquid, then add 2-3 times the amount of water to boil in the pot, 20-40 minutes, filter the liquid, combine the two filtrates and concentrate to the prescribedThe amount is taken in 2-3 times.
In order to give full play to the efficacy of the drug, we often see that some Chinese medicines take the first fried, the lower, the fried, the blunt, the phlegm and other medical treatments. This is the special method of boiling traditional Chinese medicine.
A special method of boiling Chinese medicine.
  (1) First decocting: hard minerals such as minerals and shellfish in prescriptions, such as raw gypsum, raw stone cassia, raw vermiculite, raw oyster, raw keel, raw magnet, raw scorpion, turtle shell, armor, such herbsNot only must you first fry, but also to break, first boil for 15-20 minutes, in order to fry the active ingredients.
Another example is the aconite, raw Pinellia, often fried for 1 hour to reduce its toxicity.
  (2) After the medicine: the volatile ingredients in the prescription, such as peppermint, musk, woody, barley, basil leaves, agarwood, Amomum, Uncaria, eucalyptus leaves, etc., should not be boiled for too longIt should be placed in the pot 5-10 minutes before the group medicine is fried, that is, it can be boiled to prevent the active ingredients from escaping.
  (3) Suihua: Ejiao, sugar, honey, thenardite, etc. in the prescription should be added to the medicinal juice after slag, and should be heated until it is taken.
There are also some nine doses, Dan agents need to be taken with medicated juice after sputum, such as to Baodan, Jinlujiu and so on.
  (4) Baojian: The medicinal material containing viscous ingredients in the prescription affects the juice of other medicinal materials; the medicinal materials with fluff, burrs and powders are decomposed and thick, and it is difficult for patients to take, such as psyllium, red stone fat, and invertebrate, grass scorpion, green scorpion, Liuyi powder, talcum powder, malt, etc., should first wrap the medicine with cloth, and then cook together.
  (5) Another frying: valuable medicinal materials such as ginseng and sarcophagus in the prescription, in order to ensure the frying of the active ingredients and prevent loss, it can be fried.
First simmer for half an hour, filter out the medicinal juice, and remedy the medicinal residue.
  (6) blunt: pearls, amber, bezoar, etc. in the prescription are more expensive, small amount of medicinal materials, not easy to boil the juice, can be researched into powder with the decoction soup.
  (7) bubble service: some prescription tea, such as diarrhea leaves, double flowers, Ophiopogon japonicus, fat sea, etc., do not boil, soak in hot water, cover the lid, soak the juice and drink.

Spring teaches you nourishing fattening recipes

Spring teaches you nourishing fattening recipes

Bitter melon ribs ribs ribs section 250 grams, bitter gourd 250 grams, 200 grams of salty sauerkraut.

The pork ribs are chopped; the sauerkraut is chopped; the bottom of the bitter porridge is blasted, and the bitter melon block is blasted. The garlic sauerkraut is smashed for a while, boiled soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil, and then cooked with a small fire.

  Sugar cane porridge sugar cane juice 100 ml, 50 grams of the previous rice, add water and simmer into a porridge.

For lung dry cough, constipation.

  Pear porridge pears washed and chopped and porridge with rice.

For people often have dry mouth and dry nose, dry cough and other symptoms of dry heat have a good moisturizing effect, pear porridge, can be used as a rare health food in the fall.

  Carrot porridge Wash and chop the right amount of carrots, add rice together to cook porridge.

Dry weather in autumn, people often have rough skin, cracked lips, dry eyes, increased dandruff and other symptoms, carrot porridge has a certain role.

  Eating duck nutritionists believe that when the new ducks are raised in the autumn, the meat is tender and nutritious, and it can timely supplement the essential protein, vitamins, and mineral elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Ducks are waterfowl, cold and cold, suitable for people who are hot and angry, so the duck is the first choice for autumn diet.

  Ducks eat a variety of ways, full duck winter melon soup, take 100 grams of skin melon, 1 duck, 30 grams of lean meat, sea cucumber, medlar, coix seed 15 grams each soup to rotten, have tonic effect; Cordyceps stewed duck, Cordyceps10 grams added to the old male duck belly, add water and stewed seasoning to eat, for the elderly long-term cough and asthma, waist and knee pain, physical weakness and fatigue; trotters duck, male duck one added trotters and ham, stewCooked food, it is effective for people with physical weakness or tuberculosis fever cough.