Syria asks to adjust the time to come to China, the two games before the National Football World Cup preliminaries are more problematic

Syria asks to adjust the time to come to China, the two games before the National Football World Cup preliminaries are more problematic
Whether the international can maintain its status is a big question.Data Map / Osports is affected by the epidemic. After the suspension of many domestic sports events, the men’s football team’s next World Cup journey is also uncertain.According to the latest news, the number one opponent of the national football team Syria will ask the AFC to adjust the game.According to the original schedule plan, the national football team will face Syria at home on June 9 this year. That is the final round of the top 40, and it is also a key game related to the appearance of the national football team.However, the Syrian Football Association has expressed its position and will write to the AFC in the next few days, requesting adjustments to the start time or location of the initial game.However, compared to the game that started in early June, the two games of the National Football Team against Maldives and Guam at the end of March were even more difficult.According to the schedule, the two games will be played on March 26 and 31, respectively. However, due to the uncertain development of the epidemic, it is still unknown whether the game will proceed as scheduled with only one month left.At present, many countries and regions have tightened their immigration policies. Some countries have even cancelled or reduced flights to and from mainland China, and the away trip of the national football team has become a problem.Even so, because the league is extended indefinitely, it is difficult to reach the opponents in the warm-up match. Whether the international team can maintain its status is a big problem.Under many disadvantages, the prospects of the national football team’s unclear world preliminaries are worse.It is understood that the Chinese Football Association is currently in close communication with the AFC, FIFA and multi-party football associations, and strive to minimize losses.National Football World Cup preliminary schedule March 26, 2020 China vs Maldives March 31, 2020 Guam vs China June 4, 2020 China vs Philippines June 9, 2020 China vs Syria

Hamilton crowned 6 crowns, one step away from Schumacher

Hamilton crowned 6 crowns, one step away from Schumacher
Hamilton crowned the driver’s championship 6 degrees.Figure / F1 official website F1 US Grand Prix ended this morning, Hamilton even only won the runner-up, but still locked in the driver’s championship in advance.This is Hamilton’s sixth driver championship, which surpasses Fangio and is only one step away from the “car god” Schumacher.There were not many accidents in the initial race. Mercedes team took the top two again. Bottas won the championship. Hamilton followed, and Red Bull team Vestapan also took the podium.With the results of the runner-up in the American Grand Prix, Hamilton also locked in the driver’s championship in advance.This is Hamilton’s sixth driver championship (2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019), which surpasses Fangio (5) and is only one step away from Schumacher (7)remote.The ranking of the number of drivers championship.Figure / F1 official website when Hamilton won the 6 championship, the age is 34 years and 300 days, this data is only 18 days behind Schumacher (34 years and 282 days).In 2003, Schumacher surpassed Fangio to maintain a 46-year championship record of five championships, which was later set again.At the time, Schumacher’s achievement was unsurpassed by many people.Today, Hamilton has approached Schumacher in just 11 years.At present, Hamilton has surpassed Schumacher in terms of pole number, pole position start wins, single-season debut, single-season excitement, career points and many other data.However, there is only a gap with Schumacher in terms of championships, number of races, podium, speed laps, and number of leading laps.With Hamilton’s status and the strength of the Mercedes team, Hamilton has a great chance in the future to tie or even overtake Schumacher.”When I was six or seven years old, my father told me that I should never give up at any time. This is the motto of our family.”Hamilton, as a driver, is still full of freshness about everything and is ready for the next race.

What happened to Meiyingsen’s flesh chain which is a little expert in rubbing spots?

What happened to Meiyingsen’s “flesh chain” which is a little expert in rubbing spots?
Last year, Meiyingsen was ridiculed by investors as a “little spot expert” because of the three major attractions of industrial cannabis, artificial meat, and blockchain.In 2019, Meiyingsen achieved operating income of approximately 33.$ 9.2 billion, an annual increase of 4.41%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 5.3.5 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 33.42%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is about 3.8.4 billion, an annual increase of 8.84%.R & D, production and sales of major military transportation packaging products, boutique packaging products, label products, electronic functional material die-cut products and creative health paper furniture products, and provide customers with packaging product design, packaging program optimization, packaging materialsThree-party procurement and packaging product logistics and distribution, supplier inventory management and on-site auxiliary packaging operations and other in-depth packaging integration services.For the reasons for achieving such results in 2019, Meiyingsen explained: expansion, through the release of orders from major customers such as consumer electronics, the company’s product sales increased accordingly, while the price of main raw materials fell, and the company’s product prices were loweredThe increase in the ratio of revenue to sales volume has decreased.The increase in product sales and the stability of profit margins have led to a certain increase in company profits.At the same time, the company’s investment real estate changes in fair value increase, realizing a part of the company’s profit.More than a month after the disclosure of the 2019 annual report, Meiyingsen received an inquiry letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and responded on May 15.Sauna, Yewang noticed that the inquiry letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange included the request for Meiyingsen to disclose the information about the three major scenic spots.The first is industrial cannabis, Meiyingsen said: Since the implementation of the Meiyingsen Group ‘s industrial cannabis industry development project (referred to as “industrial cannabis industry development project”) involves related work and the impact of the new crown epidemic on the project, it has continued to this dayThe project is still in the process of preparation.The work that has been carried out mainly includes the filing of relevant investment projects, some land transfer agreement agreements, related product application research and development, and the handling of business-related licenses.The project has not yet started construction, and has not yet obtained an industrial hemp processing license.In terms of capital expenditures and budgetary benefits, by April 30, 2020, Meiyingsen Industrial Cannabis Industry Development Project had accumulatively spent 1128 funds.570,000 yuan (including the company’s investment in Wenma Biotechnology, technical service fees, travel expenses, purchase of raw materials, land transfer costs, etc.), has not yet generated revenue.So, what is the estimated production time, capacity and income of the industrial cannabis industry development project?Meiyingsen responded: “Temporary fashion cannot be accurately predicted.”Looking at artificial meat again, as one of the product directions of the industrial cannabis industry development project, Meiyingsen adheres to the business philosophy of simultaneous development of product development and sales expansion; continues to carry out product research and development, production equipment for artificial meat and other products, and inspection and selection of foundries.; Compression, Meiyingsen is actively approaching potential customers to market and sell artificial meat and other related products.Finally, the blockchain.Meiyingsen’s shareholding company Zhejiang Oracle Super Code Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Oracle Super Code”) achieved a net profit of 1558 in 2019.390,000 yuan, lower than the promised number of 19 million yuan.Therefore, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange required Meiyingsen to explain in detail the initial performance commitments of Oracle Super Code and the response measures to be taken by listed companies, and analyze the achievability of subsequent performance commitments in light of its operating conditions.Meiyingsen said that Oracle Super Code increased R & D technology manpower investment in 2019, and the transfer of related R & D technology labor costs to obtaining orders and confirming that there is a certain period of income, which has affected Oracle Super Code’s 2019 annual performance to a certain extent.The realization of the promise.”In response, Meiyingsen chose to” continuously pay attention to the follow-up performance of Oracle Super Code, and urged it to seize business development and changes, and improve operating efficiency to achieve the improvement of operating performance.”It is reported that from January to April 2020, Oracle Super Code has newly signed or won the bid to include the industrial Internet logo analysis two-level grouping (integrated application service platform) project of the Information and Communication Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.Demonstration projects, Xiangzhou County E-Commerce Demonstration County Project and other three projects with a number of more than 5 million.Oracle Super Code said that in 2020 Oracle Super Code will actively overcome the impact of the new crown epidemic, give full play to its advantages in the field of “blockchain +” traceability, expand the development of the G-end and B-end markets, and amplify the cumulative effect and radiation of high-quality customer resourcesEffect, quickly increase the company’s income; gradually improve the product structure, strengthen internal potential tapping, reduce costs and increase efficiency through refined management, and achieve subsequent performance commitments.Sauna, night net Yan Xia editor Chen Lixiao dealt with Chun Leng

Ying Yu Nian with more humorous elements than the original book, starring Zhang Ruoyun Chen Daoming Wu Gang

“Ying Yu Nian” with more humorous elements than the original book, starring Zhang Ruoyun Chen Daoming Wu Gang
“I hope that the people of Qingguo will become uninhibited people.When they are abused by civilians, they have an unyielding heart, when they are attacked by disasters, they have no heart of frustration, and if there is something wrong, they do n’t fear the correction and do n’t flatter the jackal.12 years ago, an unknown writer who was still climbing the grid quietly in his hometown of Yichang, Hubei, created a heroine in the online novel “Qing Yu Nian” that disappeared from the beginning, but existed in every breath of Qing Guo, Is also the true soul character of the whole book-Ye Qingmei.The words left by the little girl who “looks at the light of the world” must be a declaration of passion for countless book fans, and it is also the only code that connects the fictional world of “Qing Yu Nian” with our modern society.Director Sun Hao said that the episode “Qing Yu Nian” is a story of collision between ancient and modern civilization. Fan Xian, played by Zhang Ruoyun, looked at ancient inequalities from the perspective of modern people.The drama of the same name adapted from “Qing Yu Nian” was written by Wang Renren, directed by Sun Hao, and brought together Chen Daoming, Wu Gang, Liu Hua, Li Xiaoran, Tian Yu, Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Xiao Zhan and other three generations of star performers.The show was launched on Tencent Video at 8pm on November 26th, iQiyi was launched, and the world created by words was written in the form of images, waiting for the audience and book fans to judge.Zhang Ruoyun plays Fan Xian.The picture comes from the original novel that has contracted and restored many name scenes. The story of “Qing Yu Nian” was caused by the mysterious teenager Fan Xian who grew up by the sea.After undergoing various tests and trials in the family, rivers and lakes, and temples, the ultimate truth of this world, the temple, was finally discovered.Fan Xian was not Ye Qingmei’s son, but also a traversal with Ye Qingmei’s contemporaries, so he became the only person who truly communicated with Ye Qingmei’s modern spirit.The drama circumvents the point of “traversing” and substitutes the plot into a novel.Zhang Qing, a student of literary history major in a university, is familiar with classical classics. In order to allow Professor Ye to approve his proposition of dissecting the history of ancient literature with modern ideas, he will further expand his opinions by writing novels.The story he wrote was “Qing Yu Nian”.Judging from the content currently online, the series retains many famous scenes of the original novel.For example, Fan Xian’s “Red Sleeve Tim Fragrance Night Copy Book”, “retranslated” Cao Xueqin’s “Dream of Red Mansions” into this world; at the state banquet in Qingguo and Beiqi, Fan Xian drunk into a poem in order to conceal his plan to sneak into the palaceFan Xian saw the words of his sturdy mother on the stone tablet, but the play was changed to “I hope that the law of Qingguo stands for the people, not tolerated by nobleness, nor deprived of poverty .” Chen Daoming plays Qingdi.The picture comes from the network Wu Gang as Chen Pingping.The picture comes from the online characters, the characters are in accordance with the original, and the style is more relaxed and humorous. The novel “Qing Yu Nian” inserts a large and varied group portrait drama. Each character has more than one side. Ye Qingmei’s “old comrades” were especially lively-controlling Qing GuoThe dark institution, a conspiracy but unpretentious but extremely “man with a gun” Chen Pingping; the painter prodigal as his goal in life, but eventually became Fan Jian, a financial steward of Gyeongguk; he was intoxicated with poison research and looked like T in “Prison Break”-bag, but relatively simple fee introduction; and Qing Emperor who is a battlefield with people’s hearts.The characters in the play were played by Wu Gang, Gao Shuguang, Liu Hua and Chen Daoming. When the character poster was announced earlier, the fans recognized the degree of reduction.Fan Qiruo played by Guo Qilin, the small pockmarks on his face and his love for money are also in line with the novel.However, the trailer can be polished from the announcement, and Fan Xian has undertaken a lot of funny plays in the play.Some originated from the novel, for example, he vomited Wang Qinian “It ‘s a pity not to talk about crosstalk”. In the novel, he also named Wang Qinian as a “wonderful acclaim”; some are purely new, and sometimes feel that the opponent is a robot cat, who satirizes others.A serious young woman of literature and art “, Tucao Kuaijian is” Express Shunfeng “and so on.Screenwriter Wang Li said that “Ying Yu Nian” refers to the resurgence of a new generation of civilization after the end of civilization.”The overall tone of this story is actually quite heavy, so we hope to do more relaxed humor in ordinary life.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofread Zhao Lin

Will the Mrs. President’s shouting lead to Ruhan’s crisis: Is there any card outside Zhang Dayi?

Will the “Mrs. President’s shouting” lead to Ruhan’s crisis: Is there any card outside Zhang Dayi?
When the protagonist of a rumor is directly related to the lifeblood of a listed company, the influence of the rumor is not only in the rumor itself.At noon on April 17, the user whose Weibo ID was “Hua Hua Dong Hua Hua” publicly named Zhang Dayi, saying, “This is the last warning, and I’ll be welcome to provoke my husband again.”Subsequently, some netizens pointed out that the husband of “Hua Hua Dong Hua Hua” was suspected to be Jiang Fan, president of Taobao and president of Tmall.Who is Zhang Dayi?The first generation of Internet celebrities, US listed companies such as CMO.Sauna and Yewang verified the truth, impact and stop loss of the matter, such as CEO Feng Min, and stopped responding.In response, Ali officials responded that the company will formally investigate the Internet rumors.”No matter who they are, they must abide by the company’s business guidelines without exception.”” After the call was opened that night, if it included a sharp fall, the maximum decline was 10%, and the closing price rose back to the above American depositary receipt.$ 83.But at the same time, the market value of more than 1 billion US dollars when it went public in April last year has fallen by more than 60%.On April 20, US stocks opened, and Redsports e-commerce company Ruhan (NASDAQ: RUHN) opened to report this American depositary receipt.It has dropped by more than 7% at US $ 56. As of press time, it has fallen by more than 12%, and it has fallen to as low as the above American Depositary Receipt 3.USD 31.About its market value ratio of more than 1 billion US dollars when it went public on April 8 last year has fallen by nearly 70%.Although the rumors cannot be confirmed, Ruhan’s predicament as a net celebrity is distorted.Zhang Dayi’s single IP contributes more than half of GMV; the independent brand model is challenged; in the case of increasing revenue and not increasing profits, large sales expenses are used for advertising and various markets, brand promotion expenditures.On live broadcast platforms such as Douyin, Zhang Dayi’s traffic has been overtaken by Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi.Some high-level people believe that long-term cooperation with Alibaba’s companies may lead Ruhan to put too much attention on the Alibaba’s position and promptly cut into new platforms such as Douyin in a timely manner.If the brand of Zhang Dayi is damaged, what does it mean for Ruhan?One year after its listing, it still highly relies on Zhang Dayi’s Ruhan, does it have other back lanes or hole cards?Zhang Dayi, who can’t fall, soon broke out, and Zhang Dayi, who is the party, quickly cut through the “all misunderstandings” and scandals.Zhang Dayi at the moment is not alone, she is a moneymaker that Ruhan cannot fall.As shown in the financial report of Hanhan, the GMV contribution ratio of the three head KOLs within Zhang Dayi was 60 in FY2017 to FY2019 respectively.7%, 65.2%, 54%, has reached 61 so far.43%.The proportion of income contribution from Zhang Dayi’s personal IP has increased year by year: FY2017 50.8%, 52 in fiscal year 2018.4%, 53 in fiscal year 2019.5%.On the night of the shouting event, Ruhan, which is listed in the US, has been plunging since the opening, with a maximum drop of 10%.Some top people told reporters that Zhang Dayi’s celebrity IP is a product of chance + possibility and is difficult to recreate. “Possibility is to be a must-have condition for becoming a celebrity,” a staff member who once worked at MCN told Sauna, Yewang, just like Li Jiaqi’s success was because L’Oreal Group wanted to select 200 makeup artists to become celebrities, and he caughtThis opportunity.For Zhang Dayi, stepping on the entrance is also the key to her success.Eleven years ago, in 2009, Zhang Dayi was still a “Ruili girl”, and she often appeared as a model in the clothing pages of fashion magazines such as “Ruili” and “Xinwei”.In 2011, Ruhan CEO Feng Min and his wife founded Taobao women’s clothing brand “Labelin”, while Zhang Dayi was a brand model.In 2014, Feng Min and Zhang Dayi co-founded the Taobao store of “My Joyful Wardrobe”. Zhang Dayi was responsible for shaping the online store style and online celebrity brand, while Feng Min was responsible for operations, supply management and logistics.Ruhan was born.In the following year, Ruhan became the sales champion of Taobao’s clothing category. Zhang Dayi also went from fashion buyer to advanced version production according to fan demand, but at that time, there was no mature Ali big data. Zhang Dayi’s concern wasWeibo fans.Also in this year, Weibo, who wants to get through third- and fourth-tier cities, decided to support small and medium-sized bloggers in vertical fields such as fashion, beauty, and tourism, and established an e-commerce business unit to build a micro-e-commerce system with Alibaba.Although Zhang Dayi, who had 250,000 fans at the time, was just a “small V”, he also took this ride, and shared the personal aesthetic and lifestyle to create the “big aunt” personality, and the fans diverted from Weibo approachedTaobao store has created such a single store over 100 million.His personal IP is unmanageable.In just four years, Zhang Dayi’s Weibo followers have skyrocketed from 300,000 to 10.77 million; in the “Double Eleven” in 2017, Zhang Dayi’s online store broke through.RMB 7 trillion; In 2018, the “Double Eleven” Zhang Dayi store broke the record in 28 minutes; in 2019, Ruhan welcomed the Nasdaq listing.After the listing, Ruhan still regards Zhang Dayi as the biggest “money shaker”.A former Ali Taobao person interviewed by a reporter believes that citing Yu Weiya, Li Jiaqi, etc., Ruhan’s advantage is that it can continue to launch a large number of young and beautiful or in line with the downward adjustment of a large number of anchors for the platform to use.This is more conducive to the platform for harvesting. Too much feed from the head anchor is not a good thing for the platform. Some game anchors often have a signing fee of tens of millions.But the other side of the coin is that although hundreds of anchors have been signed, Ruhan still relies heavily on head anchors, especially Zhang Dayi’s personal IP.A person in charge of the MCN agency from Fujian told the sauna, Yewang, Ruhan relied too much on Zhang Dayi’s personal IP, but “Zhang Dayi is first and foremost, she will get married and have children, there will be various news, theseIt affects the stability of her performance and the stability of the company.”Backing on the big tree and missing more scenery?Cheng Ye Taobao “lost” also Taobao according to Ruhan prospectus, CEO Feng Min holds 27 shares.51%, Zhang Dayi holds 15%, and Alibaba holds 8 through Taobao China Holdings.56%.After the IPO, Zhang Dayi held Ruhan 13.2% of the shares and own 2.With 7% of voting rights, Alibaba holds 7 shares through Taobao China Holdings.5%.A former Alitao employee told the sauna that Yewang, Ruhan is equivalent to a pipeline of incubating anchors invested by Ali, which grew up in the wave of content e-commerce, which is equivalent to that everyone is engaged in anchors and onlineRed, Ali briefly raised Ruhan from the capital.2016 is known as the “Year of Cyber Red”.In the documentary “Hong Kong”, Zhang Dayi shouted “2016 is definitely the era of Zhang Dayi” to the camera. This year she was the epitome of the rise of the Internet celebrity economy. She created a Taobao store through a 4-hour live broadcast of Taobao20 million of this kind.At that time, Taobao Live was only 100 days old.This year, Alibaba became the fourth-largest shareholder with a share capital of 300 million yuan.Ruhan had already discussed the investor, but ultimately chose Alibaba because of the strategic significance of the industry chain ecology.Alibaba’s shareholding is bound to reach 31, according to its estimate.300 million yuan.In August 2019, Ruhan called Alibaba as an important strategic stakeholder and long-term key business partner at the first quarter fiscal year 2020 earnings conference call, and stated that Alibaba provides e-commerce infrastructure and integrityTechnical tools to support Ruhan ‘s Internet KOL ecosystem, and Ruhan continues to explore cooperation opportunities with Alibaba in new businesses, especially in live broadcast assets, live broadcast supply chain platform model business, and Taobao KOL live broadcast product marketingbusiness.Not only that, Weibo and Bilibili invested by Alibaba are also shareholders of Han. Ruhan hopes to further expand their business in the KOL live broadcast field with these two companies.On the main position Taobao live broadcast, Ruhan’s layout was slightly slow.Starting in the second half of 2018, Ruhan began to try e-commerce live streaming, but among the more than 700 organizations on Taobao live e-commerce, Ruhan’s ranking is not high.Live eye data shows that the number of all live broadcast stores on Taobao increased from 28,866 on February 21, 2020 to 74,884 on March 6, and the number of broadcasts on a single day increased from 30,633 to 46,559.Not to mention how difficult it is to get popular from more than 70,000 anchors, Taobao live broadcast is more sales and monetization, and it is not conducive to KOL to circle.In addition, Ruhan’s financial report showed a quarterly change, and this quarterly change coincided with Tmall, Taobao and “Double Eleven” and “Double Twelve”.The financial report shows that in the four quarters of fiscal year 2018, Ruhan’s net profit was -1941 million yuan and -1 respectively.18 trillion, 50.74 million yuan and -6.38 trillion; in the four quarters of fiscal 2019, Ruhan ‘s net profit was -4.9.3 billion, -1.8.3 billion, 100 million, and -29.4 million yuan; In the first three quarters of fiscal year 2020, Ruhan ‘s net profits were -26.7 million yuan, -50.1 million yuan, and 10.7 million yuan, respectively.Some analysts also speculate that long-term cooperative relations with Alibaba companies may also have some exclusive clauses, resulting in a relatively single platform for Ruhan to choose.Under the KOL myth, where does the “increasing income not increasing profit” puzzle cost?In April 2019, it became the first time for domestic celebrity e-commerce companies to go to the IPO in the United States.At that time, Ruhan was like those KOL young and beautiful skin, but no one can stay young forever.The continuous breakthrough is Ruhan’s fatal injury.Data for fiscal year 2017, fiscal year 2018, and fiscal year 2019 show that Ruhan’s net replacements were 5,538, respectively.370,000 yuan, 1.04 billion and 7324.620,000 yuan.Ruhan, who failed to achieve profitability, lacked endogenous growth momentum. After listing, asking the capital market to maintain the company ‘s operations seems to be Ruhan ‘s best choice.The operation model of “money” is more of a wait-and-see attitude.In Nasdaq, which is more concerned about the growth of the company, the growth of operating income affects the integration and overall forecast of listed companies. Ruhan ‘s revenue still maintains a growth trend.Han’s operating income was 5.7.7 billion, 9.4.8 billion and 10.9.3 billion yuan, an average of 63.97%, 15.39% and 15.At 30%, the increase in revenue clearly reflects the uncertainty of growth, and Ruhan’s must also be from the beginning of the listing7.$ 85 / share fell to the latest closing price of 3.83 US dollars / share, the total market value is cut, only 3.22 billion US dollars.Without increasing income, where did Ruhan spend his money?As of December 31, 2019, the number of Ruhan contracted KOLs increased from 146 on September 30, 2019 to 159, and ended December 31, 2018, 113; KOL on the platform head, shoulders and waistThe total increased from 31 on September 30, 2019 to 37, while the number ended on December 31, 2018 was 18.The development of each KOL requires both timely and favorable conditions, and it also requires a lot of money as support. In FY2017, FY2018, and FY2019, Ruhan ‘s sales expenses were 9781, respectively.30,000 yuan, 1.4.6 billion and 2.0.6 billion.Selling expenses are mainly expenses incurred by Ruhan on various e-commerce platforms and social media for advertising, marketing and brand promotion activities.Meet the “Li Jiaqis” on the narrow road and meet the “Zhang Dayi” pattern ceiling during the double eleven in 2019.3 hours) gradually increase by 6.600 million; Anchor Weiya pre-sales a single live broadcast that day (6.6 hours) 6.600 million; Zhang Dayi’s live broadcast duration of 7 hours, 13 minutes and 31 seconds exceeded 60 million yuan.Statistics show that Zhang Dayi has more than 10 million Weibo followers, but his Weibo influence data is lower than Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya.On the vibrato, Zhang Dayi’s fans are only 27.40,000, while Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya’s Douyin fans were 42.53 million and 5.32 million, respectively.In fact, Zhang Dayi, Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya, etc. represent different modes of net red belt goods.At present, there are three more common models of online red belt goods: most short video creators adopt the e-commerce model of “Taobaoke” (both anchors and sub-commissions), that is, to help merchants sell products and earn a certain commission, Li Jiaqi, Weiya, etc. are among the leaders; the second is self-built e-commerce, or open their own shop on Taobao, take the goods from suppliers to earn the difference, choose “one” “daily cooking” is self-built e-commerce,There are also some fast-handed old irons with a source of supply, which are similar; another is to create your own brand, turn it into an e-commerce, and open a store to sell your own goods, like Zhang Dayi, Shirley and so on.”The defects of these two models are gradually expanding, but the profitability does not necessarily increase continuously. The income of the Taobao guest model is relatively fixed, and the red e-commerce does not necessarily make money.”The founder of an MCN organization that is planning to expand its e-commerce business on Douyin.”The most important thing is that the red e-commerce needs to pay higher promotion costs, and at the same time bear the costs of the supply chain, channels and customer service.The founder of the MCN organization that is planning to expand its e-commerce business on Douyin said that there is another level. For example, the self-cultivated red man, after the ability to bring goods is stabilized, suddenly “single flight”, causing him huge losses,”I didn’t know who could be red at the beginning. I didn’t sign the whole contract. Once I was flying alone, I was very hurt,” he told the sauna, Yewang.The above-mentioned people who worked in the Tao department raised another challenge, such as the S-level short video or the cost of live-streaming the reds to bring goods to the brand, and even can buy resource bits directly on “Ali mother”. The rest of the conversionThe rate is even higher, so it is worth considering whether the model of the reds bring goods.Is it too late to adjust?Almost every generation of internet celebrities’ successful review will point to an answer that cannot be copied.The aforementioned staff of the former MCN agency told the sauna, Yewang, “There is no standard upgrade guide, but it is standing there appropriately.”In his view, different platforms will produce the celebrities needed by different platforms. Zhang Dayi’s photo text is suitable for Weibo, and the dynamic videos of Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi are suitable for Taobao live broadcast.When developing countries are seeking capital market operations, Ruhan still magnifies the influencer model. Zhang Dayi’s photo covers half of the roadshow slide show’s first page, which also reflects her contribution to Ruhan. Her income exceedsHalf of Ruhan’s total revenue.That being the case, Zhang Dayi even became Ruhan’s main contributor to net profit. The former joint venture with Ruhan Holdings’ Dayi e-commerce (Ruhan Holdings holds 51%) replaced Ruhan, but achieved a net scale.profit.After 2016, Internet celebrities entered the era of live broadcasting.Zhang Dayi also began to adjust, but not once her speed was not so fast.In May, Wei Ya started to broadcast live on Taobao, and Zhang Dayi, who had accumulated 10.73 million Weibo fans at the time, had only 1.13 million fans at that time. Wei Ya was naturally a professional anchor, and the foundation of the fans was established in the live broadcast room.On October 10, 2017, $ 70 million, Wei Ya began to become a topic of discussion, and also replaced the basis for becoming the number one anchor of Taobao in the future.Zhang Dayi’s live-stream viewership lags far behind Weiya. She once told reporters that live streaming three or four hours a day is “a bit tiring”.Zhang Dayi did not give up the status of “Internet celebrity”, so he switched to live broadcasting.But the problem is that what Zhang Dayi has to do is to introduce her fans accumulated on Weibo to Taobao stores and introduce them to Taobao live broadcast, which will break the usual user habits and increase costs. Fans of “Weiya”It grows itself in the live broadcast room, naturally condensing suitable users.In 2018, Zhang Dayi also began to transform. As a founder, she brought a brand new BIGEVE BEAUTY. She continued to try labels such as “new” and “domestic brand” in Alibaba ‘s ecology, cut into beauty, and decided to changeBeauty line grows on Tmall platform.Unlike Taobao, Tmall is more prominent in brand tonality.An Alibaba insider told the sauna that Yewang, beauty and fast-moving are the biggest business segments of Tmall.In fact, Alibaba will launch more marketing support for this market every year.A few days ago, at the Tmall Golden Makeup Awards presentation ceremony, Zhang Dayi and her BIGEVE BEAUTY won the “Trend Big Coffee Award”.If the meaning of CFO Wang Jinbo told analysts that the company will sign 5 to 10 new KOLs every month, and the gross profit margin of the head KOL and the KOL will be the same, the proportion of KOL revenue will gradually decrease.This means that Ruhan urgently needs another Zhang Dayi.It is not the “Internet celebrity” itself that drives the Internet celebrity economy, but the Internet demographic dividend. Users have mastered the flow of traffic.Behind the change is an exhaustion of application traffic dividends.According to data from iResearch, a third-party organization, in 2018, the growth rate of short video and real-time traffic platforms has suddenly changed, and the competition in the entire market has begun to accumulate. If 2018 includes 7235 million US dollars, the marketing costs will be as high as 1.4.6 billion.With the rise of Douyin Live Streaming, byte beating was once again supported by its own traffic. Luo Yonghao live broadcast seems to be a transformation of an old cannon, and from the perspective of traffic behind this, the biggest winner is byte beating.Faced with new platforms and new gameplay, “Weiya” also set up vibrato, anxious to try short video gameplay, becoming their hottest video sticky to attract new fans.There is no hundred-day red flowers, so is the net red.In fact, as early as 2017, Feng Min had admitted that he needed something that Taobao and Weibo could not cover. He had told the media that he was building direct information and supply chain systems to create his own online celebrity e-commerce ecosystem., And this is now Ruhan.Regarding the impact of the above incident on Ruhan, many of the people involved said that if it was just a relationship between men and women, they would not send an internal network message saying that the investigation or the like is, after all, a personal life style of employees, but it involves a certain relationship of interest between businesses.It’s different.”For employees, there will be issues of integrity, and for businesses, if they do come with benefits, Ruhan may not have a better life in the future, losing a big” father “, and other” fathers “are not likely to take over.”One of the seniors told the sauna, Yewang.Sauna, Ye Wang Liang Chen Bai Jinlei Zhang Yanhong Editor Li Weijia Yue Cai Zhou proofreading Li Ming

17 years later, Lu Jiaxin honored the agreement with Wu Qingfeng

17 years later, Lu Jiaxin honored the agreement with Wu Qingfeng
In the Chinese music scene, people like to describe the return of a singer with the term “reverse ___ 年”.For Lu Jiaxin, the number to be filled in this blank space is: 17.  Lu Jiaxin, who is definitely in film and television, and the development of the drama circle, finally released his second album “Luo Luo Da Fang” in the second half of 2019.In this behind-the-scenes list of hard-won works, there are blessings from old friends such as Wu Qingfeng, Zhang Zhenyue, Wu Yukang and teachers, as well as the joining of new partners such as Ai Yiliang, Xie Zhenting and Li Yu, while still not leaving Lu JiaxinSelf-expression.In an exclusive interview with Sauna Night Network in Beijing, Lu Jiaxin was full of enthusiasm and brilliance when he mentioned “Fall and Fall”-the birth of this extremely “private” music work is the internalization and explosion of the singer’s own lifeline.  In 2002, Lu Jiaxin released his first album “You Don’t Understand”.Shortly after the album was released, Lu Jiaxin’s career as a singer was suspended due to problems with the record company.And this stop is 17 years.  At 17 years old, although Lu Jiaxin slowed her pace as a singer, she never gave up her passion for music.She once briefly formed a two-person band called “LUPE” with her friend Easy Shen, and also released singles out of pocket. When talking about the film release plan, Lu Jiaxin bluntly said that everything is about chance.”Because I am a person with a more comfortable personality, I follow the trend of life, quietly, I will not make my pace too busy.This time it was because I suddenly felt that I had something to say, and because I accumulated a lot of lyrics, I suddenly felt as if I could publish them, and I had such a “impulsive” birth.”The stage and the stage play Before the stage of the personal concert, Lu Jiaxin was more familiar with the stage of the drama.In 2011, after getting connected with the role of Lin Daiyu in Lin Yihua’s “Jia Baoyu” and stage drama, Lu Jiaxin appeared in a series of works such as “Detective of the Heart”, “Heirs of Liang Zhu” and “Liao Zhai”.Long-term rehearsals and touring have made Lu Jiaxin form a deep friendship with the directors and actors of the same crew, and also made her emotional expression and interpretation ability further improved.  When the album “Luo Luo Da Fang” came online, Lu Jiaxin happened to catch up with a rehearsal of “Heir of Liang Zhu”. “Before the rehearsal at that time, the actor will first try his microphone on the stage,” she recalled with a smileThe scene at the time, “When it was my turn,” Etching Day “was released on our stereo, and then everyone applauded and let me sing, but because I was shy, I didn’t sing, but I felt very warm.Everyone will share with me how they heard the album. During my concert in Taipei, Director Lin Yihua actually flew over from Hong Kong to hide from me!He later told me that this was a historical moment in my life and he did not want to miss it.I really feel particularly moved.”The former roommate” Wu Qingfeng on the evening of November 30, Lu Jiaxin asked everyone how they knew themselves at the concert in Beijing. Alternatives include new albums, stage dramas, scandals, “Kangxi is Here”, and Wu Qingfeng.  In this album, Wu Qingfeng and Lu Jiaxin wrote an important title song “Eclipse”, and a few years ago, when soda green had not yet stood on the dome, but only a very popular “underground orchestra” in Taiwan, Lu JiaxinHe met with lead singer Wu Qingfeng by singing on KTV and became a roommate.”At that time I was about to move out of my parents’ house. He graduated from college and wanted to move to a place in the urban area, so we decided to share the rent.”In Lu Jiaxin’s memory, this shared experience was very good. The two of them personally painted the opening of the room green. The two night owls also like to watch the episode” Cherry Maruko “together at dawn and then return to their rooms.Sleep, “We all like to sing KTV, at least three or four times a week, when one person sings, the other is eating.These are all things that are hard to come back to when we grow up.”Lu Jiaxin told the sauna, Yewang, when she gave her first album to Qingfeng, she wrote a sentence on it:” I like your creation very much, I hope I can write a song for you one day. “”When Qingfeng took the initiative to point out this matter in the preparation of” Falling and Falling “, both of them were deeply moved, and finally realized the agreement for more than ten years in the name of co-authoring” Eclipse “.  ”Elephant Sitting on the Floor” Lu Jiaxin graduated from the Chinese Department and is a full-fledged youth.One day, after watching the movie “Elephant Sitting on the Floor”, Lu Jiaxin suddenly had the inspiration to write “Manzhouli”: “There is a stubborn feeling that has always remained in my heart, very deep.”However, the song” Manchuria “is not really related to the movie itself.The picture that Lu Jiaxin thought of was the hospital.  As his parents grow older, Lu Jiaxin must often accompany him in and out of the hospital for medical checkups, “No matter when I go, on holidays, on weekdays, there will always be so many people waiting in line, taking medicines, registering . Many people are hanging or sittingLooking out the window in a wheelchair.When I see these pictures, I always wonder what they are thinking?Are they happy or not?Do they want to stay?If they want to stay, why do they want to stay so hard?”Based on this imagination of a stubborn and energetic child, Lu Jiaxin composed the lyrics of” Manzhouli “and invited Ai Yiliang to compose the song,” I was very embarrassed when I invited her, because we don’t actually know.But she didn’t expect that she said she liked the lyrics of “Manzhouli” very much, and she even wrote the song soon.After she handed in the song, it really matched my imagination of “Manzhouli”.”Challenges for the future” In “Fair and Easy”, Lu Jiaxin collaborated with musicians like Ai Yiliang, Xie Zhenting, Wei Li’an, etc. As for the partners she hopes to cooperate with in the future, she named the name “Chen Shanni”.The female singer has a special feeling and looks forward to working with her.”Returning to the music scene as a singer now, Lu Jiaxin admits that he has not thought too much about the future music path,” because I usually suddenly find something to say before I do it, not because I want it.Keep a hair volume and go.Lu Jiaxin said with a smile, in music, what he wants to challenge in the future, one is to cooperate with Qingfeng to make an album, and the other is to write songs to others, “Because I have not done this thing, I feel like I can tryTry it.The text is very private, but it is very free during the second creation, so it feels very interesting.”Writing / Sauna, courtesy of Yang Changyi

The movie Journey will be released on New Year’s Day next year, created by the special effects team of Wandering Earth

The movie “Journey” will be released on New Year’s Day next year, created by the special effects team of “Wandering Earth”
On November 13th, directed by Chen Desen, produced by Zheng Baorui, starring Liu Xianhua, He Rundong, Lin Chenhan, Jiang Luxia, etc., based on the action adventure film “Journey” adapted from the domestic classic online game, the “Cruel World” finalization notice and “Desert Storm” poster, The film will be released on New Year’s Day 2020.”The Journey” is directed by Chen Desen, who has directed classic action films such as “October Besieged City” and “Purple Rain Storm”. Zheng Baorui, who has shot classic action films such as “Broken Wolf 2” and “Dog Bite Dog”, is the producer.The film effects are exclusively produced by more VFX who once created “Wandering Earth”.It is reported that more VFX took two years to model the scene, and subversively designed and constructed the behavior trajectory, motion capture and hair texture of various monsters, striving to create a lifelike lifelike reality.Xu Jian, the head of special effects, said that many of the problems faced in the production of “Journey” are unprecedented for all special effects companies in China. This “exploration” may be another brand-new upgrade of domestic film special effects.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Chen Diyan

Lin Dan opened and ended One Round Tour at the French Open

Lin Dan “opened” and ended “One Round Tour” at the French Open
Lin Dan ended the embarrassment of three consecutive “one-round tours”.Figure / Osports Beijing time last night, Lin Dan defeated the local player Lewodz 2-0 in the first round of the French Open, ending the three consecutive “one-round tours” underground.In this match, Lin Dan’s original opponent was the Indian player Paranet who lost to the opponent in Denmark last week. However, Paranet retired. Lin Dan recognized his opponent Le Verdez after arriving in France.He once defeated Indonesia’s “One Brother” Jin Ting in the first round in Denmark, and also defeated Li Zongwei in the 2017 World Championships.Although Lin Dan did not compete with the French player in France for two years and seven months, he did not give him the opportunity to continue to “cool down”. It took 38 minutes to quickly end the game 21-12 and 21-9.After the game, he said that because he knew his opponent’s situation, he made full preparations to mobilize himself.This victory also allowed Lin Dan to avoid the embarrassment of four consecutive rounds without the first round.In his view, the recent poor performance has a lot to do with his personal status, “Denmark came to France after the fight and summed up with the team.Sometimes losing is unavoidable, the key is how to mobilize your competitive state.Of course, it is no longer a teenager, so I have to use a different method or a longer time to make this machine work.”Lin Dan believes that this victory has two points to satisfy himself:” The first is the attitude towards the game, and the second is the good grasp of the rhythm from warming up to entering the game. This is also the result after summing up from Denmark (Open), hoping toDo it in a way that is more beneficial to you.”It is worth mentioning that Lin Dan and Chen Long fought against each other in the adaptation training on the day before the start of the match.If the first two rounds beat Danish player Jemke, the second round opponent is Lin Dan.

Wuhan’s unblocking Gaode map shows that Wuhan’s morning peak congestion rose by 7.87%

Wuhan’s “unblocking” Gaode map shows that Wuhan’s morning peak congestion rose by 7.87%
Wuhan, which was closed for 76 days, was unsealed today.According to the big data of Gaode Transportation, on April 8, Wuhan lifted the control measures of the E-Hanway from Hanhan Road, and the congestion delay index of Jinghan Avenue reached 2 on the morning peak.On 08, Wuhan’s morning peak (7 am-9 am) congestion delay index increased by 7 compared with the day before the unblocking.87%.There was a small area of congestion on some road sections.Jinghan Avenue, Huangpu Avenue, Gaoxin Avenue, Guyi Avenue, Wuhan Avenue (the north side of the Second Ring Road) and other road sections have become the obvious and congested TOP5 roads in the morning peak of Wuhan.In addition, the congestion continuous index of the roads around Wuhan Station and Wuchang Station is 1 at 8 am to 9 am on April 8 respectively.202, 1.At 812, it was up by 5 from the previous day.60%, 14.81%.Some sections of Wuhan’s express / high-speed roads, ordinary roads and other roads of various grades also have a certain degree of congestion.Big data from Gaode Transportation show that the real-time congestion is higher in the morning peak dispatching of Boqi Road and Optics Valley Seven Road.However, from April 1 to April 7, the change trend of Wuhan’s traffic continuity index in the past seven days can be smashed. Wuhan’s traffic travel is still in a state of restorative growth, and the overall situation is smooth.Editor Xu Chao proofreading Liu Jun

I.T issues profit warning, expects annual net additional to exceed US $ 3 billion

I.T issues profit warning, expects annual net additional to exceed US $ 3 billion
On April 9, the fashion retail group T LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “I.T ”) issued a profit warning, and it will be recorded that the company ‘s shareholder ‘s net worth is worth more than 300 million replacements for the year ended February 29, 2020.I.T said that it is expected that there may be preliminary consequences, depending on the impact of inbound tourists and consumption in the operating market, which will further crack down on the weak retail market.At the same time, factors such as the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic and slowing global economic growth have led to poor performance.January-February 2020, I.T’s sales fell sharply.Given the current business environment, I.T said that it has reduced the impact of the current situation by actively controlling operating costs, optimizing centralized upgrades, adjusting purchases and inventory levels.According to the announcement, in March 2020, I.More than 90% of the stores in Mainland China have reopened and sales have gradually recovered.But I.T stores in the United States must still be temporarily closed.Sauna, Ye Wang Zheng Yijia Pictures I.T official website screenshot editor Li Zheng proofreads Wei Zhuo