Zhou Dongyu won the Best Actress at the Macau International Film Festival for his You Young You

Zhou Dongyu won the Best Actress at the Macau International Film Festival for his “You Young You”
On December 10, the 4th Macau International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony was announced in Macau Antiques and Awards Ceremony.In the “New Chinese Language Video” unit, “Spring River Plumbing” won the best film. The film was premiered as the closing film of the 58th Film Critics Week at the Cannes International Film Festival this year.sheet.Singaporean director Chen Zheyi, who has directed “Parent Not Home” won the Best Director Award for his new work “Tropical Rain”.And Zhou Dongyu absorbed the best actress after absorbing the “Youth of the Teenager”, and received the trophy to be interviewed by the backstage media.The best actor was won by Wu Xiaoliang in “Under the Sun”.”Spring River Plumbing” poster.In the “International Competition Unit”, the American film “Leave Me Free” won the best film.Fizal Brifa won the best director with “Lynn and Lucy”.In addition, “Tropical Rain” won the Fan Choice Award, Feng Junhao’s “Parasite” won the Asian Popular Film Award, and Li Shaohong won the Film Spirit Achievement Award.Complete list of winners: Best Film Award in the “New Chinese Language Video” unit: Best Director Award for “Spring Plumbing”: Best Actor Award for “Tropical Rain” by Chen Zheyi: Best Actress Award for “Under the Sunlight” by Wu Xiaoliang: “Young Boy” by Zhou Dongyu”The Best of You” Award: Ma Nan “Singing Alive” “International Competition” Best Film: “Leave Me Free” Best Director: Fizal Bliff “Lynn and Lucy” Best MaleProtagonist: Sarm Heng Best Actress in “Float”: Roxanne Scrimshaw “Lynn and Lucy” Tropical Rain Asian Popular Film Awards: “Parasite” Fans Recommended Macao Film Awards: “Year of Macau” Asia电影奈派克奖:马楠《活着唱着》电影精神成就奖:李少红桑拿,夜网滕朝编辑 吴龙珍