Vitamin E mask anti-aging and freckle


Vitamin E mask anti-aging and freckle

I do n’t remember that expert, and started the habit of adding vitamin E pills to the mask formula. Since then, vitamin E has been loved by girls. If you are also using it, please look at the manual!

  Natural vitamin E is hailed as “the fountain of youth” by scientists.

As one of the most important fat-soluble natural antioxidants, natural vitamin E protects the oxidative damage of free radicals and free radicals in cell membranes, which can strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier from the inside.The effects of wrinkles.

Taking natural vitamin E every day, together with your topical skin care products, will rejuvenate the skin in spring, and make you glorious from the inside out.

  Freckles and melanin are eliminated all year round, and melanin is rampant.

A woman who is very fond of whitening, in order to have a clean and bright muscle bottom, she vowed to carry out the war with melanin to the end.

  Freckle removal and beauty: Vitamin E can effectively oppose free radicals, inhibit the generation of peroxides and remove melasma; inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thereby reducing melanin production.

Esterified vitamin E eliminates excessive oxygen free radicals formed by external factors such as ultraviolet rays and air pollution, thereby delaying photoaging, preventing sunburn, and inhibiting the formation of erythema in the sun.

  High temperature, sun, and polluted air will cause excessive free radicals in our body, decompose the collagen and elastin that support the dermis layer, form a regression of the two proteins, make the skin get tension and elasticity, and produce wrinkles.

  Anti-wrinkle: Vitamin E can effectively counteract the oxidative damage of free radicals, suppress the lipid peroxidation reaction, adhere to the contact between skin tissues, and make the skin smooth and elastic.

  Locking water, and boring, said that byebye’s severe water shortage is a big problem for skin confusion in spring. About 500ml of water in the air is naturally evaporated, and the water that can be absorbed by the skin is really rare and precious.

  Water lock nourishment: Vitamin E can protect the oxidative damage of free radicals and free radicals in the cell membrane, so it can help repair and stabilize the natural protective barrier of the skin, lock the skin’s moisture, and provide deep nourishment from the inside out.

  One trick: DIY model mask natural vitamin E + new strange milk improvement: This method is natural and gentle, often using whitening and freckle, taking natural vitamin E soft capsules on cooperation days, the effect is better.

  Manufacturing method: 1. Take a piece of compact mask paper and immerse it in fresh milk, and drop two drops of natural VE.

  After 2, 5 minutes, remove the mask, open it, and apply it on both ends.

  3. Wait until the mask paper is half dry, and then wash it with warm water.

  Tip: Each person has different skin properties. Please perform a local test at the root of the ear before using it.

  Y pearl mask: natural vitamin E + pearl powder + mineral water 1.

Take an appropriate amount of pearl powder, a grain of natural vitamin E, and blend with an appropriate amount of mineral water.


Apply evenly to the face, leave it for 15 minutes, and wash it off with warm water.

This method has obvious whitening effect and can make the skin delicate and moisturized.


If you add an appropriate amount of mung bean powder in the formula, it will also have the effect of reducing fire and acne.

  Y Egg Mask: Natural Vitamin E + Egg Yolk 1.

Take 1/3 of an egg yolk and 5 drops of natural vitamin E, mix with an appropriate amount of honey and flour and mix thoroughly.


Apply evenly on the face or complications, and wash with warm water after 15-20 minutes.

This method can help treat acne and prevent dryness in autumn and winter.

  DIY formula four for treating frostbite: natural vitamin E 1 for oral and external use.

Take natural vitamin E 3 times a day, 0 each time.

1 g.


Simultaneously rub the part with vitamin E and massage for a few minutes.

Vitamin E can strengthen the body’s cold resistance.

  DIY Formula Five Deep Cleansing: Natural Vitamin E + Yogurt + Honey + Lemon Juice 1.

Take two spoons of yogurt, half a spoon of honey, half a spoon of lemon juice, and three natural vitamin E pastes.

  2.After applying the surface for 15 minutes, wash it with warm water. Be careful not to use hot or cold water.

This method can remove dirt from pores and nourish and whiten.

  DIY formula six spring moisturizing: natural vitamin E + lotion or cream Drop a drop of natural vitamin E in the lotion or cream, mix it and apply it on the parts that need maintenance.

Long-term persistence can make skin moist and fair. This method is especially suitable for women who work in air-conditioned rooms for a long time.

Different tofu, different nutrition

Different tofu, different nutrition

The birthplace of rot is in the Badong Mountain of Anhui, China, and it has a history of 2000 years.

Seemingly a piece of square tofu, it can become a small cold dish at home, or a main course in a large restaurant, and even a restaurant specializing in tofu, such as the Huaiyang Tofu Feast in Beijing.

For thousands of years, Bai Nen’s meticulous and inexpensive tofu has been popular in our mouths for generations.

In this health-first society, the role of tofu is even more prominent.


hzh {display: none; }  传统的中国豆腐是将黄豆(也可用青豆、黑豆)浸泡于清水,泡胀变软后磨成豆浆,滤渣后煮开;然后用盐卤或石膏“点卤”,使The protein clusters dispersed in the soy milk are aggregated together to form a “tofu brain”; to squeeze out water is tofu.

Tofu can be used to make a variety of soy products: water tofu (north tofu and south tofu), dried tofu, fried tofu (deep-fried tofu, etc.), braised and smoked tofu (dried spiced tofu, etc.), driedSoy products (dried tofu skin), fermented soy products (tofu milk).

Simple food is often rich in content. Tofu is the representative of Xiuwaihui. Its protein is a condensed legume protein, which contains 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, and the ratio is close to the human body. The nutritional value is high.

  Tofu also contains trace nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and rich phytoestrogens, which can not only increase nutrition, help digestion, promote appetite, but also prevent osteoporosis.

It is not only beautiful singers that can change 72. Tofu can also be reorganized into “variable spirits”. On a small dining table, it can interpret dishes with different export tastes and become an indispensable necessity in the shopping basket.

  As a result, you find that there are many foods with the word “tofu” on the market: almond tofu, milk tofu, egg tofu, rice tofu and other food ingredients as the attributive “×× 豆腐”, or commercial names as the attributiveSuch as “Tamako Tofu”, “Japanese Tofu” and so on.

These foods are called “tofu”. The main reason is that their sensory characteristics are also moist, white and tender, with a smooth texture and a tofu look. However, these “tofu foods” do not have the beans in “tofu” in the raw materials.

  At the same time, different flavors and different food methods, but it should be noted that “this tofu is not the same tofu, nutritional effects can not be equal.”

The production of “tofu” without soybeans is also based on the principle that protein colloidal solutions can be aggregated under the action of coagulants.

For example, milk is a uniform milky white liquid. Yogurt made by fermentation is like “tofu brain”. Extruding water can be made into “milk tofu”.

There is also “egg tofu” made from a colloidal solution made from eggs (the “Japanese tofu” on the market is mainly egg tofu).

  Because the raw materials are different, the nutritional value of various “tofu” also becomes “real tofu” made from soybeans.

But being different does not necessarily mean that it is not as good as it is, but when choosing, you must determine the edible variety according to nutritional needs.

Various types of “tofu” without soybeans can not have the nutritional value and role of soybean tofu, such as phytoestrogens, rich in calcium and so on.

And “egg tofu” and “milk tofu” will have animal feces and plasma.

As the saying goes, “green vegetables and tofu are safe” specifically refers to soybean tofu.

Wine brings amazing gout so simple

Wine brings amazing gout so simple

Do you know what causes gout?

Gout is hyperuricemia caused by a disorder of purine and purine metabolism in the body. The urate crystals deposit in the joint cavity, soft tissue, spinal cord, and kidney and cause a histopathological reaction.

When the gout started, the toenails were painful, and the pain was unbearable. Some people said, “Gout is as painful as giving birth!

“Many people think that eating seafood while drinking can easily cause gout.

So, can patients with gout drink alcohol?

  Studies have shown that drinking is the second leading cause of gout attacks after high-purity diets such as shellfish and seafood. Drinkers are at risk for gout.

49 times, drink with caution!

  Alcohol first causes gout so simple1.

Ethanol (commonly known as alcohol) is broken down into acetyl-CoA, which can cause adenine purine degradation and increase the adenosine precursor of uric acid. At the same time, ethanol can increase blood lactic acid level, and lactic acid can inhibit uric acid excretion.

Therefore, drinking is a more important risk factor than diet.


Drinking is often accompanied by foods that purine and protein.


Drinking alcohol is also a risk factor for other gout-associated diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

  What about gout patients who can’t live without alcohol?

  [Note the dose]The risk of gout and the amount of alcohol injected increase in dose. The more you drink, the more likely you are to attack.

Limit it when you have to drink. Men don’t take more than 36ml / d of alcohol, and women don’t take more than 18ml / d.

  [These kinds of alcohol are not drinkable]Beer: Because of its supplemented xanthine and guanine nucleoside, it is an important biological basis for the onset of gout, and has become the number one enemy of gout in alcohol.

  Strong spirits: Due to the high alcohol content, that is, the high proportion of ethanol, the amount of ethanol in a small amount of alcohol is large, and the alcoholic enemy ranks second.

  Liqueur: Even fruit juice, because it is rich in fructose, the phosphorylation of fructose in the liver will consume energy adenosine triphosphate (ATP), while consuming a large amount of inorganic phosphate, thereby limiting the conversion of adenosine diphosphate to ATP, and ultimately leading to the substrate of the uric acid synthesisIncreased adenosine monophosphate production.

Fructose vitamins indirectly increase blood uric acid levels by increasing insulin resistance and circulating insulin levels.

  Rice wine: Most are made from wheat and glutinous rice, and the original purines, sugars, and amino acids are simply gout-inspired masters who have thousands of pets.

  Red wine: Because red wine oxidants and antioxidants inhibit platelet substances and reduce the effect of alcohol on uric acid metabolism, a moderate amount of red wine does not increase the incidence of gout.

  Patients with gout should avoid alcohol intake completely during the acute onset of arthritis, especially in patients with gout and chronic gouty osteoarthritis.

  If you do not drink or eat seafood, you may suffer from gout attacks. The elderly ‘s ability to excrete uric acid declines, especially in postmenopausal elderly women, who have lost the protective effect of estrogen, reduced the kidney ‘s clearance of uric acid, and the blood uric acidCorrespondingly, the level does not need to be obvious to induce an acute gout attack.

  In addition, as the age increases, the incidence of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc. also increases. These diseases are themselves risk factors for hyperuricemia, and drugs (such as diuretics) for these diseases can also make blood uric acid.The level rises.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help everyone’s health.

Find a reason for your child’s misbehavior

Find a reason for your child’s “misbehavior”

We are often accustomed to treating children with adult standards and perspectives, and distinguishing children’s behaviors and feelings with “good” and “bad”. Children are often blamed for doing things in their daily lives.
For example, children may enjoy certain activities, such as playing with mud or flipping things in drawers, etc. It is unavoidable that adults are said to be naughty and playful.
Because children ca n’t know how to become talented people, and because they rely on adults, they want to please adults. In this way, children gradually feel unsure of themselves and their behavior, and like to look at adults’ faces.
In fact, children view their mistakes more seriously than we think, so children often endure the heavy burden of guilt when we adults blame him.
One strategy: Find a valid reason for the child’s “misbehavior”. He is a boy with a round face. He takes several toys to kindergarten every day, often exchanges toys with friends to play, and even often drops one or twotoy.
Mimi is also a cute little girl, but in a small class, she never brought toys to the kindergarten, and did not like to associate with other children.
At the teacher’s request, her parents tried to encourage her to take toys to the kindergarten every day, but she was reluctant to say anything and was so anxious that she cried and cried: “They want to grab my toy!
“Why can some children play their toys with others, and some children never take out their things and play with others?
If we judge according to adult norms, we will think that the former is generous and generous, while the latter is selfish and unfriendly, so we are likely to ask the latter to “try and play with others” or tell him “It ‘s fun to play with others “and so on. If this child is still unwilling or has to do it at the request of an adult, but in a blink of an eye and doing his own thing, we are likely to have a prejudice against this child and unknowingly in front of the childShow it, hurt the child’s self-esteem even more.
In fact, what we want to solve is not a superficial problem, but a substantive problem of behavior: a child who is willing to play with his toys with others is safe and easy to get along with others. He is not afraid of losing and does not need to beware of others’ violation of his rights.; Children who are unwilling to take things out and play with others are insecure. He is not selfish or unfriendly, but has no confidence in his ability to cope with others. Such children often face new situations or difficulties.Will flinch, resist, or even attack others.
Then the adult’s job is not to ask the child to change his behavior, but to fully give the child a sense of security and help him build self-confidence. Then the above situation is solved.
Strategy 2: Give your child the opportunity to make decisions for himself. Jie Jie is watching cartoons when he returns home from kindergarten. His grandmother cooked the meal and cried, “Jie Jie, have a meal.
“Jiejie ignored it first, and her grandmother shouted,” Jiejie, come on, the food is going to be cold. ”
Jiejie said without looking back, “Don’t eat, I want to watch cartoons.
The grandmother winked at the grandfather next to him. The grandfather took care of Jiejie and quietly switched the TV channel. He immediately exchanged for Jie’s cry and yelled. The grandmother couldn’t listen to it, and in the end the grandfather hit hard.It took Jie Jie to hit Jie Jie at the dinner table twice, but Jie Jie ate with tears. The meal was tasteless by the whole family . Many families encounter similar problems, sometimes adultsIn order to save “trouble”, he simply brought the meals to the TV and let the children watch TV while the adults feed the meal.
Whether forcing children to “eat meals on time” or accommodating children to “see and eat” is not good for children’s physical and mental health.
Maybe we can give children a chance to choose when they ask them to eat. For example, the child can see “I ‘m going to see half of the cartoon after dinner, and come to eat right away.”Eating, then watching a cartoon or doing something the child likes after eating “choose a solution between the two, so that the child makes his own choices and decisions and will be more willing to implement them.

Best blood replenishment for women

Best blood replenishment for women

Herbal supplements are not as good as dietary supplements. I think everyone should know that if daily ingredients are used intelligently, it is also a good choice. Good supplements are also quite good . Blood tonic formula 1, 60 grams of Shouwu, red dates 3-5Pieces, previously 100 grams.

First, use the shouwu to fry and take the thick juice to remove the residue. Add the red dates and the previous rice to make porridge. Add the appropriate amount of brown sugar and cook for one or two.

Warm clothing.

Shouwu avoids iron utensils. When cooking soup for porridge, use less pot or enamel pot.

  Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and treating dysfunction.

  Blood-blowing diet therapy formula 2, 15 grams of longan meat, 3-5 red dates, 100 grams of rice.

Cook together with porridge, warm and serve.

  Efficacy: nourishing the heart and nourishing the spleen, nourishing and strengthening.

  Blood tonic formula 3, 2 eggs, take the egg yolk to break up, add a little salt before boiling, add egg yolk and cook, drink 2 times a day.

  Efficacy: Iron supplement, suitable for iron deficiency anemia.

When weight loss and weight loss became the theme of urban life, another nutritionally deficient disease captured the smallest member of the modern family at an incredible rate. This is iron deficiency anemia.

  Blood-blood diet formula 4, pork liver 150 grams, spinach amount.

Wash the pork liver slices with starch, salt, soy sauce, MSG and mix well. Put them in the pan and fry the spinach. Or wash the slices with 50 grams of pork liver and cook in boiling water until they are almost cooked. Add the spinach., Add rice to the pot, eat liver and vegetables to drink soup.

  Efficacy: iron supplement, suitable for iron deficiency anemia to eat a “blood supplement dish” for children.

  Blood-feeding and therapeutic formula 5, fresh cat bone 2 kg (1000 g), 200 g previously.

Wash the lamb bones, crush them, add water to boil the soup, remove the dregs, and boil the rice into the porridge.

When eating, moderately adjust the temperature and warm clothes, 10-15 days as a course of treatment.

  Effect: kidney and bone strengthening.

Uyghur medicine is amazing

Uyghur medicine is amazing

“Uyghur medicine treats vitiligo: a 98% improvement rate and a 30% cure rate.

“Vitiligo treatment is a worldwide problem so far. This information is undoubtedly encouraging. It also made reporters have a keen interest in Uyghur Medicine before going to Xinjiang for an interview.

  A wonderful medicine of national medicine “I did not expect Uygur medicine to be so spiritual.

“In the ward of the Uygur Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the reporter saw Xiao Xu, a vitiligo patient admitted to the hospital for more than a month.

Xiaoxu suffered from the disease 30 years ago, and developed into a whole body over a long period of time. He ran too many hospitals in various places, but all came to no avail, and he came here for a miracle change.

  Xiao Xu’s face was intact in front of her eyes, but her head, hands, and feet were variegated.

The hospital stated that the patient was still being treated, and “when I first came, I covered my face with a cloth, because the face was ‘flowered’ so as not to see anyone.

“In the Hotan area and the Uygur Hospital in Turpan, the reporter saw too many patients who came to seek treatment for skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis, and refractory eczema.

Alfu, director of the Nationalities Medical Service of the Chinese Medicine Department of the Autonomous Region, said that Uyghur Medicine has formed a comprehensive treatment plan based on long-term clinical and Uyghur theory.

For example, the Uygur Hospital of the Autonomous Region currently develops 12 kinds of medicines for treating vitiligo, screens out 5 kinds of maturity agents and scavengers for different populations, and a variety of special prescriptions mainly based on Xinjiang real estate medicines.

In 2006, the hospital passed the inspection of the key specialty of vitiligo of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  ”Not only skin diseases, bone injuries, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, gynecological diseases, anorectal diseases, etc. also have unique characteristics and advantages.

Alf said that after 2,500 years of history, Uyghur Medicine has its own unique theoretical system and diagnostic techniques.

In the prosperous era of the ancient Silk Road, under the influence of Arab medicine, it has absorbed the medical experience of many ethnic groups. At present, there are 2,000 prescriptions and a large number of folk prescriptions, which are a treasure house to be developed.

In addition, Uyghur Medicine has a higher sense of identity in the Islamic world, including countries in Central Asia, and has huge market potential.

  Local people are very welcome in Uyghur hospitals across Xinjiang, and the largest sales are preparations in Uyghur Pharmacy.

Because “look at the disease and spend less.”

In the pharmacy of Hetian District Victoria Hospital, the reporter took several preparations and asked. Most medicines cost about 10 yuan per box and can be taken continuously.

  At the county level, poor farmers mostly choose Victoria hospitals for medical treatment.

At the Moyu County Victoria Hospital, there were no “most” of the 100 beds.

When interviewed by reporters, several seriously ill Uighurs were waiting in line at the hospital entrance and asked why they did not go to other hospitals. They said “Western medicine is too expensive.”

The hospital introduced that the treatment mainly used Uygur medicine preparations, and the utilization rate of 198 kinds of inpatients reached more than 96%, which “replaced with drugs” and “reduced the burden on patients”.

  In Turpan, the orthopaedics and “sand therapy” at the local Uyghur hospital are well known.

For example, Uyghur’s orthopedics treats fractures of the extremities, bones, and fractures of the clavicle using traditional methods of replacement with raw eggs and fixation with bandages. The effect is good, the patient has less pain, and the cost is low.

Based on the unique “sand burying therapy”, it takes advantage of the local special climatic conditions and the characteristics of high content of sand minerals, which is a traditional Uyghur medicine with great potential for many chronic diseases.

  Based on the mass demand for Uyghur medicine, 42 public Uyghur hospitals, autonomous regions, prefectures and counties have initially established a medical service system.

The establishment of the Uighur Medical Advanced Institute has ensured the training of Uyghur talents.

“Uyghur Medicine uses more than 1,600 resources of real estate medicinal materials, and it is not difficult for the masses to take medicine.

Because of its low price, the masses are not expensive to see a doctor.

Alf said, “Uyghur Medicine has strong vitality among the people in Xinjiang.

“The development of Uyghur medicine needs urgent support. However, the development of Uyghur medicine also faces many difficulties.

  The first is insufficient funding.

A reporter’s investigation found that most ethnic medicine machines in Xinjiang were built in the 1980s, and the infrastructure was significantly poor and medical equipment was lacking.

  Essentially, the inheritance of Uyghur medicine heritage is not enough.

For example, the Xinjiang Uygur Medical Institute collects 47 ancient Uyghur medical books, overcomes various difficulties, and completes translation and collation of only 15 and publishes 7.

  Third, the research and development of Uyghur medicines is lagging behind, and the huge potential needs to be tapped.

The shortage of Uyghur medicine team is serious, and there is a shortage of backbone talents. With the successive deaths of the old Uyghur medicine, the problem has become increasingly prominent.

The only Xinjiang Uyghur Medical College has developed slowly.  Fourth, the national medicine and management system is incomplete.

At present, except for the Department of Health, where there is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Ethnic Medical Management Office, there are no specialized management agencies or even special personnel in each region and state, making the national and autonomous regions’ policies and work related to ethnic medicine impossible to resolve.

  ”I hope that the state will incorporate the development of ethnic medicine into the national development plan, improve the ethnic medical management institutions, clearly define its position, and ensure its establishment.

“Alpto,” this is not only for the prosperity of medicine, the promotion of economic development, and the medical needs of people of all nationalities; it is also important to carry forward the culture of all nationalities, promote national unity, and maintain political and social stability.

Summer on the tip of your tongue

Summer on the tip of your tongue

The summer on the tip of the tongue is the right choice for healthy ingredients. The hot summer heat often makes people feel irritable, so many people think that summer is the longest season. In fact, choosing the right ingredients can easily and healthily spend the summer.

Bitter Gourd-Qingxin lowering fire in the hot summer, the human’s gastrointestinal function weakens, digestive juice secretion decreases, often appetite is not open, and appetite is reduced.

As one of the “five flavors”, “bitterness” can stimulate appetite.

In summer, the principle of diet of traditional Chinese medicine is “spring and summer nourishing yang.” Yang yang focuses on nourishing the heart and conforming to the physiological characteristics of nourishing the heart at the turn of the spring and summer. Bitter gourd is the leader in clearing the heart and reducing fire.

Choosing TIPS: Experienced housewives will treat the fruit tumor of bitter gourd as a characteristic to judge the quality of bitter gourd.

The larger the particle, the fuller it means, the thicker the flesh; the smaller the particle, the thinner the flesh.

In addition to picking bitter gourds, the fruits must be upright, and they must be white and beautiful, because if the bitter gourds are yellow, it means that they are overripe, the flesh is not soft enough and crisp, and the bitter gourds should lose their proper taste.

Pumpkin-Buzhong Yiqi Pumpkin has the functions of tonifying qi and invigorating qi, laxative and laxative. It contains protein, amino acid and other nutrients, and is also rich in carotene, which can improve vision, improve blood sugar, strengthen heart and kidney qi.

Tips for picking: The “older” a pumpkin is, the less water it contains. Such pumpkins have fewer tendons, and they have a sandy texture. The food is steamed, boiled, fried, or staple food.Desserts or soups and porridges are particularly good in taste; in addition, after too much sunlight, the sweetness of pumpkins will become very high and of course the nutrition will be better.

Winter melon-fat-reducing diet The B vitamins contained in winter melon can accelerate the conversion of sugars and starches into heat energy, thereby reducing trace amounts in the body and helping to lose weight.

Eating winter melon often in spring and summer is very beneficial to human health, especially for people who are overweight.

Tips for selection: Good winter melon should be symmetrical in shape, without spots, thick in flesh, and less mellow.

Orient it for a moment. The heavy portion is full of water, and the meat is thin. It is a good winter melon. The light portion has loose meat, insufficient water, and impurities.

Cucumber-Shengjinzhike Cucumber has the effects of clearing heat and dampness, detoxifying and swelling, and promoting the effects of shengjin and thirst, and can help treat body heat and thirst, sore throat, wind-heat eye disease, damp-heat jaundice, and unfavorable urination.

Tips for selection: Usually, the thorny, frosted melon is a freshly picked fresh melon; the melon is fresh green, and the vertical melon is a tender melon.

The melons with straight, uniform thickness are good in quality; the melons with large belly, pointed tips, and narrow necks are malformed or aged due to aging; yellow or nearly yellow melons are melons.

Melon strips and melons are wilted after being picked and stored for a long time.

Mung Bean-Clearing Heat and Detoxifying Mung Bean has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic and dehumidifying. It is very suitable for edible when symptoms such as damp and hot stagnation, dry mouth and thirst, redness in the urine, constipation, swelling and pain in the eyes appear in summer.

But it should be reminded that mung bean cold, easy to damage the gas, chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis and spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more.

Selection Tips: When selecting mung beans, be sure to choose mung beans that are free of mold, worms, and spoilage. Fresh mung beans should be bright green, and old mung beans will turn yellow.

Lemon-Whitening Ingredients Lemon is one of the most medicinal fruits in the world. Its vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high sodium and low potassium are very beneficial to the human body.

The first is a natural beauty product that can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation and has a whitening effect.

Picking tips: When buying lemons, the player must feel firm and firm, the skin looks tight and bright, and the weight is enough. This well-developed fruit will only be aromatic and juicy but not acidic.

Lily flower-clearing heat and relieving worry Lily flower can nourish qi and nourish blood, remove heat and dampness, relieve sorrow and anger, and also contains protein, carotene, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Picking Tips: Avoid buying yellow cannabis with attractive colors. These are widely soaked with sulfur, have a pungent sulfur smell, and have a sour taste, so they are not suitable for purchase.

Morchella-low-fat ingredients reduce appetite in summer, everyone likes to eat vegetables and fruits more than meat, but is n’t the dining table without amaranth more unscrupulous?

To solve this tangled problem, we can eat morel.

Morel is considered to be the most meat-like one among the fungi, and the advantage is that it is a low-fat food ingredient, it will not get tired of eating too much, and it will not grow meat.

Selection tips: The mushroom body is dry, complete, and has a strong fragrance.

Zhu Sheng-The refreshing “scraping” summer clothing is gradually reduced, and weight loss measures have been listed as the top priority by all sisters. The “scraping” effect of Zhu Sheng has naturally become a hot summer ingredient.

Zhu Sheng, also known as bamboo cricket, is a precious fungus that is parasitic on the roots of dead bamboo. It was once a “tribal tribute” and has appeared as a national banquet in modern times.

Its taste is crisp, tender and refreshing, with high nutritional value. It is mixed with glial fiber to relieve tiredness and help digestion, reducing the accumulation of abdominal wall stool, which is commonly known as “scraping oil”.

“Chinese Pharmacopoeia” records that Zhu Sheng has a variety of functions such as benefiting stomach and clearing intestines, anti-aging and anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and weight loss.

Picking Tips: When buying, you should choose a thick flesh with a yellowish color. This bamboo Sheng is naturally baked, naturally mellow and sweet.

The color that is too white may be the poor quality bamboo Sheng smoked with sulfur, which smells pungent and has a sour taste.




A longan longan, commonly known as round eyes.

Genus Sapindaceae.

Produced in southeastern, southern and southwestern provinces of China.

If it is used for raw food or processed into dry products, “Famous Doctors’ Records” calls it “educational”, so its function is to nourish the heart and make it nourished.

“Kai Bao Materia Medica” said: “Asian litchi”, said that its shape is like litchi.

Longan meat, nucleus, skin and roots are used for medicinal purposes.

  The taste is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

  Meat contains vitamin B, glucose, sucrose and tartaric acid.

The core contains saponin, adult and sintered matter.

The leaves contain phospholipids, phospholipid compounds, sintered substances, etc.

  The pharmacological water extract of longan meat has an inhibitory effect on A. audouinii in a test tube.

Longan leaves are suitable for trauma and have hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects.

  Function appetizers and spleen, nourishing the mind and mind.

Longan meat is a nutrient product, soothing blood.

The core is an astringent hemostatic agent.

  [贫血,神经衰弱,心悸怔忡,自汗盗汗]  龙眼肉4-6枚,莲子、芡实等量,加水炖汤于睡前服。  [创伤出血]  龙眼核焙燥研细末,撒布伤口,加以包扎。  [烫火伤]  核研细末,以茶子油调涂。  [久泻不止,崩漏白带]  龙眼树皮或根皮30-60克,水煎服。Or 15 grams of dried flowers, decoction and brown sugar.

  [丝虫病,流火(丝虫病性淋巴腺炎)]  鲜根30克,土牛膝全草30克,水煎服。

Who needs the office of the future

Who needs the office of the future

The new office of the future will require more human-related skills, and new office positions will reflect these functions.

A one-man resource service agency, the “Office Team” company, conducted a survey and suggested that some new office “white-collar workers” will appear in 2005.

  Guidance consultants: They are senior white-collar workers who help newcomers to mature full-time as soon as possible.

The emergence of mentoring consultants will reduce the learning skills of new hires and increase employee loyalty.

  Health managers: Health managers may sign a short-term contract with the enterprise. They are mainly responsible for developing some sports suitable for white-collar workers to exercise, formulating some working environment indicators that are beneficial to the physical health of white-collar workers, and providing information about fitness.Wait.

  Business etiquette consultants: They are Mr. Etiquette or Miss Etiquette in the high-tech office.

They mainly raise etiquette issues that should be paid attention to when dealing with business in the office, such as video conferences, mobile phone calls, emails, and so on.

  Gourmet consultants: They can be full-time authors or short-term collaborators outside the company.

They mainly provide dietary advice to corporate employees.

  Family Relations Advisors: They are full-time work experts.

It mainly helps company employees handle family relationships.

  Staff development strategy consultants: They are a group of “futurists”.

They keep track of the changes in the professional circle and provide advice on human resources investment and personal development of employees for some emerging occupations.

Toddler focused training classic games

Toddler focused training classic games

Attention always happens at the same time as feeling, perception, memory, imagination, and thinking.

If a person does not have a good quality of attention, it will directly affect his feelings, perception, memory, imagination and thinking ability development will also affect his efficiency of doing things. Many children have difficulty learning after school because they notice that they have not developed well.

So the famous educator Ushenski said: “Attention is the door to learning.

Therefore, training children’s attention is an important responsibility of teachers and parents.

Now we mainly introduce parent-child games in two age groups (1-2 years old, 2-3 years old).

  Early childhood (1-2 years old) development overview: From climbing stairs or furniture to walking independently, babies at the time could play football, trot, or even jump on two feet; they could knock, push, step on objects, and then stack objects; from trying to themselvesAfter eating, I will use a cup to pour water without spilling, and I like to take a bath myself; I will turn the pages to read a book, read the picture in the book for a few seconds, and then distinguish two or more objects; first put different things together,In order to discover new features, I can draw objects and animals in the future, have color differences, and notice the differences between objects. I also like to write my own stories.

  Recommended games: 1.

Wearing a hat This is a matching game. Parents put the bottles and caps of various empty plastic bottles in the home into two piles, let the baby pair them, and “wear a suitable hat” on the bottles.

The size of the bottle cap should be clearly distinguished, so that the baby can pay more attention to the observation in the hands-on operation, while also training the muscles of the little hand.

Of course, if the child is too difficult to screw, we can ask the child to fasten the shell first.

  2 Cooperating painter can cooperate with baby to carry out “art creation”.

Parents draw a single line with dark thick strokes, leaving some simple straight lines with light thick strokes, let the baby draw with dark thick strokes on light lines, and cooperate to complete an outline.

After the baby has mastered it, he can replace the description with the copywriting, starting with simple line drawings such as horizontal lines and vertical lines, gradually increasing the difficulty.

  Early childhood (2-3 years old) development overview: can ride a baby stroller and unscrew or screw the case freely. Can remember the position of objects in the room. Vocabulary reaches more than 200. Can say sentences containing several words. Emotional is easy.Change, there will be a “friend” (source of security) with the concepts of “near” and “after meals”, will solve the problem, there will be concepts of numbers, will be classified, can basically follow the requirements of adults, do pictures, self-answer questions, recommend games:1.

Spreading a whisper 2-year-old children are particularly fascinated by whispers, and they will be proud when they can speak whispers themselves.

Whispering can effectively help your baby to concentrate, and at the same time help the baby learn to adjust the tone.

  The specific methods are flexible and diverse. For some, we whisper to the child a word: there are watermelons and apples in the refrigerator, and no drinks.

Then ask the child to tell other family members in the form of a private message, and then check the accuracy rate afterwards, and change the content and length of the private message according to the results, gradually increasing the difficulty of the game from easy to difficult.

  2 access game preparation: number cards.

During the game, the parents showed a number card of 1-10, and the children redirected the numbers one by one after watching.

First understand the division of numbers and deepen their impressions.

Then make a request, the parents say a few numbers, the child then counts down as many as the parents, for example: the number of parents 1, 2, 3, the number of children 4, 5, 6; the number of parents 6, 7, the child continuesNumbers 8 and 9.

After the child can play, the child can count first, and the parent can pick it up.

  It should be noted that readers and friends should not be fooled by the games I recommend. Many games, such as jigsaw puzzles, find differences, are better than length, etc. I hope everyone can use their talents to create more fun and more beneficial games.