Wuhan’s unblocking Gaode map shows that Wuhan’s morning peak congestion rose by 7.87%

Wuhan’s “unblocking” Gaode map shows that Wuhan’s morning peak congestion rose by 7.87%
Wuhan, which was closed for 76 days, was unsealed today.According to the big data of Gaode Transportation, on April 8, Wuhan lifted the control measures of the E-Hanway from Hanhan Road, and the congestion delay index of Jinghan Avenue reached 2 on the morning peak.On 08, Wuhan’s morning peak (7 am-9 am) congestion delay index increased by 7 compared with the day before the unblocking.87%.There was a small area of congestion on some road sections.Jinghan Avenue, Huangpu Avenue, Gaoxin Avenue, Guyi Avenue, Wuhan Avenue (the north side of the Second Ring Road) and other road sections have become the obvious and congested TOP5 roads in the morning peak of Wuhan.In addition, the congestion continuous index of the roads around Wuhan Station and Wuchang Station is 1 at 8 am to 9 am on April 8 respectively.202, 1.At 812, it was up by 5 from the previous day.60%, 14.81%.Some sections of Wuhan’s express / high-speed roads, ordinary roads and other roads of various grades also have a certain degree of congestion.Big data from Gaode Transportation show that the real-time congestion is higher in the morning peak dispatching of Boqi Road and Optics Valley Seven Road.However, from April 1 to April 7, the change trend of Wuhan’s traffic continuity index in the past seven days can be smashed. Wuhan’s traffic travel is still in a state of restorative growth, and the overall situation is smooth.Editor Xu Chao proofreading Liu Jun