Vitamin e beauty efficacy reveals three major effects to keep in mind

Vitamin e beauty efficacy reveals three major effects to keep in mind

In this era, women know more about maintenance.

It’s not an exaggeration to have a bottle of vitamin E in your hands.

Vitamin E is a magic weapon for women to maintain their youth. So what is the specific effect of vitamin E?

Next, I will introduce to you . the parts that need to be hydrated are definitely more durable than the simple lotion effect.

It can also be dripped into the body milk after bathing and rubbed all over the body. In the dry season, it can make the skin fair and smooth, which is a rare moisturizing product.

  This method is very suitable for office workers who work in an air-conditioned environment for a long time. Long-term continuous use will have better results.

  The eye essence blends vitamin e with pearl powder. It can be used as an eye cream. Apply it on the eyes and massage gently. After rubbing it on the fingers, cover it on the eyelids. Repeated massage can accelerate the absorption of the eye cream, and the eyes will notoil.

  Apply wrinkle directly on the face wrinkles, and apply it once a night before going to bed. It is simple and can achieve the effect of wrinkle removal, as well as freckle whitening.

Ten points for women’s physical health

Ten points for women’s physical health

1. Getting used to kicking Erlang’s legs Recently, doctors in the United States have launched an activity called “Let women put down Erlang’s legs for a day”.

Because there are many long-time sedentary professional women with different degrees of low back pain, the direct cause of the pain is that they have the habit of crossing legs.

The investigation found that long-term tilting of Erlang’s legs could easily cause bending over and hump, resulting in uneven pressure distribution between lumbar and thoracic spine. In the long run, it will inevitably compress the spinal nerve.

Moreover, the legs of Jijiro will hinder the blood circulation of the legs and cause varicose veins in the legs.

  2. Breast self-examination is too long. General breast self-examination should be performed once a month, the best time is between two periods.

Regular breast self-examination can promptly detect complications and prevent the deterioration of various breast diseases.

  3, the exercise mode is “unique” If you do not change the exercise mode for many years, it is easy to cause the part of the muscle that is often exercised to be strained, and the muscle that has not been exercised has been ignored.

Over time, it is likely that the body will develop disproportionately.

Moreover, from a psychological point of view, often changing exercise methods can make exercise more effective, more fresh, and easier to maintain.

  4. Regenerative qi is not angry. From the perspective of mental health, a long-term backlog of anger will affect human health. If anger is not continuously resolved, it may become melancholy.

A woman who knows how to lose her temper and vent her dissatisfaction correctly is a mature and healthy woman.

Mood and grief are human nature, there is no reason to force yourself to control your emotions, the key is to find the right channel for venting.

  5. I don’t know the history of family diseases. Do you know that your grandparents and grandparents died of certain diseases?

Knowing the medical history of family members can help you pay attention to the health of related organs in advance.

Many diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers, are inherited.

And if some malignant diseases can be detected early, the chances of cure are still great.

  6. Contraceptive methods should be changed from constant contraceptive methods to changes in physical conditions.

Even if you are more accustomed to your current method of contraception, ask your doctor at the time of your medical examination if it is still suitable for your current situation.

The birth control pills used 5 years ago may not still be suitable for your body.

  7, wearing high heels for a long time, the high design of the heels is not in line with human mechanics, coupled with the tight front, continuous wearing high heels, it is easy to cause foot deformation, knee bursitis, ligament strain of the waist muscles, causing chronic back painHip knee pain.

Adolescent women wearing high heels for a long time will affect the normal development of the pelvis and cause difficulties in childbirth in the future.

  8. Trial lipsticks Lipsticks on the cosmetics counters have been tried by hundreds of people. If you do n’t pay attention during the trials, you may get sick.

Therefore, it is safer to try it on the back of the hand and on the wrist.

  9, the comprehensive physical examination is not regular, the performance of many diseases in the bud period is not obvious, the regular physical examination every year can help you detect early and timely treatment.

The doctor’s recommendations are: pelvic examination, secretion smear, clinical breast examination, and STD testing at least once a year; blood pressure and skin tests at least every two years; and syringe and eye examinations at least every five years.

  10, exercise only going to the gym is not necessarily to go to the gym to be considered exercise, the usual “small test” can also prevent many slowly formed diseases, cervical spondylosis is one of them.

In the gap between the normal work of the head, moving the neck can prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis.

Ejiao can prevent influenza A in early autumn

Ejiao can prevent influenza A in early autumn

Taking gelatin in the early autumn can prevent influenza A from the summer to the fall. The weather is cold and hot, and it is often a season with frequent colds.

Moreover, this year’s influenza A epidemic is still possible and even more serious.

At this time, how can people take measures to maintain health and prevent disease?

  In ancient times, people called infectious diseases “plagues”. “The Five Epidemic Diseases” are recorded in the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”, “Everything is easy to be dyed, no matter the size, and the symptoms are similar.” Therefore, the arrival of various infectious diseases, whether adults or children,The symptoms and symptoms are the same.

A person suffering from a cold or flu can trigger the most frequent onset of fatigue, indicating that immunity is not good enough.

  Chinese medicine can improve the immunity.

For example, Ejiao, a dual-use medicine and food, is known as the “holy medicine for nourishing blood”, and it is increasingly used in people’s daily life.

Ejiao can become a classic tonic for thousands of years, thanks to its unique advantages in preventing and treating diseases.

  Experts have found that Ejiao is not only a gynecological medicine in the clinical practice of TCM, but also a medicine for the lung meridians, and the literature is very informative.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” has records of Ejiao treatment of various diseases of the lung meridian: “deficiency cough”, “harmonizing blood and nourishing yin, removing wind and moistening, removing phlegm and clearing lungs”, “treating children’s lung deficiency, dyspnea and shortness of breath”;Wheezing, whether the lungs are deficient or not, can be warmed and lowered, Ejiao must be used to ease the lungs.

Its sexual peace requires medicine for the lung meridian.

“Tangye Materia Medica” records: “Yanganqi, Yifeiqi.

Lung deficiency, cough, salivary pus and blood, non-Ejiao does not make up.

“Pulmonary deficiency and extreme damage” proposed by the ancients refers to reduced alveolar activity, severe damage to the air intake, extremely low oxygen diffusion function, and pulmonary interstitial edema.

Ejiao can regulate the body’s immune function and enhance alveolar activity. It can get good results for complications and colds.

According to clinical experience, taking jelly can “make colds susceptible to colds and sometimes occasional colds, and the symptoms are milder.”

“When used for the treatment of colds, you can drink Ejiao alone for 3-7 days when you are in the early stage when you are in a mild condition. When you are in the middle and late stages, you can take fast-acting cold medicine together with Ejiao1-3 times, good effect. ”

  It should be noted that the use of gelatin for the treatment of influenza requires precise identification and careful compatibility. Non-professionals must not take gelatin blindly during a cold. Improper use can easily delay the cold.

But Ejiao is worthy of strong promotion for cold prevention.