What happened to Meiyingsen’s flesh chain which is a little expert in rubbing spots?

What happened to Meiyingsen’s “flesh chain” which is a little expert in rubbing spots?
Last year, Meiyingsen was ridiculed by investors as a “little spot expert” because of the three major attractions of industrial cannabis, artificial meat, and blockchain.In 2019, Meiyingsen achieved operating income of approximately 33.$ 9.2 billion, an annual increase of 4.41%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 5.3.5 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 33.42%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is about 3.8.4 billion, an annual increase of 8.84%.R & D, production and sales of major military transportation packaging products, boutique packaging products, label products, electronic functional material die-cut products and creative health paper furniture products, and provide customers with packaging product design, packaging program optimization, packaging materialsThree-party procurement and packaging product logistics and distribution, supplier inventory management and on-site auxiliary packaging operations and other in-depth packaging integration services.For the reasons for achieving such results in 2019, Meiyingsen explained: expansion, through the release of orders from major customers such as consumer electronics, the company’s product sales increased accordingly, while the price of main raw materials fell, and the company’s product prices were loweredThe increase in the ratio of revenue to sales volume has decreased.The increase in product sales and the stability of profit margins have led to a certain increase in company profits.At the same time, the company’s investment real estate changes in fair value increase, realizing a part of the company’s profit.More than a month after the disclosure of the 2019 annual report, Meiyingsen received an inquiry letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and responded on May 15.Sauna, Yewang noticed that the inquiry letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange included the request for Meiyingsen to disclose the information about the three major scenic spots.The first is industrial cannabis, Meiyingsen said: Since the implementation of the Meiyingsen Group ‘s industrial cannabis industry development project (referred to as “industrial cannabis industry development project”) involves related work and the impact of the new crown epidemic on the project, it has continued to this dayThe project is still in the process of preparation.The work that has been carried out mainly includes the filing of relevant investment projects, some land transfer agreement agreements, related product application research and development, and the handling of business-related licenses.The project has not yet started construction, and has not yet obtained an industrial hemp processing license.In terms of capital expenditures and budgetary benefits, by April 30, 2020, Meiyingsen Industrial Cannabis Industry Development Project had accumulatively spent 1128 funds.570,000 yuan (including the company’s investment in Wenma Biotechnology, technical service fees, travel expenses, purchase of raw materials, land transfer costs, etc.), has not yet generated revenue.So, what is the estimated production time, capacity and income of the industrial cannabis industry development project?Meiyingsen responded: “Temporary fashion cannot be accurately predicted.”Looking at artificial meat again, as one of the product directions of the industrial cannabis industry development project, Meiyingsen adheres to the business philosophy of simultaneous development of product development and sales expansion; continues to carry out product research and development, production equipment for artificial meat and other products, and inspection and selection of foundries.; Compression, Meiyingsen is actively approaching potential customers to market and sell artificial meat and other related products.Finally, the blockchain.Meiyingsen’s shareholding company Zhejiang Oracle Super Code Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Oracle Super Code”) achieved a net profit of 1558 in 2019.390,000 yuan, lower than the promised number of 19 million yuan.Therefore, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange required Meiyingsen to explain in detail the initial performance commitments of Oracle Super Code and the response measures to be taken by listed companies, and analyze the achievability of subsequent performance commitments in light of its operating conditions.Meiyingsen said that Oracle Super Code increased R & D technology manpower investment in 2019, and the transfer of related R & D technology labor costs to obtaining orders and confirming that there is a certain period of income, which has affected Oracle Super Code’s 2019 annual performance to a certain extent.The realization of the promise.”In response, Meiyingsen chose to” continuously pay attention to the follow-up performance of Oracle Super Code, and urged it to seize business development and changes, and improve operating efficiency to achieve the improvement of operating performance.”It is reported that from January to April 2020, Oracle Super Code has newly signed or won the bid to include the industrial Internet logo analysis two-level grouping (integrated application service platform) project of the Information and Communication Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.Demonstration projects, Xiangzhou County E-Commerce Demonstration County Project and other three projects with a number of more than 5 million.Oracle Super Code said that in 2020 Oracle Super Code will actively overcome the impact of the new crown epidemic, give full play to its advantages in the field of “blockchain +” traceability, expand the development of the G-end and B-end markets, and amplify the cumulative effect and radiation of high-quality customer resourcesEffect, quickly increase the company’s income; gradually improve the product structure, strengthen internal potential tapping, reduce costs and increase efficiency through refined management, and achieve subsequent performance commitments.Sauna, night net Yan Xia editor Chen Lixiao dealt with Chun Leng