[How can I not get pregnant]_Pregnant woman

[How can I not get pregnant]_Pregnant woman

Many people in life are struggling with how to not conceive while they are in the same room. Contradictions have always been the problem of invading people. In fact, there are many methods of contraception. Contraceptives, condoms, safety period, etc., no matter what kind of contraception methodBoth have shortcomings, which is why the number of people who are painless is increasing because of the failure of self-confidence. How can we not get pregnant?

There may be many people who are unwilling to bring condoms during sex, because it will affect the feeling, but if you take medicine, it will cause the body to alternate, and then you are afraid that the estimated safety period is not accurate, so many people do n’t know how to be effective and confident, soLet’s take a look at the following introduction together.

1. Antagonistic contraceptives-achieve the purpose of contraceptives by preventing sperm from entering the female’s upper reproductive tract.

Male condoms: Put a condom on the penis before it is inserted into the vagina and ejaculate.

Female condom: Put a blind bag with 2 flexible rings into the vagina, and place the open end outside the vagina.

2. Hormonal contraceptives Estrogen and progestin are the most commonly used reversible contraceptives.

Oral for 3 weeks, withdrawal for 1 week, withdrawal bleeding.

Failure failed 2%.

Single progestin pill: It is mainly used for lactating women. It is continuously taken but often causes breakthrough bleeding (BTB, breakthrough bleeding: a larger amount of bleeding requires two or more sanitary napkins per day.

), Failures totaled 3%.

3. How can I not get pregnant?

Safe period contraceptives-prevent pregnancy by avoiding intercourse during a conception period of the menstrual cycle.

The key of this method is to determine the time of ovulation and avoid intercourse 48 hours before and after ovulation.

Due to insufficient self-discipline or inability to accurately predict ovulation and extra ovulation, failure rates are often high, reaching 25%.

4. Intrauterine device-interferes with the maturity of the endometrium and affects implantation; changes the ciliary activity of the fallopian tubes and affects egg transport; interferes with the transport of sperm from the cervix to the fallopian tubes; triggers the body’s main inflammatory response to white blood cells to foreign bodies, causing endometriumLocal arthritis reaction.

How can I not get pregnant?

After reading the introduction above, you should know how to effectively prevent contraception. It can be seen that there are many methods of contraception, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. The key depends on your choice.

Young men and women must do contraception during sex to avoid accidental pregnancy. You must know that accidental pregnancy has a great impact on women’s health.