There are three ways to make the bride’s super perfect side face


There are three ways to make the bride’s super perfect side face

At the wedding, he needs your expression to give him a firm response, and the protagonist who responds to him is your full, smooth and clear side face.

This issue analyzes the secret of the super perfect side face for you, so that your happy side face becomes a permanent good memory in his heart.

  What makes a perfect profile?

  The beauty of the side face is more about line feeling, and the interface between the features and the cheek must be clear.

  Forehead-full, round and smooth, with clear hairline.

  Eye angle-The angle between the horizontal line and the horizontal line should not exceed 5 degrees. When there is no expression, there must be no lines.

  Bone-There is meat in the slight bulge, but don’t overdo it, because it will be shortened if it is too short, so that the visual sense of the entire face will be moved down, but don’t be skinny, which will cause severe damage.

  Zone T-The nose shape cannot be changed, but the skin must be smooth. The key is that the pores are tightly tightened, and if there are deep law lines on both sides, there will be a sense of division, which will seriously damage the continuity of the entire face line.

  Mouth corner-The corner of the mouth should be slightly upturned, at least horizontally. If it is drooping, please check if there is extra coin-sized meat on the back of the corner of the mouth.

  Chin-The tip of the chin is tilted outward, perpendicular to the forehead.

Look down at the mirror to see if there is a double chin. If so, it means that the skin connecting the face and the retina has a tendency to relax.

  How to Tighten Your Skin Perfectly Mini1 Tighten your skin to relax-Effectively introduce more important to make the firming ingredients better absorbed, we can use some small tools or tips to replace, rub your hands and press the skincare products vertically.

Studies have shown that skin temperature rises by 1OC?
2OC, the absorption will also be improved, or try a small household import instrument is also good. It is also a good choice to go to a beauty salon with professional import equipment once a week. In any case, we must pay attention to the composition, whether δAbsorption is even more important.

  In order for the product to reach the deeper layers of the skin, we can simply judge it by observing whether there are micro-capsule technology or imitation cell technology, moisture carrier, magnetized water and other electromagnetic conductors, etc. If there is such an ingredient, the business will definitely promote it.
  Exfoliating keratin-Uses the thick keratin in the exfoliating product to naturally affect the function of skin care products. It is of course necessary to exfoliate in time. For the keratinous impurities, gently massage the large round shape of the palm.

It is also particularly recommended that you choose skin tightening Q10, refreshing green tea, puffing caffeine and other ingredients to exfoliate the cream, while exfoliating, can also help complete the skin tightening homework.

  Pore Dilation-Partially hydrates most of the skin of a bride of the right age. Most of the skin of the bride is lightly cooked muscle. The most prominent feature of such skin is the trouble of pores, but it is not very large.

At this time, the pores have just changed from circular to elliptical, which is easy to be ignored. It still focuses on removing pores by removing dirt.

In fact, the pore problem at this time has risen to the local part of the cell, and the swollen cells form a support, and the pores will naturally deform.

Therefore, the most important thing at this time is to replenish, especially the sides of the cheeks near the nose, which are the areas where the pores are deformed first. It is important to replenish. The combination of cotton pads and moisturizing milk is just right for this area.

  Aunt accumulation or repeated puffiness-A few inches of lymphatic detoxification under the ears and chin are the most likely to swell and accumulate, and these are the culprits that hinder the firmness of the side face.

How can I make these places compact?

Then move down a few inches and start from the side. This is a place where the lymph is dense. Choose a massage product. From the chin, the lower edge of the adjacent cheek is slowly blocked to the clavicle. This small action can beYour face opens the waste discharge valve to make your side face contour clear and charming.

  Ultraviolet damage-To prevent “glycation” and saccharification in addition to anti-blackening, it means that sugar molecules begin to harden after they adhere to collagen, resulting in a slower rate of collagen replacement, so saccharification is also a very important reason for skin relaxation.

The biggest cause of saccharification is the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, we must always remember that sun protection is the most basic. Therefore, in the skin care products, you can choose ingredients that can resist saccharification, such as soybean and sunflower seed extracts.

There is also a common granular vitamin C, but it is not specifically for saccharification, but it can protect cells from UV damage and lead to the synthesis of collagen, which can improve skin wrinkles and sagging. It is a common old-fashioned ingredient.

  Make your whole skin elastic and perfect. Secret 2 elastic movement, make your whole skin elastic and perfect. Secret 2 elastic movement, make your whole skin elastic and perfect. Secret 2 elastic movement, make your whole skin elastic and perfect. Secret 2 elastic exercise, let youThe perfect secret of the whole body’s elasticity 2 Elastic exercise, the secret of your perfect skin’s full elasticity.

How to keep the blood vessels young?

Aerobic exercises such as jogging, which have been popular, are good, but not every prospective bride has time, so do exercises such as stepping in place or squatting, and bending over.

This kind of exercise can activate the blood vessels, automatically clean the inside of the blood vessels, and flush away the waste oxygen.

  Emotional relaxation, younger skin, please turn down the subwoofer knob of your home audio, and dim the light. It seems that this has nothing to do with the elasticity of the skin, but neurological research shows that tight emotions can make the faceThere is a short period of edema in the area, and repeated edema will destroy the support of the muscle bottom, turning the skin into a hollowed ant hole, of course, there is no elasticity.

  For healthy eating, the elastic and oxidized skin will lose a large amount of collagen, so in addition to eating tremella, trotters and other foods that consume collagen, we should also eat tomatoes, grapes and other antioxidant foods.

Before marriage, it is recommended that you replace carbonated drinks with green tea during the day and drink a glass of red wine every night. The sooner you start, the younger your skin will look.

  Perfect Secret 3 Lifting massage is the best way to strengthen the skin. Many skin care products that focus on lifting and lifting are marked with massage methods in the manual, as if only the methods written above will be most effective, but we summarize for youThe most targeted approach.

Now, start with “Fashion Bride”!

  Wrinkled areas: like lifting lines, crow’s feet, law lines, mouth corner lines, the lifting method is “pinching”.

Use your thumb and forefinger to stitch the lines down and upward, gently pinch the skin surface, repeat 10 times, “pinching” can evenly stimulate the skin tissue and gradually wrinkle gradually.
  Easy to relax parts: under the sacrum, easy to relax parts, use the “package” method.
Wrap this part with a wide range of palms, draw a large circle from bottom to top, and gently push to the ear.

This action can bring elasticity to slack skin, but the action must be light and not tugging.

  Areas that are prone to accumulate moisture: the front of the masseter muscle, the chin, the base of the ears, and the lower edge of the buttocks generally do not have wrinkles, but are caused by repeated edema or slight accumulation.

The slightly strong “arch” method is the most suitable. First, curl the second joint of the finger forward to the edge, push the waste from the top to the clavicle, and then use the massage cream to gently follow the path just now.Over and over again.