Elderly morning exercise carefully selected community fitness equipment

Elderly morning exercise carefully selected community fitness equipment

Every morning, we can always see a lot of old people doing exercise on the community fitness equipment: some pull the armrests, stand on the rotatable disc to do the left and right waist rotation; some lying on the curved instrument up and down.Nowadays, the communities in many cities are equipped with “fitness parks”. The various fitness equipments in the city are very convenient for the elderly who like sports.

Although proper exercise can keep fit, are these fitness equipment suitable for the elderly?

  Professor Lu Yifan from the Sports Medicine Research Office of Beijing Sport University told the Life Times reporter: “Although many fitness equipments in the community are built for the elderly, some are not suitable for the elderly.

“Because the elderly should not exercise too much intensity, such as “sit push trainer”, “single parallel bars”, etc., which require a lot of physical equipment, it is not suitable for the elderly who are weak, and the elderly with good physical fitness should also be”just do you best”.

In addition, the old man’s bones are fragile, such as “lower waist training device”, “sit-up platform” and other equipment that require a range of motion, improper use will sprain the bones, severe cerebral hemorrhage, so it should be used with caution.

“Climbing frame” and “ladder” require better coordination of the body, and the penetration of the action intensity is also prone to danger and is not suitable for the elderly.

  So, which fitness equipment is suitable for the elderly?

Depending on the purpose of the exercise, the community’s fitness equipment can be divided into five categories: exercise cardio-respiratory function, exercise speed and endurance, exercise coordination and stability, exercise and flexibility, and comprehensive exercise.

Professor Lu Yifan suggested that the elderly should be suitable for exercising cardiopulmonary function, reducing and softening.

There are three types of fitness equipment for the elderly. They are: a spacewalker and a health rider that exercise heart and lung function, a body trainer that improves the flexibility of the body, a leg press trainer, and a body runner.

But when you exercise, you should separate the items. You can do 10-15 times of leg press training. After 5 minutes of rest, do walking training for 10-15 minutes. Pay attention to slow to medium speed. The heart rate is 80-100 beats per minute.After 10 minutes of rest, do another body training, 15 to 20 times per side.

  In addition, warm-up exercise is very important for the elderly.

Before exercise, you must move each joint, stretch muscles and ligaments, including stretching the upper limbs, twisting the head, swinging the left and right, lifting the movement and moving the knee joints, etc., generally to achieve body heat, slightly sweating.

It usually takes 5-10 minutes and can be slightly longer when it is cold.

Professor Lu Yifan is also good at: “Before exercise, be sure to carefully read the operation guide next to the equipment so that it can be used.

Teach you how to fight off high heels legs

Teach you how to fight off “high heels legs”

If you want to keep your legs slim forever, you can also wear high heels easily.
Take care of your legs in the golden moment after taking off your shoes!
.hzh {display: none; }  击退肿胀的3个小撇步:  1.
After taking off the shoes, the massage will be taken within half an hour. After taking off the shoes, the legs are relaxed for half an hour in the golden period to do the care. It is not good to massage for a long time.

Promote blood circulation, stimulate acupuncture points. By soaking feet and stretching, let the blood in the legs fully circulate, and perform lymphatic massage on the sore parts.

Decompression props help, soreness is faster 1+1>2!
Master the massage method and then assist the massage stick, anti-friction insole and other smart props to achieve more with less!
  Come to a Foot SPA at home to relieve stress at night!
  Follow the bubble, press, stretch, stick, relieve the foot pressure and sleep well!
  Only taking a bath did not clear the veins, the same pain every other day, the calf radish will become more and more swollen in the long run.
It is recommended to soak the feet to promote blood circulation, relax the tight muscles, use the hand to break through the bones, and then stretch and exercise before going to bed, and finally put on a special patch for soreness, you can relax and comfortably enter the dream.
  Bubble: alternating hot and cold water to promote blood circulation. Wearing high heels will cause soreness because the feet are forced to lift forward and cause excessive muscle tension. Therefore, alternating hot water and cold water can help blood circulation and relax nerves.
If you add a fragrant foot bath, you can also remove the foot odor!
If you have a bathtub, you can choose a half-body bath to soak. If you don’t have a foot bath, it is very easy to do a foot bath.
  半身浴:水温38~40度,抹上排汗瘦腿霜加强  单单只是泡脚解压无趣又浪费水,可以抹一层排汗瘦腿霜之后包上保鲜膜,泡在38~40度的水中It can sweat and help fat burn in 10~15 minutes.
Then rinse the cold water and accelerate the metabolism by the way.
  1. Apply a layer of perspiration and skinny cream evenly on the calf that is easy to grow “radish”.
  2. Tear a piece of plastic wrap and wrap the entire calf for 15 minutes.
  3. After tearing off the plastic wrap, rinse it with cold water and open the water column for maximum massage.
Ladies who like to wear high heels, to experience such a stovepipe method!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hydrodynamic Ring Liposuction

Frequently Asked Questions about Hydrodynamic Ring Liposuction

Answers to common questions about hydrodynamic ring liposuction!

  Why is “hydrodynamic ring liposuction” an upgraded version of the new generation of weight loss?

  Liposuction and weight loss surgery has experienced the process of suction liposuction from negative pressure, electronic liposuction to ultrasonic liposuction in vitro and in vivo. Due to the limitations of the technology itself, these methods will cause different degrees of damage to patients, and the efficiency is low and time-consuming.It is not easy to achieve the desired result.

  The advancement of science is the gospel of mankind.

It is popular in the United States, Switzerland and other Western countries for resonance liposuction. After several years of clinical research, it has indeed brought a scientific distance to the female friends who are eager to lose weight.

It absorbs the advantages of the first three types of liposuction, and makes up for the shortcomings of other weight loss techniques.

We call it the fourth generation of liposuction weight loss methods.

  The hydrodynamic ring liposuction uses new anesthesia techniques and high-tech means to assist the head to generate mechanical waves in the subcutaneous sac and resonance of the companion tissue.

While dissolving adults, the deep-dissolved adult cells are sucked out of the body, which greatly changes the operation time and significantly enhances the amount of liposuction. The effect is traditional liposuction, especially on the waist, hip, abdomen, legs, back, etc.The effect of the aunt’s accumulation site is immediate, suitable for the local aunt’s accumulation of patients, and rehabilitation without scars.

  Why does “hydrodynamic ring liposuction” not damage normal tissue?

  Because liposuction is limited to the subcutaneous adult layer, this layer has no large blood vessels and major nerves, so it does not damage blood vessels and nerves, and “resonance liposuction” does not require strong negative pressure liposuction, plus the liposuction tube headThe mesh safety is inevitable, and the blood vessels can be effectively protected, and the nerves are not damaged.

At the same time, the aunt’s tissue was decomposed and then sucked out, so the phenomenon of unevenness was avoided during the recovery process as soon as possible, so that the skin was natural, and the skin was not sag.

  Why does “hydrodynamic ring liposuction” not rebound?

  Human obesity and wasting are mainly determined by the number of sputum cells.

The number of aunt cells is basically unchanged after adulthood. Non-surgical weight loss methods can only temporarily change the size of cells, and can not reduce the number of cells. This is the root cause of easy rebound after weight loss.

Resonance liposuction can effectively reduce the number of local cells. By resonance liposuction, the tiny cells in some parts of the body are reduced by 50%-70%, and the fibrotic adhesion formed by subcutaneous tissue after liposuction also binds abnormal cells.Enhanced to avoid a rebound.

After liposuction and weight loss, most patients will not change their shape, no longer bloated, and can replace diseases and hidden diseases caused by obesity.

Such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipids and so on.

How should a man sleep?

How should a man sleep?

Sleep directly determines the mental state of the next day. The long-term sleep quality can even affect the health and longevity of a lifetime. Come and see the men’s health experts at Beijing Shuguang Hospital give advice to men, so that you can have better sleep quality at night.

  Massage Yongquan Point When you are lying in the bed, it is difficult to fall asleep, you can massage the Yongquan point yourself: put the foot of one foot on the big claw toe of the other foot, do the rubbing action until the foot is hot, thenChange the other foot.

This alternates, your brain concentrates on the feet, and after a long time, people are tired, and when they are sleepy, they want to fall asleep.

If you persist in the long-term, you can prevent health care.

  Comb relaxation of the nerves before bedtime is conducive to smooth blood circulation, can enhance the nutritional supply of brain cells, delay brain aging.

Combs before going to bed can improve sleep and improve sleep quality.

After a day of intense work, comb the brain, alternate nerve relaxation, eliminate fatigue, and make the brain get a good rest.

  Comb comb should be combed with horn comb, jade comb, wooden comb, comb teeth should not be too sharp and too dense; combing force should be moderate, not too light or too heavy; combing speed, can not be too fast or too slow.

Every time you comb, you must do it at a moderate speed, moderately, and combed.

To comb the whole head, it is best to take it three times a day, three times a day, every time.

  Moderate aerobic exercise Appropriate exercise refers to exercise that is pleasant and not fatigued after exercise.

30 minutes of aerobic exercise 6 hours before going to bed, be careful not to exercise before going to sleep.

It is best to walk for 30 minutes, then go home slowly, then use hot water to soak your feet (immersed in the foot pedal) to help sleep.

People with poor physical fitness are suitable for tempering movements such as Tai Chi, Qigong and walking.

People with better physical fitness can perform jogging, low-volume aerobic exercise such as slow cycling, and increase vitality.

  Before going to bed, the hot water foot bath uses hot water to soak your feet before going to bed, which can promote blood vessel expansion and accelerate blood circulation.

Foot acupoint fracture, hot water stimulation can enhance good health care, especially complications of insomnia and foot varices.

  It is recommended to soak your feet for 15-30 minutes before going to bed, and the water temperature should be 30 °C -40 °C.

If you have the conditions, take a hot bath 30 minutes before going to bed every night.

Foot bath therapy: magnet, chrysanthemum, scutellaria, night vine, water decoction 2 times, go to the slag juice, pour into the tub, hot dip for two feet for 15-30 minutes, once a night.

  Quickly go to sleep eight methods, take a bath before going to bed, so that the body relax, because bathing can improve body temperature and make people sleepy.

Take a bath before going to bed to develop a habit.

  2, to maintain emotional stability before going to bed, do not think about it, there are things that can be left for discussion tomorrow.

  3, you can drink a cup of warm milk.

Drinking a warm drink is a good habit to relax your body.

  4, experts from Beijing Shuguang Hospital suggested that men should leave the TV 1 hour before going to bed, because the flashing light on the TV screen illuminates the nerves and affects sleep.

  5, please put your worries aside for a while, don’t think about it, close your eyes and fall asleep.

  6, take a deep breath, listen to slow-paced and not exciting music or songs, so that the mood of chaos changes the rhythm of the music to ease and down.

  7. Read some books that are easy to pick up, easy to put, and read articles that are easy to understand, such as short stories, comedy stories, or stories you liked when you were a child.

  8, when you can’t sleep, please keep quiet, do nothing to make the spirit concentrate, fall asleep as soon as possible. Men’s sleep tips: tell you that some food can help you sleep food has a certain relationship with sleep.

If you eat a little hypnotic food before going to bed, it is easier to fall asleep.

  Milk: Drink a cup of milk before going to bed, where the amount of tryptophan reduces axial sleep.

The subsistence of milking also increases the hypnotic effect.

  Walnut: Eat some walnuts every morning and evening, which is good for sleep.

  Longan: Longan meat tonic and spleen, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, can treat insomnia, forgetfulness, neurasthenia and so on.

  Lotus seeds: Those who are upset and have insomnia, can use lotus seeds to add salt water drops, decoction, and take clothes every night before going to bed.

  Vinegar: When you are tired and sleepy, you can take 1 tablespoon of vinegar and put it in warm water.

When you know it, you can quietly close your eyes and you can sleep peacefully in a moment.

Cixi’s beauty tricks, nowadays some rich people still use this trick to keep alive!

Cixi’s beauty tricks, nowadays some rich people still use this trick to keep alive!

When talking about Cixi, the first thing we think of is that she is in a state of life and death and only succumbs to personal enjoyment and self-interest. In history, Cixi is actually such a person. Cixi’s favorite jewelry is notorious.There are countless gold and silver jewellery. She is rich and prosperous in her life. Life is also ahead of fashion. In the western industrial society, there is no shortage of photos, photography, electric lights, foreign cars, and cabinet phonographs. However, most people of Cixi are criticized.She has nothing to do with beauty.

Cixi loves beauty and has a heart. Cixi is no exception as a woman. She likes snapshots very much. Therefore, she still has a lot of life photos of Cixi at that time. Besides snapshots, she also likes to let the painter paint her.At that time, a Dutch painter was allowed to paint for her, asking her to paint a 40-year-old young woman, and she said: “I am beautiful in the palace.”

In order to be able to maintain the appearance, after the power is in the grip, Cixi consumes a gradual increase in gold and silver treasures, the beautician in the palace has become a lot of people, and the luxury level is unmatched in the harem of the dynasties.

In order to maintain the appearance, Cixi has two great tricks.

The first method is to smell the aroma of apples. In the fruit, Cixi likes apples most. The aroma of apples is very good for the skin. So Cixi will make people fill their apples with fresh apples every day, making the room full of apple aroma.Infiltrated, her body will have a natural apple fragrance.

According to statistics, in 1897, Cixi consumed more than 150,000 apples. On average, it needed more than 400 apples a day. It was important to know that the people at that time were in dire straits, but Cixi only delayed its own.Personal enjoyment.

Another beauty method about Cixi is to drink human milk.

In ancient times, there was a saying that human milk was like “fairy wine”. Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that human milk is sweet and has the effect of “reinforcing the spleen and kidney.”

In fact, eating human milk is not a rare thing in ancient times.

In the Han Dynasty, there was a name called Zhang Cang. After retirement, he began to drink milk because he had no teeth. In order to “continue to milk,” he raised many wives and shackles in his family. Zhang Cang lived in his 100s.

Cixi drinkes milk for the purpose of staying in the face. She is worried that her wrinkles will increase after she is old, so she starts to drink a bowl of human milk every day. The skin of Cixi is very good, and it is very smooth after death. This has a certain relationship with her long-term drinking of human milk.
Cixi Cixi needs to drink milk for a long time to help the face, so where does the human milk come from?

“Wan Tong Miscellaneous Notes” records: outside the East Gate, slightly north, there is a ceremonial room, is the Qing Palace’s designated milk mouth (nursing mother) to wait for the court to call the court, that is, the milk house.

The institution is affiliated to the Jin Tingwei, an introductory agency under the command of the emperor.

The Qing Palace stipulates that each season, 40 selected milk mouths, among the inner courts, the special room maintenance, called the sit-up milk mouth.

I chose another 80 people and I was born in the palace. The special government supplies food, called the 卯 卯 口,, which is intended to fill the gap when there is an accident at the show.

Just for the sake of one’s own selfish desires, Cixi has already been extravagant and wasteful, and the Qing Dynasty has no ruin.

The method of drinking milk in the old site of the Milk House is now inherited by some rich people who are also famous for their housekeeping services. They are expanding the business of the nurse to the adult consumer group, and the boss of this domestic service company is also proud.Affirmation, this demand exceeds their expectations and may become a mainstream business in the future.

This happened before the Shenzhen rich circle, and now this kind of incident has become very vulgar.

Hypertensive patients, can you drink alcohol in winter?

Hypertensive patients, can you drink alcohol in winter?

Cold winter is a “can” for people with high blood pressure!

Because of the cold and repeated weather, it is easy to stimulate vasoconstriction and cause blood pressure fluctuations.

Blood pressure fluctuations, the more dangerous, brain, kidney and other important organs, may cause coronary heart disease, stroke at any time.

So how do high blood pressure people survive this winter?

What diet attention?

First, the choice of long-acting antihypertensive drugs is the most effective way to control blood pressure, and no method can replace it.

In the winter, you should try to choose long-acting antihypertensive drugs, which is a good medicine that can control blood pressure for 24 hours a day.

The antihypertensive drug itself is taken after a meal, and it is best to eat as early as possible.

The first peak of blood pressure in the morning is 5-7, so you can take antihypertensive drugs when you wake up.

There are many kinds of commonly used antihypertensive drugs. If you take diuretics as antihypertensive drugs, in order to prevent low sodium and low potassium, this part of the patients does not hinder drinking more orange juice, bananas and other potassium-rich foods.

Second, eat salt no more than 6 grams per day. The winter is relatively dry, the human body is prone to lack of water, and the blood is relatively thick. At this time, if you eat more salt, the blood pressure of the blood vessels will be worse.

The winter diet of hypertensive people must first control salt intake, and the daily salt content should not exceed 6 grams.

Third, choose white meat, refuse to greasy winter meat, can resist cold, but suffer from high blood pressure.

Fatty foods contain a lot of feces, and the meat is eaten in warming. When the heart increases the viscosity of the blood, it blocks the blood circulation and causes the heart to be burdened.

People with high blood pressure supplemented with protein recommended to choose white meat, some fish, should not eat dark meat, especially meat can not be excessive.

Fourth, eat more cellulose stable blood pressure recently outpatients have too many hypertensive patients, because the winter frequently tonic, overeating, the result of the heart can not stand, the blood vessels swell.

In fact, high blood pressure should eat more cellulose-free vegetables in winter, such as celery, garlic, yam, lotus seeds, except for fiber, but also good for blood pressure stability.

Fifth, drink cold wine, don’t drink white wine, tobacco has no harm to the blood vessels, it will promote the formation of vascular plaque.

Therefore, regardless of Chinese and Western medicine, it means that people with high blood pressure quit smoking.

Frozen in the cold, the wine has been a magic weapon to protect the cold since ancient times, can the high blood pressure people drink alcohol?

For cardiovascular health, try not to drink white wine when you drink red wine.

Liquor is fasted, while red wine is 50 ml a day, which is a safe dose for hypertensive patients.

Red wine contains natural statin ingredients that improve blood circulation and protect the vascular endothelium.

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