Ying Yu Nian with more humorous elements than the original book, starring Zhang Ruoyun Chen Daoming Wu Gang

“Ying Yu Nian” with more humorous elements than the original book, starring Zhang Ruoyun Chen Daoming Wu Gang
“I hope that the people of Qingguo will become uninhibited people.When they are abused by civilians, they have an unyielding heart, when they are attacked by disasters, they have no heart of frustration, and if there is something wrong, they do n’t fear the correction and do n’t flatter the jackal.12 years ago, an unknown writer who was still climbing the grid quietly in his hometown of Yichang, Hubei, created a heroine in the online novel “Qing Yu Nian” that disappeared from the beginning, but existed in every breath of Qing Guo, Is also the true soul character of the whole book-Ye Qingmei.The words left by the little girl who “looks at the light of the world” must be a declaration of passion for countless book fans, and it is also the only code that connects the fictional world of “Qing Yu Nian” with our modern society.Director Sun Hao said that the episode “Qing Yu Nian” is a story of collision between ancient and modern civilization. Fan Xian, played by Zhang Ruoyun, looked at ancient inequalities from the perspective of modern people.The drama of the same name adapted from “Qing Yu Nian” was written by Wang Renren, directed by Sun Hao, and brought together Chen Daoming, Wu Gang, Liu Hua, Li Xiaoran, Tian Yu, Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Xiao Zhan and other three generations of star performers.The show was launched on Tencent Video at 8pm on November 26th, iQiyi was launched, and the world created by words was written in the form of images, waiting for the audience and book fans to judge.Zhang Ruoyun plays Fan Xian.The picture comes from the original novel that has contracted and restored many name scenes. The story of “Qing Yu Nian” was caused by the mysterious teenager Fan Xian who grew up by the sea.After undergoing various tests and trials in the family, rivers and lakes, and temples, the ultimate truth of this world, the temple, was finally discovered.Fan Xian was not Ye Qingmei’s son, but also a traversal with Ye Qingmei’s contemporaries, so he became the only person who truly communicated with Ye Qingmei’s modern spirit.The drama circumvents the point of “traversing” and substitutes the plot into a novel.Zhang Qing, a student of literary history major in a university, is familiar with classical classics. In order to allow Professor Ye to approve his proposition of dissecting the history of ancient literature with modern ideas, he will further expand his opinions by writing novels.The story he wrote was “Qing Yu Nian”.Judging from the content currently online, the series retains many famous scenes of the original novel.For example, Fan Xian’s “Red Sleeve Tim Fragrance Night Copy Book”, “retranslated” Cao Xueqin’s “Dream of Red Mansions” into this world; at the state banquet in Qingguo and Beiqi, Fan Xian drunk into a poem in order to conceal his plan to sneak into the palaceFan Xian saw the words of his sturdy mother on the stone tablet, but the play was changed to “I hope that the law of Qingguo stands for the people, not tolerated by nobleness, nor deprived of poverty .” Chen Daoming plays Qingdi.The picture comes from the network Wu Gang as Chen Pingping.The picture comes from the online characters, the characters are in accordance with the original, and the style is more relaxed and humorous. The novel “Qing Yu Nian” inserts a large and varied group portrait drama. Each character has more than one side. Ye Qingmei’s “old comrades” were especially lively-controlling Qing GuoThe dark institution, a conspiracy but unpretentious but extremely “man with a gun” Chen Pingping; the painter prodigal as his goal in life, but eventually became Fan Jian, a financial steward of Gyeongguk; he was intoxicated with poison research and looked like T in “Prison Break”-bag, but relatively simple fee introduction; and Qing Emperor who is a battlefield with people’s hearts.The characters in the play were played by Wu Gang, Gao Shuguang, Liu Hua and Chen Daoming. When the character poster was announced earlier, the fans recognized the degree of reduction.Fan Qiruo played by Guo Qilin, the small pockmarks on his face and his love for money are also in line with the novel.However, the trailer can be polished from the announcement, and Fan Xian has undertaken a lot of funny plays in the play.Some originated from the novel, for example, he vomited Wang Qinian “It ‘s a pity not to talk about crosstalk”. In the novel, he also named Wang Qinian as a “wonderful acclaim”; some are purely new, and sometimes feel that the opponent is a robot cat, who satirizes others.A serious young woman of literature and art “, Tucao Kuaijian is” Express Shunfeng “and so on.Screenwriter Wang Li said that “Ying Yu Nian” refers to the resurgence of a new generation of civilization after the end of civilization.”The overall tone of this story is actually quite heavy, so we hope to do more relaxed humor in ordinary life.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofread Zhao Lin