Lin Dan opened and ended One Round Tour at the French Open

Lin Dan “opened” and ended “One Round Tour” at the French Open
Lin Dan ended the embarrassment of three consecutive “one-round tours”.Figure / Osports Beijing time last night, Lin Dan defeated the local player Lewodz 2-0 in the first round of the French Open, ending the three consecutive “one-round tours” underground.In this match, Lin Dan’s original opponent was the Indian player Paranet who lost to the opponent in Denmark last week. However, Paranet retired. Lin Dan recognized his opponent Le Verdez after arriving in France.He once defeated Indonesia’s “One Brother” Jin Ting in the first round in Denmark, and also defeated Li Zongwei in the 2017 World Championships.Although Lin Dan did not compete with the French player in France for two years and seven months, he did not give him the opportunity to continue to “cool down”. It took 38 minutes to quickly end the game 21-12 and 21-9.After the game, he said that because he knew his opponent’s situation, he made full preparations to mobilize himself.This victory also allowed Lin Dan to avoid the embarrassment of four consecutive rounds without the first round.In his view, the recent poor performance has a lot to do with his personal status, “Denmark came to France after the fight and summed up with the team.Sometimes losing is unavoidable, the key is how to mobilize your competitive state.Of course, it is no longer a teenager, so I have to use a different method or a longer time to make this machine work.”Lin Dan believes that this victory has two points to satisfy himself:” The first is the attitude towards the game, and the second is the good grasp of the rhythm from warming up to entering the game. This is also the result after summing up from Denmark (Open), hoping toDo it in a way that is more beneficial to you.”It is worth mentioning that Lin Dan and Chen Long fought against each other in the adaptation training on the day before the start of the match.If the first two rounds beat Danish player Jemke, the second round opponent is Lin Dan.