[Chinese medicine stewed chicken recipe]_how to do_method

[Chinese medicine stewed chicken recipe]_how to do_method

Many people like to add some cinnamon powder or tangerine peel when they stew chicken. These alternations can be their taste, and changes can make her more fragrant. In fact, chicken is a special health food. Chicken has specialHigh nutritional value, especially suitable for some people’s supplements, and you can also add some important stewed medicated meals to chicken. The following is the recipe of traditional Chinese medicine stewed chicken. If you have a serious illness or are weak, you may wish to drink more traditional Chinese medicine old chicken soup, supplement one.Tonic, nourish qi and blood.

Consistent consumption of chicken soup with Chinese medicine will definitely enhance physical function and improve physical fitness.

This article details the practice of several traditional Chinese medicine chicken soups, and everyone can learn: Chinese medicine chicken soup: Chinese yam field seven and old hen boil soup Ingredients: two hundred grams of old hen, fifty grams of yam, eight grams of field seven, two slices of ginger, threeGrams of rice wine, moderate chicken soup, chicken essence, and salt.

Production method: After the old hen is washed and cut into pieces, add boiling water, remove blood water, put it into the stew pot, then clean the yam and Tianqi, put it into the stew pot, and add ginger slices, chicken essence, and proper chicken soupWith rice wine, cover the mouth of the stew pot with edible cellophane, then wrap the seal with clean rubber bands, steam it in a steamer for two and a half hours, and finally add an appropriate amount of salt to adjust the taste.

Edible effect: This chicken soup is rich in nutrition, rich in protein, saponin, choline and other elements, which can effectively exercise and strengthen the body, stop bleeding and nourish blood, nourish qi and nourish the essence, can enhance lung function, nourish the intestines, and nourishThe effect of vitality, swelling and disperse blood stasis.

Chinese medicine chicken soup: Astragalus codonopsis, Chinese angelica, Chinese wolfberry and old hen boiled soup Ingredients: two hundred grams of old hen, 15 grams of astragalus, twelve grams of codonopsis, one piece of angelica, appropriate amount of wolfberry, two slices of ginger, six grams of rice wine, appropriate amount of water and salt.

Production method: Wash the old hen and cut into pieces, add boiling water for a while, remove the blood water, put it into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, start to burn with high fire, add ginger slices of rice wine to remove the fishy smell, and boil the water into astragalusDangshen and angelica, use low fire to slowly simmer, add wolfberry and salt when it is out of the pot.

Edible effect: Astragalus Codonopsis and Angelica Goji Berry is a good product for invigorating blood. Drinking a lot of Astragalus Codonopsis Angelica and Goji Berries Soup can nourish and nourish blood, nourish vitality, and it is especially suitable for people with both Qi and blood deficiency.

But there is one thing that everyone needs to pay attention to. Do not put too many Chinese herbs when boiling this chicken soup. The right amount is the best.

The above introduces the practice of Chinese medicine chicken soup. If there is a patient at home, stew yam field Qilao chicken soup and Astragalus codonopsis Angelica wolfberry old chicken soup, and make it available to patients in time, it will definitely help patients improve their disease resistance and recover their health soon.